January 27

What a mighty God we serve alleluia 2x, heaven and earth adore Thee, Angels bow before Thee, what a Mighty God we serve. Father, You are holy, we proclaim Your glory…. Father we adore You, lay my life before you, how we love You.  Jesus we adore You, lay my life before You, how we love You. Spirit, we love You, lay our life before You, how we love You.

Father, we thank You for Your goodness endureth forever. Everlasting is Your Name, faithful are You Lord. Thank You for the gift of another day You have made for us to rejoice and be glad in Thee. Thank You, Thank You and Thank You forever more.

Beloveth, how are you doing? Hope great. By the grace that is abounding in our Jesus I see us making it through and through. What Christ died for will not be in vain in your life. The very reason He left the Throne and descend here on earth must be evident in your life and situation in Jesus Name.

We have spent a whole month considering what Christ did for us and enjoining to imbibe same if we want to be blessed of Him. You cannot be disobedient to Him and be expecting to be blessed of Him, it doesn’t work that way. You must have His nature and live like Him to be entitled to a portion in Him.

Our dear brother Jonah ran away from the assignment allotted to him by God, the resultant effect was that he lost his peace, time and almost lost his life in the process. When the storm came ragging, he could not beckon on God for His intervention because he was not on mission for God, His disobedient also affected those around him. My prayer for you this year is that your dominion be evident to all to see and no Jonah will travel alone with you as you make your way to dominion in Jesus Name.

If anyone amongst us remain a willful sinner after this month then this individual is in big trouble. Let us make effort to say no to sin and unrighteousness and run this race according to the set rules so as to win as we brace the tape at the end of our journey here on earth.

Jesus said “I will not send away anyone that comes to me”, therefore have no fear, Let your good deeds and righteousness be evident to all that they will praise your Father in heaven.

No amount of faith will set aside a sinful acts to deliver promises to you, however, when you repent of your sin, a faith as big as a muster seed will deliver to you any time, any day.

Come to your Father and be restored, He is waiting to receive you, to come in and sup with you but you have to make the move. Don’t play around with sin, don’t put off your home coming for another time, for you know not when your time here is up. Come hastening; come hurrying for He is waiting for that repentance that is precious in His sight.

This is the time beloved, don’t put it off again, just do it now by clicking on here:

“And there shall ye remember your ways, and all your doings, wherein ye have been defiled; and ye shall loathe yourselves in your own sight for all your evils that ye have committed.” Ezek. 20:43

When we are accepted of the Lord, and are standing in the place of favor, and peace, and safety, then we are led to repent of all our failures and miscarriages toward our gracious God. So precious is repentance, that we may call it a diamond of the first water, and this is sweetly promised to the people of God as one most sanctifying result of salvation.

He who accepts repentance, also gives repentance; and He gives it not out of “the bitter box,” but from among those “wafers made with honey” on which He feeds His people. A sense of blood-bought pardon and of undeserved mercy, is the best means of dissolving a heart of stone. Are we feeling hard?

 Let us think of covenant love, and then we shall leave sin, lament sin, and loathe sin; yea, we shall loathe ourselves for sinning against such infinite love. Let us come to God with this promise of penitence, and ask Him to help us to remember, and repent, and regret, and return.

Oh, that we could enjoy the meltings of holy sorrow! What a relief would a flood of tears be! Lord, smite the rock, or speak to the rock, and cause the waters to flow!

Ever wondering while this call is more imminent now, because a time will come when it will be too late for you to repent. A time will come when you seek it and you hear the time is up. Beloved what will you do? There is no joke with God rather you are playing with your eternity. Make haste my dear and accept Christ now!

Come along with me as we see what Jesus has made available for you to ensure that you make it at all course:

“Your refuge from the avenger of blood.” Joshua 20:3

It is said that in the land of Canaan, cities of refuge were so arranged, that any man might reach one of them within half a day at the utmost. Even so the word of our salvation is near to us; Jesus is a present Saviour, and the way to Him is short; it is but a simple renunciation of our own merit, and a laying hold of Jesus, to be our all in all.

With regard to the roads to the city of refuge, we are told that they were strictly preserved, every river was bridged, and every obstruction removed, so that the man who fled might find an easy passage to the city. Once a year the elders went along the roads and saw to their order, so that nothing might impede the flight of any one, and cause him, through delay, to be overtaken and slain.

How graciously do the promises of the gospel remove stumbling blocks from the way! Wherever there were by-roads and turnings, there were fixed up hand-posts, with the inscription upon them—”To the city of refuge!” This is a picture of the road to Christ Jesus. It is no roundabout road of the law; it is no obeying this, that, and the other; it is a straight road: “Believe, and live.”

It is a road so hard, that no self-righteous man can ever tread it, but so easy, that every sinner, who knows himself to be a sinner may by it find his way to heaven. No sooner did the man-slayer reach the outworks of the city than he was safe; it was not necessary for him to pass far within the walls, but the suburbs themselves were sufficient protection.

Learn hence, that if you do but touch the hem of Christ’s garment, you shall be made whole; if you do but lay hold upon him with “faith as a grain of mustard seed,” you are safe.

“A little genuine grace ensures

The death of all our sins.”

Only waste no time, loiter not by the way, for the avenger of blood is swift of foot; and it may be he is at your heels at this still hour of eventide.

Did you read that, the avenger of blood is swift of foot, but Jesus had made the path to the city of refuge straight that nothing hinders you to be run through.  Don’t loiter on your way either so that you will not over taken by him.

Beloved, great is our God and He will do everything to ensure you are safely home only follow the path He is leading you. If you already on the righteous path, hold to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

Remember faith as a grain of a mustard seed will deliver any time; any day. Praise God! Read the following scripture Eccl. 8:12, Isa 1:17, Ps 37:5; 143:10; Zech 14:1a)

Remain blessed in the Lord

Evang Ifeoma Ohondu


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