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I bow before Your throne; You, Who resides in the heavenly, how fearful Your Name is in mouth of them that fears You. You are so wonderful, You are so Excellent, O! Lord You are worthy to be praised. Thank You for the privilege to call You, Abba Father!

In line with our yesterday message, “hold fast and walking uprightly before the Lord”, today we are going to consider how a child of God should live. There are many challenges facing us as a children of the most High God. Often times some people wants to take advantage of it but in all of it what will a child of God do? Will you disobey God and please yourself or are you going to fear and observed what God has commended you to do?

A child of God must not be quarrelsome. You are to bear it and offer it back to God Your Maker, not as easy I as I said it my dear. I once find myself in such a situation where someone deliberately offended me than I was not as matured as the Lord is helping now, beloved I was so pained because my husband insisted that I must not fight back in fact I hated him for that, but looking back now I thank God Who used him to help me. This topic will bring us to another teaching altogether, God helping us tomorrow; make sure you keep a date with us… come with me for more revelations:

The Lord’s slave must not quarrel, but must be gentle to everyone, able to teach, and patient. . . —2 Timothy 2:24


There should be no quarrelsome Christians. The truth of God is within us; we need never be intimidated or frustrated by those who do not accept God’s truth.

At times people may disagree with you regarding God’s Word. Perhaps they question the way you say He is leading you, or they may challenge your faith in God. At times like these it is never helpful to argue. You will never debate anyone into the kingdom of God. You will never persuade someone that God has spoken to you by outarguing them! Only God can convince others of the veracity of His word to you. If you will allow God to vindicate you in His time, and in His way, a time will come when the wisdom of your choice will be evident (Luke 7:35). If you find yourself often quarreling with others, you need to ask God to clearly reveal your motives and to forgive you for your disobedience to His clear command.

If your motivation for arguing comes from your desire to be right, or to be exonerated, or to gain the esteem of those listening to you, you are acting selfishly, and God will not honor you. God is not interested in how right you are. He is interested in how obedient you are. God’s command is not that you win arguments, but that you are kind and forgiving when others mistreat you. You bring God no honor by winning a dispute in His name, but you reflect a Christlike character when you demonstrate patience to those who mistreat you or misunderstand your motives. Arguing may never win people to your view, but loving them as Christ does will win you many friends over time!

I thank God as I obeyed Him, the Holy Spirit lead me to this portions of the Bible (Rom 12:14, 17-18; Phil 1:27; 1 Cor 6:6-7). The last one shocked me and I began to see God in another dimension and am sure someone is as shocked as I was but that is the standard you must follow if you are truly a child of God.

If it difficult for you to live this way just beckon on the Holy Spirit to help you, it was very difficult for me at a time until God broke me and humbled me and it became a way of live to me. Read Matt 5:43-48 (hard teaching of the bible) but don’t forget that is the accepted standard you must tread then will the holy Spirit rain righteousness on you as in the days of Hosea the prophet.

Sow righteousness for yourselves and reap faithful love; break up your untilled ground. It is time to seek the Lord until He comes and sends righteousness on you like the rain.—Hosea 10:12

The people of Hosea’s day had become hardened to God’s Word. They had heard it many times before and had grown apathetic to what God required of them. God’s solution was for them to break up the fallow ground of their hearts. They were to allow Him to soften their hardened hearts. When the earth was dry and crusty, the farmer would plow to loosen the soil so it was receptive to the seeds and the rains that would give life to the crop. Likewise, God’s people were to break up the sinful barriers in their lives that prevented God’s Word from penetrating their hearts. Then, said Hosea, God would give life and refresh them by raining down on them in righteousness.

As Christians, we must continually cultivate our hearts and minds so that they are receptive to whatever God tells us. John the Baptist exhorted those around him to prepare for Jesus’ coming. We, too, can remind others to prepare their lives so that God’s righteousness will penetrate and fill their lives. We can urge them to repent when we see sin sinking into their lives. We can share the joy that God’s Word brings us and encourage our friends to seek God’s will also. We can model obedience for our children. We can tell of the blessings that have come to us as a result of our obedience. We can help to break up the fallow ground in the hearts of those around us.

Hosea admonished God’s people to seek the Lord until His righteousness rained down upon them. We should immediately cultivate our heart whenever it starts to become hardened toward God. If we keep our hearts prepared, we will be ready when God’s Word comes to us. May the Holy Spirit of God help us in Jesus Name I pray! Amen!

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Remain blessed in the Lord!

Evang. Ifeoma Ohondu

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