Quiet Contemplation


Faithful God ooo faithful God, faithful God ooo faithful God, only You deserve all the glory faithful God, only You deserve all the glory faithful God 2x.// Who is like unto Thee, O Lord. Who is like unto Thee, O Lord among the gods who is like Thee You are glorious in holiness, fearful in Praising doing wonders alleluia, always doing wonders alleluia.

How excellent is Your Name O God, there is none to be compared with Thee, I have looked all in eternity and I say there is none like Thee. Thank You God for the Wonders you are doing, will continue to do in our lives and situation. Who can be compared with Thee, all power belongs to You, You are worthy o God, Thou Lamb of Calvary to receive glory and adoration. Praise be to You Name on high forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Come and have Your way in our lives today again as we come to worship and learn at Your feet. Teach us something new in your word today, may our prayers be a sanctify offering accepted to You in Jesus Name. Have Your way O God, fill us to overflowing, cover us with your glory and let it manifest in our dealings in Jesus Name. Have Your way again and do that which no man can do, transform us from one level of glory to another as we look intently in Your Word in Jesus Name. Amen and aaaaaaaaamen.

Beloved, you are welcome in Jesus Name, how was your night? Hope you had a sound sleep? Glory be to Jesus, with utmost joy in our heart we welcome you once again in God’s Presence, it is a delight for me whenever I am in His Presence, two reasons – I will never go the way I came, secondly my bounty will full to overflowing. Yes to overflowing…. Praise the Lord. It pays to serve God. So if you have not been doing anything for the Lord, start now in any like way you can. Seize opportunity to serve, if you are good with children, join the group and impart them for the Kingdom, if you understand the teens, the youth do something for the Lord and you will be bless, you get what I mean. Look for a ministry where you are gifted and add value to God’s work and he will reward you.

Yes! We are together again to Praise and worship the Lord; whose thought and plan towards us is for good and not for evil. To give us an expected end, in other words God delights to answer our prayers. it is also His desire that none of us will perish but all will come to repentance and true knowledge of Him. Praise the Lord.

Our topic today is such an exciting one but often practice, reasons are not far fetch. We like it noisy, we often think the louder the better, so we harp the tune and make noise in worship even in praying, we pray like the Pharisees- in the open and loud. There is nothing wrong with a loud musical instruments but everything is wrong when it cannot move you into the Presence of God. a quality worship is meant to make you forget everything around you and keep your focus on God, a quality time in God’s Presence must make you see and feel God’s glory around you, therefore anything short of that is not worth the effort and time probably the investments too.

So today we are going to examine this topic and it benefits to us, as the name imply it means worshipping God with utmost sense of reverence. Seeking out God’s Presence in the printed Word as we study, mediating therein; giving a deliberate consideration and observation as you read or pray.

The benefits of such worship are enormous and healthy to our souls and physical well begin too. It helps us to have a deeper understanding about what God is saying in a given situation/time in His Word. It nourishes our spirit and makes us wiser against the wails of satan. (1 Pet 5:8). Worthy of mentioning is that it transforms us from babies feeding with milk to matured Christian desiring strong meat in the Word. (1Cor 3:2, Heb 5:12-14). We will no longer be toss to and fro nor carried by every wind of doctrine like children by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive. (Eph 4:14).

Best time to ripe the benefit of this act of worship is usually early in the morning but it is not fixed as some people can never be part of it because of the nature of their activity. However, this act of worship usually reveals the mind of God to us when we seek it sincerely. The Spirit God whispers in our heart while studying or in the course of our carrying out our duties during the day.

Beloved, we must adapt this act of worship as it enhances our spirituality and make us have dominion over the crafty of satan. May God help us in Jesus Name.

Let us have a blessed moment as we pray today in Jesus Name. come along with us for more revelation:

        2 Chronicles 29:18-31:10, Psalm 92:1-7, Proverbs 19:18-19, Romans 1:1-23

Quiet Contemplation

For You have made me rejoice, Lord, by what You have done.—Psalm 92:4

The contemplation of God humbles the mind, expands the soul, and consoles the heart.

How does it expand the soul? “The soul,” says one theologian, “is at home only when it is in God.” He meant, of course, that as the soul was made for God, it can only function effectively when indwelt by God. Contemplation of God is like breath to the soul; it inflates it and causes it to be fully actualized. “My body and my whole physiology functions better when God is in it,” said a doctor to me some years ago. I replied: “And so it is also with the soul, dear doctor, so it is also with the soul.”

Another benefit of contemplating God is that it consoles the heart. But how? It does so by focusing the heart’s attention on the greatness and goodness of the Eternal and also on His tender mercies and compassion. The more we know of God, the more we realize that when He permits us to pass through deep and dark waters, it is not because He is powerless to deliver us, but because a beneficent and eternal purpose is being worked out in that process. And what is more, we discover that God is not interested merely in working out His purposes in us, but in imparting to us a richer sense of His presence. In God there is a balm for every wound, a comfort for every sorrow, and healing for every heartache.

All kinds of remedies are on offer in today’s church to help the hurting (some of them more secular than sacred), but I know of nothing that calms the swelling billows of sorrow and grief as does the quiet contemplation of the Godhead.


My Father and my God, forgive me if in times of trial and distress I look for comfort in the wrong places. You and You alone are able to meet my soul’s deepest needs. Help me to see this not merely as an opinion but as a conviction. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further Study

Ps 145:1-21; Dt 32:1-4; 1Ch 29:10-13

How did David express the feelings of his soul?

How did Moses express it?

Did you read that – it consoles the soul especially when we are experiencing difficult times in our lives. It makes us more aware of God’s Presence and sovereignty. And when we know that God is sovereign it enables us to understand why He allowed us to pass through difficult situation not because He is not powerful enough to stop evil or mistreatment but because we will come out strong and better.

 I remember when I opened my outfit newly, the first person I officially made dress for, a very dear sister in the Lord frustrated me by refusing to pay me my money after making dress for her. She came up with many excuses and I was frustrated is to say the least. When my children was set to go back to school and I put a call across to her she simply multiply the pain but do you know the amazing thing that happened. The same amount that was outstanding for me to make up the cash with me, which was what I asked from her to pay even if she is not going to pay all, before I got to my house that same evening after weeping in my shop and crying to God, someone I least expected paid that same amount into my account, I shouted when I saw the alert because that will have really stop me from proceeding further with their arrangement of the children going back to school. In another occasion, I also requested a certain amount from her from the outstanding bill; she sarcastically told me that she will pay when she is able. And beloved like the first time God surprised me again and someone paid that same amount into my account.

This baffled me but keep me trusting God that He actually sees us in our difficult moment. Is unbelievable that is coming from this my sister in the Lord but it was also a lesson to me. God me push out from my comfort zone and make me available to serve those that are not in any way related to me and that makes me better every day in what I am doing. So oftentimes we learnt lessons though very painful in the course of growing up especially in the Lord. He uses people close to us to teach us some silent lesson. Lessons we may not learn from other sources. As we speak I have never asked for that money again though is over a year and four months now for God has completely paid it all. However, I am to return it as tithe and first fruit offering to the Lord whenever is paid as is no longer my money. And my payer each I remember it is that God should touch her to do it without His wrath going after her. Believes let us learn to treat one another with kindness that one fruit of the Spirit that a child of God must learn. I am better today and strong too. It made me also to know that God is always with us and our Present Help in every situation. This aspect of God came alive in my life. (Ps 121:1-3, Isa 43:2).

I became more aware that anything God allowed is for good. So let us learn to observe some quite time and have a meaningful contemplation about God and His Work, and Word and our destiny. God bless you as you pray.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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