I will lift up my voice, I will carefully sing not for what He has done but for who He is. You are the song that I sing, melody in my voice, the reason I sing is to Praise You Lord. He reign, Jesus reign, yes! He reign forever more, // Jesus is the sweetest Name I know, He is always just the same, O! praises His Holy Name, that is the reason why I love Him so, Jesus is the sweetest Name I know// I have seen the goodness His mercies and compassion, I have seen the Lord goodness alleluia Praise the Lord! Yes! Lord! I have seen Your goodness, Your mercies and compassion, Praise be Thy Holy Name forever in Jesus Name. Great is Thy faithfulness, O Lord! Great is Thy faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies I see, all that I needed that hands has provided, great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto me.

Thank You for a glorious day to worship and to Praise Your Holy Name, How great are You Lord! Sing with me how great, how great is the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

Indeed our Father is greater than the greatest, He is wiser than the wisest, He is older than the oldest, our God is a good God, Great are You Lord, You are greatly to be Praise, Greatly to be Praise, Father You reign, Great are You Lord, You are greatly to be Praise Father You reign. Great are You Lord!! Great are You Lord!!! Great are You Lord, Great are You Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, we are serving a Great God, whose Word are Yea and Amen, He calleth those things that be not as if they are. Who is greater than He? By Word He created the universe, He set firm the foundation of the earth, the sea has it boundary just be the spoken Word of God. He made the mountain and the hill to stand as the wonders of His Hands. He divided the sea and make it to stand apart as wall to accomplish His purpose. Our God is Great and Great are His works among men.

I don’t know of any thing too difficult for Him to do, I don’t know any situation that can stand before His very presence when He passes, the mountain ship like ram at His presence, O my dearly beloved, with God nothing is impossible and nothing will make boost in His Presence.

So whatever is a burden you have carried so long before now the Lord is bring an end to it today in Jesus Name. I said whatever the enemy has used to taunt your soul before now the God who nothing can stand before him is bring it to an end today in Jesus Name. you will look and see the giants no more. Your walls of Jericho is coming down with a loud shout of Praise as you worship the Lord today in Jesus Name.

But one thing is required of you, “rend your heart and not your garments and the Lord of Host will prefect all that concerns you today in Jesus Name. let God be Praise forever, for ever O Lord Your word is settle in heaven. Glory glory, glory be to my God in the highest, happy is that man that made the Lord His trust. Blessed be His Holy Name forever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, as we have journeyed together all through the year, the Lord has instructed us in His Word and as a good and diligent worker in the Lord’s vineyard I have to remind you the need of stock taking with regards to our soul and the general well being of our life. We mentioned yesterday when we ask a simple but pertinent question “Who are you?” in today’s prayer session, the Lord is instructing that a good shepherd must know the well being of his herds lest the Lord requires of their soul and you cannot account for any.

Jacob in his dealing with Laban, his Father-in-law made well account of all the flocks in his custody both alive and dead (Gen 31:38-40), like wise it is excepted of us to constantly remind you that we are all accountable to God about the way we  live our life and therefore we must not be careless about how we live. We must search our heart daily to make sure we have not stray in our path of righteous living and if we have to return quickly to Him and mend our ways before it will be too late.

Come along with me as the Lord teaches more about Himself as we pray today:

“Rend your heart, and not your garments.” Joel 2:13


Garment-rendering and other outward signs of religious emotion, are easily manifested and are frequently hypocritical; but to feel true repentance is far more difficult, and consequently far less common. Men will attend to the most multiplied and minute ceremonial regulations—for such things are pleasing to the flesh—but true religion is too humbling, too heart-searching, too thorough for the tastes of the carnal men; they prefer something more ostentatious, flimsy, and worldly.

Outward observances are temporarily comfortable; eye and ear are pleased; self-conceit is fed, and self- righteousness is puffed up: but they are ultimately delusive, for in the article of death, and at the day of judgment, the soul needs something more substantial than ceremonies and rituals to lean upon. Apart from vital godliness all religion is utterly vain; offered without a sincere heart, every form of worship is a solemn sham and an impudent mockery of the majesty of heaven.

HEART-RENDING is divinely wrought and solemnly felt. It is a secret grief which is personally experienced, not in mere form, but as a deep, soul-moving work of the Holy Spirit upon the inmost heart of each believer. It is not a matter to be merely talked of and believed in, but keenly and sensitively felt in every living child of the living God.

It is powerfully humiliating, and completely sin-purging; but then it is sweetly preparative for those gracious consolations which proud unhumbled spirits are unable to receive; and it is distinctly discriminating, for it belongs to the elect of God, and to them alone.

The text commands us to rend our hearts, but they are naturally hard as marble: how, then, can this be done? We must take them to Calvary: a dying Saviour’s voice rent the rocks once, and it is as powerful now. O blessed Spirit, let us hear the death-cries of Jesus, and our hearts shall be rent even as men rend their vestures in the day of lamentation.

Let’s keep going:

“Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds.” Proverbs 27:23

 Every wise merchant will occasionally hold a stock-taking, when he will cast up his accounts, examine what he has on hand, and ascertain decisively whether his trade is prosperous or declining. Every man who is wise in the kingdom of heaven, will cry, “Search me, O God, and try me”; and he will frequently set apart special seasons for self-examination, to discover whether things are right between God and his soul.

The God whom we worship is a great heart-searcher; and of old His servants knew Him as “the Lord which searcheth the heart and trieth the reins of the children of men.” Let me stir you up in His name to make diligent search and solemn trial of your state, lest you come short of the promised rest. That which every wise man does, that which God Himself does with us all, I exhort you to do with yourself this evening.

Let the oldest saint look well to the fundamentals of his piety, for grey heads may cover black hearts: and let not the young professor despise the word of warning, for the greenness of youth may be joined to the rottenness of hypocrisy. Every now and then a cedar falls into our midst. The enemy still continues to sow tares among the wheat. It is not my aim to introduce doubts and fears into your mind; nay, verily, but I shall hope the rather that the rough wind of self-examination may help to drive them away.

It is not security, but carnal security, which we would kill; not confidence, but fleshly confidence, which we would overthrow; not peace, but false peace, which we would destroy. By the precious blood of Christ, which was not shed to make you a hypocrite, but that sincere souls might show forth His praise, I beseech you, search and look, lest at the last it be said of you, “Mene, Mene, Tekel: thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.”

Brethren, may not weigh and found wanted in Jesus Name. May our confidence lies steadily on Jesus the Rock, our help in ages past. As we pray today, may God show us who we are before Him, may we return quickly to Him where err for He is waiting to welcome you home.

Beloved, may the Lord help us and prosper the works of hand as we lift up a Holy hands towards his Holy temple as we pray today. May we learn what it means to rend our heart before God and not our garment in Jesus Name.

O Lord! arise and let heaven be open unto us as we call on Your Name in Jesus Name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brethren, let us pray!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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