Master of the universe, Conqueror and King. Master of the universe, Emperor on wings. You are the head Over principalities, You are the head Over powers, You are the head Over rulers, You are the Master, Master of the universe. From age to age Lord, From coast to coast my Lord, Though darkness will rage, (Though Satan will rage) You remain the Master, Master of the universe.// what shall I say unto the Lord what I have to say is thank You Lord. What shall I say unto Jehovah, all I have to say is thank You Lord thank You Lord, thank You Lord, all I have to say is thank You Lord.

Father, we thank you for a great day you have made and said we should rejoice and be glad in it. Faithful are you Lord. Powerful is Your Name, Excellent is Your Name, Wonderful is Your Name O Lord You are mighty. Glory be to Your Name. Thank You Lord, I bow before Your Throne, I exalt Your Holy Name. I thank You, I bless Your Holy Name. Be thou exalted Lord above all heaven. Thank You for the great and mighty things have done and will yet do to them that trust in Your Holy Name. Praise be to on high. Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, today is the day Amen, the day of the Lord Amen! Do you agree with me that our God have made this day to glorify His Name in our life and situations? Indeed He is God and He reign forever more. We are worship and exalt His Name forever. It is a good thing to Praise His Holy Name. In worship He will do that which only Him can do. Our God is good; all the time!

How is your worship time with God? Or do I say, how is your prayer time? What do we do when we are in God’s presence? Is it fully dedicated to God with this era of mobile phone in some cases more than one phone around us? How fully are you incline to the things that are pertaining to righteous living?

Do you see your time of prayer as a time to pay more attention to what the Spirit of God is saying as you worship? Is it a moment of true communion with the Trinity? Or is a moment characterize with distractions and noise?

Well we are here to address that and I believe that going forward we will make our prayer time more  quite solemnly and reverence God as we ought to Praise the Name of the Lord!

However, to help us achieve this goal we must find out what are those things that distract us? What are those things that makes our reverence not acceptable by the standard of heaven? Knowing and listing them will help us to know how to prevent it happening in future. Because the distraction we experience in the place of worship defers from individual to individual. It also depends on whether it is a public worship or a private worship.

Therefore spelling out ways of overcoming such distraction may not be generalized. However we must consider the obvious and mention just a few.

The use of mobile phone bible during worship is the greatest source of distraction in our time both in public and private worship. Unnecessary walking around during services is another big source of distraction during service. Having a discussion with someone next to you is another sources of distraction, what about someone close to you yelling to a friend or someone passing by.

The chiefs of it all is intruding thoughts like business ideas or even showing compassion to someone in need, as good as these might be is stealing your attention to the subject matter.

How do we arrest this situations? The issue of intruding thoughts during worship can be curb by journaling. That is having a note pad to note those thoughts as it comes and quickly aligning yourself back to the business of the day. Phones can be silent or mute during prayer. Those in-charge of service (ushers) must be spiritually alert and well trained to ensure good delivery. We must minimize the way we discuss during worship or avoid sitting with someone to close to you but sometimes this might be difficulty then you have to be careful not distort your attention during worship.

These are little solution we can proffer for now against undue disturbance during worship, you can send in your own suggestions by adding to the list. May God help you in Jesus Name.

Let us discover more:

Therefore, brothers, since we have boldness to enter the sanctuary through the blood of Jesus, by the new and living way that He has inaugurated for us, through the curtain (that is, His flesh). . . —Hebrews 10:19–20

Our generation lacks a sense of wonder and reverence toward God. We want to bring God down to our level, to the commonplace. He is God! Though we have direct access to Him as His children, we ought never to forget that this access was purchased with the precious blood of His only Son. No one who truly understands this ever enters God’s presence without a sense of holy awe. No one who comprehends the incredible price paid at Calvary ever takes his relationship with God for granted.

We will never truly understand God and the way He relates to us unless we first comprehend a true sense of His holiness and His demand for holiness among His people. If we are in God’s presence, we are on holy ground! We must never act as if it were God’s purpose to make us successful. It would be preposterous for us to become impatient when God does not answer our prayers when and how we think He should! He is God, we are not!

As you meditate on the price Jesus paid to give you access to the Father, you will come to treasure your prayer times with Him. Worship will become a privilege you seize with gratitude. Scripture will be dear to you as you strive to be holy in all that you do (2 Cor. 7:1; 1 Pet. 1:15).

If you have lost your wonder at the incredible gift of salvation that has been given to you, you need to revisit the cross and witness your Savior suffering for you. How priceless God’s gift of salvation is!

Reverence leads you to clinging to your God. When you understand what and who God is, your level of worship will lead you to hold on and move close to God. It will make you to stand firm in your trialing moments and be made bold to declare God as your Lord and Personal Saviour. Beloved, are you ready to cling to God as Joshua did during his time, OK here is an opportunity you have been waiting for, discover more:


 Clinging To The Lord Your God


You are to cling to the Lord your God.” – These were Joshua’s parting words to wayward Israel, just before his death. (See Joshua 23:8)


To hold fast to something, as by grasping, sticking, embracing, or winding around“.

  • As a wet raincoat would CLING to your back.
  • As a person on the verge of death would CLING to life.

To remain attached in thought or practice“.

To follow close after, pursue hard; to resist separation“.

Jesus put it this way: “If anyone wants to follow in my footsteps, he must give up all right to himselfand keep close behind me.” (Luke 9:23a – Phillips)

CLINGING conveys the sense of desperation: That there is no other viable option.


Your bank account?

Your reputation?

Your capabilities?

SELF SUFFICIENCY is the arrogant assumption that I can go it alone… without God.

CLINGING is the humble acknowledgment that I must be intimately connected to God for life to make sense and to be worth living.

In Joshua’s admonition to CLING to God he gives this warning:

If you ever go back and CLING to the rest of these nations (i.e. the world and its values)(they) shall be to you as:

A snare and a trapA whip on your sidesThorns in your eyesuntil you perish from off this good land which the Lord your God has given you.” (Joshua 23:12)

QUESTION: Are you CLINGING to Christ? Or do you have it so together that you can go it alone? If so, are you willing to pay the price of independence?

Beloved, are you ready to pray with understanding of Holy Reverence and with unstaggering trust in God Who can do all things. Remember this our God dried the Red Sea for the children of Israelite to go to their promised land. Beloved if it means God to the same miracle for you, He will surely do so.

So pray to receive answers as you pray. Praise the Lord! Greater lifting is guarantee.

Father answer us according to Your promise in Jesus Name. Help us to be forward and upward looking in Jesus Name. Give us reason to rejoice and be glad always. Praise the Lord.

Beloved, pray.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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