Royal Priests


Who is like unto Thee O Lord, who is like unto the O Lord, among the world, who is like Thee You are glorious in holiness faithful in … doing wonders alleluia!!!!. O Lord my God how Excellent is Your Name, in all the earth, how wonderful You are Lord.

Every living soul praise the Lord! Father, we thank You we bless You Holy Name, we adore You, we give You glory. Great are You Lord. Faithful Redeemer, Who is like unto Thee. Thank You for the gift of a blessed day in the land of the living. You are Good, You are not just Good, You are just Big, You are Great God.

Beloved, how are doing today? Hope you are doing great? Praise God. Yes our God is not just good but He is Great. Yes great are His works among men. So Praise His Name forever.

Beloveth, is time to call on our God who answer by fire. Not like the people of Elijah days that were calling on their god but he did not answer them. Elijah mocked to them to call on more is possible he talking, or he is pursuing, or he is on a journey, or peradventure he sleepth and must be awaked. They called him aloud and were cutting themselves with knives and lancets and blood gushed out still this god did not answer.

But when Elijah called on his own God, the God you and I are worshipping, the God whose Word are yea and Amen! The God that mountain skips as He appears, that God answers at an instance. He answers with fire and licked up the water that was in the trench and the people fell on their faces and worship the God of Elijah (1 kings 18:25 -39).

Beloved, that is the God we serve. That is the God we are going to call on today and He will surely answer us. However, on what capacity are you calling on Him? Let’s look at our topic today, “Royal Priests.”

Are you among the “royal priests?”  There are qualification for this position. Such like a chosen race, a Holy nation, you will be His possession then you can proclaim His praises.

Beloved, this is reminding us who were are in God before we became what we are today. Are you functioning in that capacity? If you are, all well and good. But if you are not then there is goodnews for you. Join me to discover the power invested on you as a priest.

Wow! You are called to be between the porch and the altar dearly beloved. You are a way to God from His people same way you are a way from God to His people.

To function better in this office there is a single requirement, join me as you  discover it from the second ministration.  Let’s discover more:

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood,

a holy nation, a people for His possession, so that you may proclaim the praises

of the One who called you out of darkness

into His marvelous light.—1 Peter 2:9

If you are a Christian, you are a priest, chosen by God. As a member of the royal priesthood you have constant access to the King. If there is ever a need in your life, you don’t have to find an intermediary or enlist another priest in order to gain a hearing from the King. Your position as a royal priest allows you direct access. This privilege describes your position as a priest.

However, priests also have a function. It is the responsibility of a priest to work within a priesthood. Scripture does not promote the practice of individual priests, each with a separate ministry. Rather, priests function together (Lev. 9:1). An unbiblical sense of individualism can isolate you from functioning within God’s royal priesthood as He intended.

The priest represents God to the people, but he also takes the people’s concerns to God. Is there someone around you who desperately needs the intercession of one of God’s priests? Perhaps someone will only come to know God by seeing Him in your life. Our world hungers for an expression of Christ as He really is, living out His life through His people.

It is dangerous to put our job above our calling by God. We are called to be priests first, and to hold a job second. When we get these out of order, everyone around us is denied access to the Father through us. God may have called you into a secular job as a vocation, but more importantly He has appointed you to be one of His royal priests.

Beloved, what is your mind telling you here. How are viewing this last paragraph? Are you holding your job above his calling in your life? Are men being drawn to God through you? Or better still how are you representing God in the market place? Hold your job above it or putting God first before your job. How someone is asking? Then join me to discover more:



No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life.” (2 Timothy 2:4)

The picture here of ENTANGLEMENT is that of a soldier who goes to draw his sword but gets it caught in his robe.

QUESTION: “Are you a soldier of Christ who is available on His terms for spiritual battle?” Or are you ENTANGLED? Christ expects us to be INVOLVED in life’s affairs. Not ENTANGLED.

Writing in a Roman setting, Paul knew that all soldiers were characterized in two ways:

  1. They were immediately available at the call of their commander.
  • If Christ called you today to move to Bolivia, would you be available to go?

– Are you debt free? Unentangled with contracts?

– Are you free enough emotionally to break the bonds and go?

  • If Christ called you today to drop what you were doing for a few hours to touch someone… would you be available?

Picture in your mind the contrast between:

  • Peter and the other fisherman who, upon Christ’s request immediately left their boats (business) and family members to follow Him. (See Matthew 4:19, 20)
  • The men in Luke 9 whom Christ called. They responded with a “Yes” all right, yet with this qualifier: “BUT FIRST LET US check out our investments and take care of family needs. (See Luke 9:57-62)


  1. They assumed they would suffer in the carrying out of their commander’s cause:

        “Suffer hardshipas a true soldier of Jesus Christ.” (2 Timothy 2:3, asv, TCNT)

 Tertullian, a Christian scholar of another age put it this way: “No soldier comes to the war surrounded by luxuries, nor goes into action from a comfortable bedroom, but from the makeshift and narrow tent, where every kind of hardness and severity and unpleasantness is to be found.

 Are you involved, yet AVAILABLE… or are you unavailable because you are so ENTANGLED?

Beloved, what is your answer to the above question? How you answer it will determine your level of priesthood in God’s kingdom. God is the rewarder don’t forget. He will reward us according to our labour. If you have any concern about what is affecting you to this regard please tell it to God in prayer.

Beloved, are you ready to assume your office as a priest/ then it is time to pray what ever your heart desires are? Let us pray!!!!!!!!

God will answer us as He respects the prayer of the priest like He did to Elijah. Praise God!

Remain blessed in the Lord!

Evang. Ifeoma Ohondu

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