You are marvelous ye, You are marvelous ye, You are marverlous ye, You are marvelous ye, You are marvelous ye ye ye. You are Wonderful yeyeye, You are wonderful yeyeye, You are wonderful, Wonderful ye, You are wonderful ye ye ye.//  What shall I render, what shall lender, what shall I render to You O God! I will exalt Your Name and shout alleluia, what shall I render to You O God! I will render praises, I will render praises, I will render praises to You O God, I will exalt Your Name and shout alleluia I will render praises to You O God.

Yes! my mouth will forever be full of Your Praise O God for all the miracles, all the healings, all the provisions , all the blessings You bestowed upon us, great is Thy faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies I see, all that is needed Thy Hand has provided, Great is Thy Faithfulness Lord unto Thee.

There is none Holy as Thy Lord, there is none besides You neither is Thy are other gods like Thee, there is none Holy as Thy Lord.

Thank You Father thank You for ever more, thank You for a glorious week You have led, provided and protected us from all evil, glory be to Your Name on high. We cannot thank You enough; receive our Praise, adoration to Your Holy Name in Jesus Name amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, hope you enjoyed this week? Hope you are grateful and thankful for the goodness of God towards you, family, career, and ministry, If you have nothing to be grateful for, then thank God for the free air you are breathing, the strength in your bone, and that you can open your mouth and eat without aid is something to be grateful about, Praise the Lord!

 Beloved, this month is gradually coming to an end and I believe that you are running the course, yes! You are obeying and abiding in the Lord your Saviour Jesus Christ, whose love cannot be compared with anything on earth or in heaven. Have the Lord visited you? don’t be weary, even if he tarries yet we he come for His Word never fail.

Oftentimes at such a moment like this we may be worried and possibly complain that the month is ending without you obtaining the promise, like the testimony I shared with you never happened until the 24th of that month and I cannot remember being anxious about it, even though I knew how crucial that promise was to me. I kept on thank God and reminding Him not to pass me by when He comes to bless His people and the Lord was kind to me and remembered me. That was not the only healing I enjoyed during that month of promise, in the first week the Lord by His Mighty Hand strengthened by spinal bone that was shifted accidentally when I was much younger while trying to lift up a bed while I was cleaning the house. My disc shifted in the process that was how I have been in pain for twenty-two years, for that alone I could not believed the way it happened so for over one week I was just thanking God for the pain that left my body and behold I did not know that was the beginning of His promise to me. He did so many other things in my life, He lifted stagnation out of my life because I lived by the every Word that processed from the mouth of God. Beloved, I do not take any of God’s promise for granted, I will hold unto it until it becomes a rheme to me. Praise the Lord.

Our topic today is something you and I might have come across before now and you have an understanding of it or like me you may be wondering what is the actual meaning of this. Today by the grace of God upon us He will give you understanding about it by the end of this session and like the Word of God firmly said that the “truth you know is what sets you free.”

So someone will be sets free today in Jesus Name. Beloved, what usually goes on in your mind when at the beginning of the month you received the engrafted Word of God and you are watching the day goes into week and weeks almost turning into a month. The deceiver will start his operations in your life, coming to you every now and then to remind you “did God said?

Hey! A lot of us missed it each time we go into such conversation with Satan, Eve did, likewise you may, if you don’t take your time and make your choices right. The only way out of it, is apply what Jesus did and also what our teaching of today will tell us.

Jesus did it in two places during His earthly ministration first in Matt 4:10, when Jesus was led by the Spirit to be tempted by satan after He had fasted for forty days, beloved at such a time it is natural for Jesus to display His power as a Son of God but at verse 10, we saw Jesus rebuking satan and reminding him that in spite of all, it is only God you should worship and only Him shall you serve. Also in Matt 16:23, we read about Jesus commanding Satan to get behind him rebuking him that a stumbling block (ASV) he is an offence (KJV) to Him.

Jesus taught us what shall be paramount in our heart “doing the will of God not of man.” In His first encounter, the bible recorded that Satan left Him and the angel of God came and ministered to Him. Also in His encountered Jesus gave us an advice us to be ready to go all the way because God. We must be ready to bear the cross with Him by reminding Satan that “everything worketh for good to them that believeth” as you will later read also in the ministration of today.

Beloveth, if you will convince yourself that come what may “the Lord is on your side,” and also keep reminding yourself that “God is to faithful to fail you,” and if God is not coming forth as expected you have to check yourself and constantly confess His goodness and love to His children, never allow doubt to enter your life else you start going in circles, especially when you engage yourself in discussion with satan, he will bring all manners of suggestions and solutions to you (Matt 16:23, 17:4).

Beloved hear what Job said in Job 14:14 “I will wait till my change come.” We all knew what Job went through, but in spite of all, he was not quick to jump at any offer, he rather preferred to wait until God come and end his sufferings. God did come and end his suffering and also restored to him twice of everything he had and gave another set of children – seven sons and three daughters (Job 42:13). Job confesses God’s goodness (vs 1-6) and God was please with him and preferred him more than his friends.

Beloved, God will replicate same among us if only we will believe and trust Him to do it because He will do it better than we could ever imagine. Praise the Lord!

Let us always surrender ourselves too God and ask for His covering over us so that we will be pleasing also to him. May God give a good testimony concerning us, He did for job and Job stood the test of time, may that be said of us also in Jesus Name.

Come along with us for more:


2 Chronicles 9:1-10:19, Psalm 89:19-29, Proverbs 19:1-3, Acts 23:23-24:9

Satan—Angel of Light

My faithfulness and love will be with him.—Psalm 89:24

A feeling that the Devil delights to arouse in an unguarded heart is the feeling that God does not love us. He usually times his attack to coincide with those moments when everything is going wrong and we are beset by all kinds of difficulties. Then he whispers in our ear: “Do you still believe that God is love?”

When you respond by saying that you do, he transforms himself into an angel of light and tries another of his deceitful tactics. “Well,” he says, “it is obvious that He does not love you, for if He did, then He would not allow you to go through these difficult situations.”

There is only one protection against such an assault; it is to put firmly in place the “armor of righteousness.” Nothing else will avail at this point. You must point him to the truth of Romans 8:28: “We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God.” Paul does not say “we understand,” but “we know.”

This brings you directly to the theme of justification by faith, which is in fact the righteousness of Christ. You rest on this established truth, and that is all you need. You must say to yourself: “He would never have clothed me with His righteousness if He had not also set His love upon me and saved me. I will have courage. I do not know what is happening to me now. I cannot fathom it. But if He has begun His work in me, then I know He will go on to complete it.”


O God, what wondrous power there is in Your Word. I can feel it doing me good even as I read and ponder it. Give me a greater knowledge of Your Word, for only through its truth can I maintain an advantage over the Devil. Amen.

Further Study

Jr 31:1-3; Eph 2:1-7; 3:16-19; Php 1:6; Rm 5:8

How has God demonstrated His love?

What was Paul’s desire for the Ephesians?

Beloved, did you pray the prayer portion above, only the truth in Word of God can maintain the advantage over the Devil, may God help us to have the eagerness to read God’s Word in Jesus Name. May we not have a dull mind nor ears to hear God speaks to us through His Word in Jesus Name.

Help us O God to obey you and serve you all the days of our life in Jesus Name. May your grace be sufficient unto us in Jesus Name. Father, teach us something new every time we open Your Word in Jesus Name. Always remind us of the righteousness of Christ and to put it on  against every assaults of Satan  in Jesus Name. Have your way again in Jesus Name, Amen!

Have a wonderful weekend and may God be with you always in Jesus Name. see you next week by His grace. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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