In the Presence of God Alleluia Joy, In the presence of God Alleluia Joy x2 I have Joy like a river, Joy like a river x2 in my soul x2.

Thank You Father for the joy of knowing You and seeing Your goodness in the land of the living. You are God and You changeth not but You standout sure forever alleluia. Thank You for the miracles of the week, the deliverances, healings, provisions and protection Your hand has wrought for us, for Faithful are You Lord.

Beloved, hope You had a pleasant week full of testimonies as was declared at the beginning of the week by the Spirit of God. I have and am sure You have also. Thank You Lord for confirming Your Word among us.

Thank God is Friday. Another opportunity is here again to take on the practical teaching from the Lord’s table.  And today we will considering the word “Silence” and “the Person of the Holy Spirit.”

In our world today “silence” is one virtue that is hard to imbibe and live out. In a world where everybody wants to be heard and seen and so much noise in the air can “silence” be practice? In a world where sickness and hunger is revenging the societies and death tolls on increase can silence be seen? As good as this virtue is, it is rare among the sons of men. With improve technology on devices like sound instruments, mobile phones and radios and such like even the babies are getting accustomed to this horror “noise” rather than serene environment.

What is the way forward as we daily face this challenges? How do we return this all important virtue in our time?

We however try to consider the dictionary meaning of this word “silence,” so as to have a good understanding of it. So many version have this opinion -“quietness, not speaking, ignoring of something. It can also be said to be state of stopping someone or something from making noise.

Beloved, are you familiar with this popular saying “silence is golden?” Why should we observe “silence” in our daily routine as children of God? Do you know that the Holy Spirit have an attribute as same as our topic depicts and He works best on individual as such a state?

At first I had no idea on how to go about this topic until the Spirit of God helped my understanding with the attributes of the Holy Spirit. I was humbled and it a great privilege bring this message today our way. I believe you will not only read; You will also put it to work. Let us read more:


There will be silence before Thee… ” (Psalm 65:1a) (NASB)

Silence: A rather unfamiliar experience in today’s world.

Not much practiced.

Not much allowed in our cacophony of shrill voices, trite opinions, endless information, and the blaring of brassy music and mind-numbing media dissipation.

To be alone before God in SILENCE is either




Depending upon the condition of one’s soul.

There will be silence before Thee… “

When, in that Day, we appear before The Consuming Presence, the righteous Lamb, slain, resurrected, and now reigning…

There will be SILENCE.” (Revelation 8:1)

For some the silence will turn to worship, adulation, fullness of joy and eternal bliss.

For the rest it will mean weeping and gnashing of teeth: Eternal separation from all that is good, righteous and pure. (See Matthew 8:12)

Amidst the clamor and cluttering noise of our day, it behooves us to learn to live in the presence of God in SILENCE.

For it is here and only here that He will be known.

Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10a)

 Did You read that “for some, silence will turn to worship, fullness of joy and eternal bliss while for some others, it will be for gnashing of teeth, Eternal separation from all good thing, God forbid.

So what will you prefer your silence to depict? More from the Person of the Holy Spirit:

“He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove.” Matthew 3:16


As the Spirit of God descended upon the Lord Jesus, the head, so He also, in measure, descends upon the members of the mystical body. His descent is to us after the same fashion as that in which it fell upon our Lord. There is often a singular rapidity about it; or ever we are aware, we are impelled onward and heavenward beyond all expectation. Yet is there none of the hurry of earthly haste, for the wings of the dove are as soft as they are swift.

Quietness seems essential to many spiritual operations; the Lord is in the still small voice, and like the dew, His grace is distilled in silence.

The dove has ever been the chosen type of purity, and the Holy Spirit is holiness itself. Where He cometh, everything that is pure and lovely, and of good report, is made to abound, and sin and uncleanness depart.

Peace reigns also where the Holy Dove comes with power; He bears the olive branch which shows that the waters of divine wrath are assuaged.

Gentleness is a sure result of the Sacred Dove’s transforming power: hearts touched by His benign influence are meek and lowly henceforth and for ever.

Harmlessness follows, as a matter of course; eagles and ravens may hunt their prey—the turtledove can endure wrong, but cannot inflict it. We must be harmless as doves.

The dove is an apt picture of love, the voice of the turtle is full of affection; and so, the soul visited by the blessed Spirit, abounds in love to God, in love to the brethren, and in love to sinners; and above all, in love to Jesus.

The brooding of the Spirit of God upon the face of the deep, first produced order and life, and in our hearts, He causes and fosters new life and light. Blessed Spirit, as Thou didst rest upon our dear Redeemer, even so rest upon us from this time forward and for ever.

Beloved, these and many more are all the benefits of “Silence” as depicts by the way of the Holy Spirit. Is it not something worth more than gold? Are we not supposed to be desirous of it as God’s people?

Practice “silence” and worship God as we learnt today, going forward. Stay away from noise and hear the Spirit of God witness in your life. Not forgetting that “silence is golden” and is the best state for the Trinity operations (Ps 46:10a; Gen 1:2).

Finally, examine and practice all we have learnt all through the week and experience them as we were also taught, no exception to holiness. Beloved, stand your watch; don’t be tried. Have Christ reoriented lately? Capping it with “silence” as you live in His presence.

See you next week by His grace.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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