Worthy worthy is the Lord, Worthy worthy is the Lord, Worthy worthy is the Lord that was slain. Worthy worthy is the Lord, Worthy worthy is the Lord, Worthy worthy is the Lord that was slain, Praise Him alleluia, Praise Him alleluia, Praise Him alleluia Praise the Lord! Praise Him alleluia, Praise Him alleluia, Praise Him alleluia, Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!// who is like unto Thee O Lord! who is like unto Thee O! Lord! among the gods who is like Thee You are glorious in holiness fearful in praises doing wonders alleluia, always doing wonders alleluia!

Who is Wonderful is Jesus, Who is Marvelous is Jesus, Who is Powerful is Jesus, Who is Precious is Jesus. Shout alleluia, alleluia, shout alleluia, shout alleluia, alleluia, shout alleluia alleluia. All glory, glory glory to the Lord. All glory, glory glory to the Lord. Alleluia, hosanna, hosanna, hosanna, blessed be the Name of the Lord! Alleluia, hosanna, hosanna, hosanna, blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Father we thank you we bless Your Holy Name, we adore You we give you Praise, adoration to Your Holy Name. Who is like unto Thee O! Lord! Father there is none to be compared to Thee. In heaven You are God, on earth You are God, blessed be Thy Holy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Thank You O Lord for the gift of a new year, blessed Thy Holy Name. Thank You, because it please You for us to be here, blessed be Thy Holy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name. Thank You for Word to us because it will be fulfilled in our lives in Jesus Name.

Beloved, how are doing? Do mind if I say “happy New Year” again? Glory be to our Father for this great opportunity to be part of this wonderful year of the Lord. Is the year we have been waiting for? The year the Lord will walk in the midst of His people and subdue their enemies, destroy the powers of darkness and make an end of the high places in our nation. Praise the Lord!

Congratulation once again to our members who have prayed, and contribute in one or the other to make this ministry what it is today, we know that your reward will not elude you and that every effort you make this year will be fruitful in Jesus Name.

I hope you have prayed and blessed the Name of the Lord for the theme of the year, is super fabulous, we cannot thank Him enough for such a privilege, and it is so great to know that His Hand will bring it to past, Praise the Lord.

Our topic today is such an interesting one and we decided to bring it up as such a time like this, in awake of the time when God gave us a promise to run with for the year.

To the glory of God, for all the promises spoken to us by the Spirit of God has found fulfillment in our lives. We don’t assumed the theme either year or monthly, our God has been faithful in giving us His Word and also in bring about it performance in our lives.

In the ministration below it bring to fore the danger in speaking ‘thus says the Lord” when the Lord has spoken and we must be guided too not to assumed promises that we were not given or received in the place of prayer or ministration.

It spells doom and leads frustration or back sliding if care is not taken.

Having said that it is good for us to know the important of holding God at His Word, The Lord has said, this is our year of glory to glory. It is so important that you receive it by faith and wait on the Lord to lead you why you follow suit. Praise the Lord!

Beloveth, while standing on the promises of God don’t forget that we must desist from everything that will hinder us from being part of this great promise. By the grace of God as we said earlier the Lord will lead and we will follow suit and I believe that we will never be disappointed in Jesus Name.

Join us as we discover more:

Ezekiel 36:13-37:28, Psalm 135:1-7, Proverbs 29:1-3, 2 Peter 1:1-21

Standing on Promises                       

He has given us very great and precious promises.—2 Peter 1:4

It is one thing to accept the faithfulness of God as a clear biblical truth; it is quite another to act upon it. God has given us many great and precious promises, as our text for today puts it, but do we actually count on them being fulfilled?

We have to be careful that we do not hold God to promises He has not given. I have seen a good deal of heartache suffered by Christians because someone encouraged them to take a statement from the Word of God, turn it into a “promise,” and believe for it to come to pass. Then when nothing happened, they became deeply discouraged.

One woman told me that many years ago she had taken the words found in Acts 16:31, “Believe on the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household,” and claimed them as a promise. When her husband and son died unrepentant, she was devastated. I pointed out to her that even God cannot save those who don’t want to be saved, and that the promise given by Paul and Silas was for the Philippian jailer, not anyone else.

There are hundreds of promises that God has given in His Word that we can claim without equivocation. Someone who has counted all God’s promises in the Bible numbers them as being over 3,000. That ought to be enough to keep you going if you lived to be a hundred. Be careful, however, that it is a general promise you are banking on, not a specific one.


Father, I have Your promise that You will guide me into all truth, so my trust is in You that You will give me the wisdom to discern between a promise which is general and one that is specific. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further Study

Heb 1:1-12; 13:8; 2Co 4:18

Why is Jesus so dependable?

Where do we fix our eyes?

Beloved, did you read that “be careful that the promises you claim in the Word of God are general promises not specific ones made for a specific occasion another good example of specific promises – is the annunciation of the birth our Saviour –Jesus Christ to Mary.

Is also important to know that some promises can meet our needs even it is spoken to us those one are classified under general promises in the Bible. And in claiming promises we must ensure that we receive such a promise on the altar of prayer for it to work for us.

Our Spirit can whisper to us or God can send someone to confirm same promise to us. I always ask God to confirm His Word to me, I don’t assume a bible because it seem good to hear or met my desire rather I will ask God to give me His word concerning a particular need or situation and as that Word is dropping in my Spirit, I will also receive that same word from another form of ministration and that usually confirm to me that it God speaking in that situation.

Also note that the promises of God must be in line with the Word of God. God can never promise you what has no eternal values nor contradict His Word.

Beloved as we look unto God to bring to perfection that which He has given to us, we must also ensure that we are standing right with Him so that He will not pass us by on His arrival. Praise the Lord.

Hold on to the promise of God to us by faith, discard folly and fear and success will be us at last in Jesus Name.

In this first faith clinic of the year always remember to hold on to faith, reject folly and keep far from fear and you will emerge triumphantly at the end in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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