November 14


What a blessed day My God has made and said we should rejoice and be glad in it. We are grateful for miracle of sleeping and waking up this day. Thank You, Lord for the abilities given us by Your love to will and do Your good pleasures. We bless You , we honour You forever more.

My Father in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy kingdom come, let Your will be done on earth as it is ordained in heaven.

As simply and easy as we rehearse the above prayer, we may as well have lost the real meaning and plea in it. But as a true solider of the cross, you are hereby encouraged to be steadfast in your resolved in serving the Lord. The storm will come, the wind will blow but your foot cannot be move; for He Who keeps you will neither sleep nor slumber.

Beloved, are you serving God and mammon together remember the Word of God said you cannot serve mammon and God at the same time; for God distaste such an act and draws His wrath upon such child of disobedience :

When the days were coming to a close for Him to be taken up, He determined to journey to Jerusalem.—Luke 9:51

 It is easy to become distracted in the Christian life! The moment you understand what God wants you to do, it will seem as though everyone around you requires your time and attention! When the time came for Jesus to go to the cross, He “set His face” toward Jerusalem, so that nothing would prevent Him from accomplishing His Father’s will. So obvious was His resolve to go to Jerusalem that the Samaritans, who hated the Jews, rejected Him because they recognized that He was a Jew traveling through their village to the hated city of Jerusalem.

Jesus determined not to digress from His mission, but He took time to minister to many people along His way. He sent out seventy disciples into the surrounding towns (Luke 10:1). He healed lepers (Luke 17:11–19). He cured a man of dropsy (Luke 14:1–4). He brought salvation to the home of Zaccheus (Luke 19:1–10). He continued to teach His disciples (Luke 15:1–32). Jesus did not refuse to minister to others as He went to Calvary, but ultimately He refused to be deterred from His Father’s will.

If you know what God wants you to do, set your sights resolutely toward that goal with full determination to accomplish it (Prov. 4:25). Your resolve to go where God is leading ought to be evident to those around you. Beware of becoming so sidetracked by the opportunities around you that you lose sight of God’s ultimate goal for you.

Do not succumb to the temptation to delay your obedience or to discard it altogether. Once you have received a clear assignment from God, your response should be unwavering obedience. But is that usually the case or we spent time giving all manners of excuses why it might not be now; here comes another question, are you resolve in serving God and Him alone or are you in both parties thinking it safe to do so, hear you what the Lord said concerning such a despicable act:

“I will cut off them that worship and that swear by the Lord, and that swear by Malcham.” Zephaniah 1:5

Such persons thought themselves safe because they were with both parties: they went with the followers of Jehovah, and bowed at the same time to Malcham. But duplicity is abominable with God, and hypocrisy His soul hateth. The idolater, who distinctly gives himself to his false god, has one sin less than he who brings his polluted and detestable sacrifice unto the temple of the Lord, while his heart is with the world and the sins thereof. To hold with the hare and run with the hounds, is a dastard’s policy.

In the common matters of daily life, a double- minded man is despised, but in religion he is loathsome to the last degree. The penalty pronounced in the verse before us is terrible, but it is well deserved; for how should divine justice spare the sinner, who knows the right, approves it, and professes to follow it, and all the while loves the evil, and gives it dominion in his heart?

My soul, search thyself this morning, and see whether thou art guilty of double-dealing. Thou professest to be a follower of Jesus—dost thou truly love Him? Is thy heart right with God? Art thou of the family of old Father Honest, or art thou a relative of Mr. By-ends? A name to live is of little value if I be indeed dead in trespasses and sins.

To have one foot on the land of truth, and another on the sea of falsehood, will involve a terrible fall and a total ruin. Christ will be all or nothing. God fills the whole universe, and hence there is no room for another god; if, then, He reigns in my heart, there will be no space for another reigning power.

Do I rest alone on Jesus crucified, and live alone for Him? Is it my desire to do so? Is my heart set upon so doing? If so, blessed be the mighty grace which has led me to salvation; and if not so, O Lord, pardon my sad offence, and unite my heart to fear Thy name from this day forward in Jesus Name, Amen! Come along and sing this song with me:



It pays to serve Jesus I speak from my heart,

He‘ll always be with us, if we do our part,

There’s naught in this wide world can pleasure afford,

There’s peace and contentment in serving the Lord.



I love Him far better than in days of yore,

I’ll serve Him more truly than ever before,

 I’ll do as He bids me whatever the cost,

I’ll be a true solider I‘ll die at my post.


Is that your commitment to your Maker this day “to die at your duty post” ? Receive grace to be faithful till the end in Jesus name, Amen!


Power Verse

Act 21:14; 1 Cor 3:8;  Rev 22:12; Rev 14:9-13


Remain blessed in the Lord.

Evang Ifeoma Ohondu 


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