Worthy Worthy is the Lamb…. Worthy Worthy is the Lamb…. Worthy, Worthy is the Lamb, Lamb of God….x2… Praise Him alleluia! Praise Him alleluia! Praise Him Alleluia! Praise the Lord….// Alleluia ehhhh! Alleluia ehhhh! Alleluia ehhhh! is a song of victory…x2 The songs of rejoicing fill this place!!!

Blessed Redeemer we worship and adore Your Holy Name…. Thank You Ancient of Days… Thank You for the Great and Mighty things You are doing in our lives… You are Bigger, You are Larger, You are Great!!! Amen!!!

Be Glorify!!! Be Glorify!!! Be Glorify!!! Glorify!!!… Be Glorify in heaven!!! Be Glorify here on earth… Be glorify in this Temple Jesus! Jesus!! Be Thou glorify!!!

Thank You Father again for the gift of the new Month… Thank You Lord the gift of this week… Alleluia to Your Name Lord! Be Thou exalted O! God! forever and ever in Jesus Name…. Come and have Your way again in our life… Come and manifest Your Power in this Place… Alleluia to You O! Lord forever and ever in Jesus Name….

Beloveth…good morning… How are today? Our God is good…all the time…All the time our God is good… Praise the Name of the Lord alleluia!!!…. Yes! Gracious is our God… and He will yet be gracious to us again… What a Beautiful God we serve… Praise the Name of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is a brand new week.. so loaded with God’s benefits and blessings… can someone shout a believing alleluia!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! I am so happy this morning, do you want to know?

Because our Lord God has dealt so kindly with her maidservant… beloveth shout alleluia to the King of kings…. King Immortal… the Only Wise King, Praise the Name of the Lord alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth, we will taking extract from various places to drive home our teaching… so keep date with us as we will be seeing God in different dimension of Who He truly is not from the perspective of what we might be going through… always remember that God is interested in whom you are becoming not who are at the moment… so like Paul leave what is behind and toss forward… your miracles –blessings lies in the future not behind… Amen!!! So keep faith in God’s Word and see you breaking through your barriers and getting into your promised blessings in Jesus Name….

Beloveth do you about the Original Blessing? The Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler was famous for beginning counseling session with new clients by asking, “What is your earliest memory?” no matter how his patient replied, Alder responded, And so life is”

Adler believed that our earliest memories leave a profound imprint on our souls. Imagine him stitting down with the first Adam and asking His trademark question. Adam early memories range from rib surgery to roaming the garden. Then, of course there was the awkwardness of nakedness after succumbing to the serpent’s temptation. And I am sure, subsequent nightmares of being naked in public! But none of those moment represents Adam’s earliest memory:

God bless them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along the ground.”- Gen 1:28

Before original sin, there was original blessing. And so life us! that first blessing sets the tone, sets the table. It establish the emotional baseline and spiritual trend line of Adam’s life. But it is not just Adam’s earliest memory. It also reveals God’s most ancient instinct.

Blessing is God’s default setting- His first and foremost reflex. If you don’t believe that, you will doubt the goodness of God. And if you second-success the goodness of God, you will forfeit His blessing.

Because the truth is, God wants to bless you beyond your ability to ask or imagine. What is the blessing of God? It’s God- God with us, God for us, God in us. To reduce it to anything less dishonours God and devalues the blessing. God with us is joy unspeakable and the peace that surpasses understanding (Phil 4:7). God for us is His favour, the X factor between the best we can do and the best God can do. And God in us is power, resurrection power.

What happened in Genesis has more to do with your future than you might imagine. But like Adam, you have got for that blessing. Because the blessing is more than a mystery to solve. It is a decision to make, a habit to form, and a mindset to establish. My prayer is that this is the beginning of a new season of blessing in your life.

However, in the topic we have before us… Strongholds- our first parents was sent out of the Garden of Eden because they disobeyed God likewise in the story below we saw the children of Israelite went into strongholds because the disobeyed God… is possible the pains you are experiencing today is due to disobedience, sin or fear… whatsoever it is …Our God is here to make it good. His original plan for you is “blessings” and not even satan will change it… come along with us for more: 


“You are not to make a covenant with the people who are living in this land, and you are to tear down their altars. But you have not obeyed Me. What is this you have done?

Therefore, I now say: I will not drive out these people before you. They will be thornsin your sides, and their gods will be a trap to you.”—Judges 2:2–3

God gave the Israelites specific instructions: Drive the Canaanites out of every corner of the land, and obliterate any vestige of their abominable idol worship. This assignment was challenging! Their enemies had formidable chariots. The Canaanites had seemingly impregnable fortresses that were dangerous and difficult to overcome.

The Israelites failed to drive all the Canaanites from the land. Much about the Canaanite lifestyle and religion appealed to the Israelites’ sinful nature. Rather than destroying them and their idolatry, Israel compromised. The Canaanites would prove to be a troublesome distraction to the Israelites. Their idol worship would present a constant temptation.

When you became a Christian, God declared war on sin’s strongholds in your life. Sinful behaviors and attitudes were firmly entrenched in your character, but God commanded you to tear them down. The Holy Spirit pointed out areas of your life that were resistant to God’s will.

Were you tempted to merely establish a truce rather than obliterating every sin? Is anger one of sin’s strongholds? If so, it will rise up against you in moments of weakness. Is there a stronghold of lust in your life? If so, you will succumb to it when caught off guard. In careless moments, these strongholds will still tempt you to continue your past sinful behaviors.

Do not underestimate the destructive power of sin. If there are strongholds in your life that you have never defeated, the Holy Spirit is still prepared to bring you complete victory.

Did you read it…though God’s plan from the foundation of the world is blessings for you…still don’t underestimates the destructive power of sin in your life… the Holy Spirit is always with us… so engage Him to strengthen you where you were weak… and work towards perfection through the help of the Holy Spirit….

Beloveth position yourself for the Abundant Blessings we have received promise for… I will be operating in Abundant after this month encounter in Jesus Name.

On this note we declare this week open and by God’s grace we will return at the end with loads of testimonies in Jesus Name…

Further Reading- Gen 1:28, Phil 4:7, Dan 3:17, Deut 28:2-3….


Remain blessed in the Lord.