“Surprised by Joy”


March 4

You are great Yes You are Mighty God. You walked upon the sea You raised the dead. You are great In Majesty Might God, everything written about You is great. Your are great, Yes You are, You are great, Yes, You are, You are great, You are great. You are great, Mighty God You are great everything written about You is great 2x. What a Mighty God we serve, alleluia, what a Mighty God we serve, alleluia, heaven and earth adore Thee, angels bow before Thee, what a mighty God we serve.

Father we thank You for indeed You are great. There is none to be compare with You. Blessed Redeemer, we bless Your Holy Name, what a Mighty God You are. Heaven tell of You Greatness, the earth and all Your creatures rejoices at the sound of Your voice, indeed what are Mighty God we serve.

Thank You for the miracle of sleeping and waking up this day. Our heart rejoices because our Father is a Living God. We offer back to You an offering of Thanksgiving for upholding us and keeping us safe against all vices of the evils ones. Thank You Mighty Jehovah, how Excellent are You Lord. Glory be to Your Name on high.

Beloved, how is your weekend? Hope fine. Thank God for His great out pouring over His church. Yesterday worship service is one of those that will not leave me on time. Apart from it being a Holy Communion service it was also a revival service. The power of God was so powerfully presence that He manifested Himself in our midst as showers but now with Holy Ghost fire. O! the outpouring of the Spirit of God amongst His people was so evident with evidence of speaking in new tongues. Praise the Lord. Beloved the way I went to service was my business but I must tell you that I was a different person after it.

So am encouraging you to always make it compulsory for you to be in place of worshiping every Sunday at least. Praise God.

We thank God for His great work among us and the Presence of His Spirit in our ministry. In His Word to us at the beginning of the month, He promise to visit us and He has started already. Know yea that God is not a talkative. He means every Word that He says. So engage powerful through prayer, singing Psalms and reading and mediating on the Word of God enough that you are thorough prepare all the time so as not miss out in time of His visitation.

Don’t allow any thing that seems like a challenge to discourage from the race set before you but in everything with thanksgiving make known your request to the Lord. There is absolutely not impossible for God to do. Satan may want to hinder you but stand firm and declare God lordship over whatever that seem like a challenge to you and you will the power of God melting it away. He did it in time past; He will still do it in our life and situation.

Obey all the commandment of God and see Him stands strong on your behalf also. In God’s favour is life as out topic text told us and whatever we do today painstaking a day of reward is ahead and we will reap with joy in our heart.

The Apostle was once in that situation but Jesus resurrection took away their fears. And today Jesus is going to do the same to you by taking away your fear and giving you joy in it place.

Come along with me as we discover more:


Leviticus 23:1-24:23, Psalm 30:1-6, Proverbs 7:1-3, Mark 7:17-37

“Surprised by Joy”

Weeping may spend the night, but there is joy in the morning.—Psalm 30:5


What a distinctive and intriguing difficulty it was for Jesus’ disciples to struggle with disappointment, reluctant to believe in case what they were believing proved untrue. They were grown men whose lives had been far from sheltered and protected, yet the experience of the crucifixion had been more harrowing than any of them ever cared to face again.

Over and over again during the days in which Jesus lay in the grave, they must have racked their brains to try to find some explanation for why His life had ended on a grisly cross. Doubtless, in the closing hours of that fateful weekend, their thoughts must have turned naturally toward how they might go about restructuring their lives. Then, suddenly, Jesus appeared to them. His appearance was everything they wanted, but such was the disappointment already in their hearts that they considered it too good to be true. Thus they protected themselves against the risk of being disappointed again.

This is the tragedy of disappointment—it can, unless looked at and dealt with, reverberate inside us and hinder us in our pursuit of God. When disappointment is put into its proper perspective and when faith comes into its own, far from being too good to be true, one discovers that there is nothing else so good and nothing else so true. God proves Himself to be not just better than our worst fears, but better than our greatest dreams. No longer believing in joy is quickly followed by being surprised by joy.


Gracious and loving heavenly Father, give me insight into what I have been looking at today, and show me how to press through all disappointments in the knowledge that beyond the hurts, I shall be “surprised by joy.” Amen.

Further Study

Jn 21:1-22; Ps 126:5; Isa 35:10

How did Peter respond to his disappointment?

What were Jesus’ words to him?

Are you in a desperate situation the like the Apostles of the old, cheer up for your joy comes in the morning. Don’t ever allow situation to weigh you down rather always give Praise in place of seeming difficult situation and our God will send help to you.

He has promise; He will fail us and my alleluia will belong to forever and ever in Jesus Name. Amen. On this note we declare the open and we will return at the end with testimonies. Praise the Lord.

Remain blessed in the Lord.