I will call upon the Lord (I will call upon the Lord), who is worthy to be Praise. I will magnify the Lord (I will magnify the Lord) who is worthy to be Praise, the Lord reigneth, blessed be the Lord, honour to the Lord, let the Rock of my salvation be exalted. The Lord reigneth blessed be the Rock, honour to the Rock, let the Rock of my salvation be exalted.// who is like unto Thee O! Lord! who is like unto the Thee O! Lord! among the gods who is like Thee, you are glorious in holiness, fearful in Praising doing wonders alleluia, always doing wonders alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!

Our gracious Father we thank You we blessed Your Holy Name. Thank You for the gift of another day in the land of the living. Thank You Father for answers to prayers and deliverance and protections from the works of darkness, blessed be Thy Holy Name in Jesus Name. What a Mighty God we serve, heaven and earth shall pass away but His Word standeth sure, glory be to God on high. Glorious God, Wonderful God, excellent God we bow before Your throne to salute You for Your lovingkindness towards Your children, blessed be Thy Holy Name alleluia Amen!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, how was your prayer session yesterday, even this morning did you sense any difference? Were you on fire, I want to assume that your Spirit man will be on fire by now going by what we were taught. If you are praying round the clock I believe that you will see and feel the Presence of God all over you. Praise the Lord!!!!!  when you live a life of prayer, no sickness will cross your way, because you are on fire for the Lord, every part of your body is on fire for the Lord, so where will the sickness rest or inhibit on, Praise the Lord!

Any attempt by power of dark will fail because you are surrounded by wall of fire, (Zech 2:5) Praise the Lord!

Join to to sing this song- Glory glory alleluia, glory glory, Praise the Lord! Glory glory alleluia, glory glory, Praise the Lord! Glory glory Lord, we give You glory Lord! Glory glory Lord, we give You glory Lord! You are Mighty God. glory glory Lord!

Yes! all glory belong to God. Beloved welcome to this awesome moment of faith building session, by the grace of God, after the session you will see yourself a wonder.  How someone is eager to know. Not so difficult you simply follow what today’s topic is saying “Talk to Yourself.”

Are you ready to obey the instruction as give to us? Beloved doubt is one topic we have handle quite some time now at least once a month. if you gotten it right that is beautiful but if not, this is another opportunity to get this satanic stumbling block off your way so that you will be all that God has created you to become.

There is need to talk to yourself when your faith is doubting what the Spirit of God has concerning you, your spouse, family, career, or ministry. If you doubt your doubt; you be unlimited. If your mind is telling you that you cannot make, and you apply what you are being taught here today you will overcome.

Just talk to yourself “looking at the mirror or if you are not within the range of where you can see yourself then touch yourself and reassure yourself that you can do it. Then take a step further by uttering a word of prayer or quoting a “precise scripture” to encourage yourself in the Lord. “You can do all things through Christ that strengthen you” talk to yourself that you are counting on your ability but you are resting solely in the power and righteousness of God, talk to yourself that “ though you have fail before but this time you will not fail again because Christ is your Bedrock (Phil 4:13,  3: 9-14) .

You must learn to talk to yourself, speak positive things out of that seeming worst situation/condition and you will see you turning a wonder. The Lord is sending His Word for that situation and you are getting healed/ restored in Jesus Name.

Beloved you must be a wonder after this session because the God of Supernatural Wonders is here in our midst and He is sending a Word to your situation and end is coming to it now in Jesus Name. After this ministration you will not remember again consciously how that situation is you will be guessing about it because its power to replay in your mind, brain or body is destroy from the root right away in the Name of Jesus. The blood of Jesus is washing it away from your memory, body and thoughts in Jesus Name.

That condition is changing for good in Jesus Name. No more crisis in Jesus Name. That financial crisis is ending now if you believe in Jesus Name. No more abortions/miscarriages in Jesus Name, that infirmity is curse from the root in Jesus Name. The power of God mix with your faith is giving you victory over it now in Jesus Name.

Beloved, don’t ever try to reason it out. If I have reason out my son’s condition before obeying the Spirit of God is very possible that I will be quarantine by now. The doctor asked me “did you eat monkey of recent,” I said no, he was so fast to get a referral sheet to refer us to dermatology unit or hospital before I remembered that tomorrow was a Sunday, and I will meet the Lord and I will “Tell Him” about my son for I know He will know what to do. And according to my faith dearly beloved, the Lord heard my prayer and told me what to do and as I did that within record hours of two –three hours some of spots started turning black as was commanded by the Spirit of God in me when I prayed, and as my baby wee-wee and poop it began to go off his system as was declared, today is being exact one week and he is back to school.

Who would have done this thing? If it not the God of “Supernatural Wonders.”  So better start believing and start confessing the Word of God that concerns your situation and tell yourself that you can do it, I can carry my babies, I will pass my exams, I will gain admission, I am coming out from that debt, I will no longer fornicate, I am free from drugs and alcoholism, I will not lie again, stealing is gone in my life. I am free from that sickness/ disease in Jesus Name.

Beloved, as you confess and make declarations in the Name of Jesus, the Lord will perfect all that concerneth you in Jesus Name. you have stayed too long in that condition begin now to talk to yourself and you will being to do those things you were unable to do before now in Jesus Name. Hold on to God’s Word and shall be well with you.

Join us as you discover more:

Jeremiah 51:33-52:16, Psalm 119:121-128, Proverbs 26:27-28, Hebrews 3:12-4:13

Talk to Yourself

For the word of God is living and effective … it is able to judge the ideas and thoughts of the heart.—Hebrews 4:12

Whatever we do, we must not let any lurking doubts go unchallenged. Pascal said: “Doubt is an unhappy state, but there is an indispensable duty to seek when we are in doubt, and thus anyone who doubts and does not seek is at once unhappy and in the wrong.”

How do we go about resolving doubts? One way is to bring them to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to help us overcome them. If prayer does not dissolve them, apply the tactic which Nehemiah adopted: “So we prayed to our God and stationed a guard” (Neh 4:9). Take a verse of Scripture that is the opposite of your doubt and hold it in the center of your mind, repeating it to yourself many times throughout the day. Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones once said: “Have you realized that most of your unhappiness in life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself instead of talking to yourself? We must talk to ourselves instead of allowing ourselves to talk to us!”

In listening to our doubts instead of talking to them, we fall prey to the same temptation that caught Adam and Eve off guard in the garden of Eden. The order of creation was stood on its head when the first human pair allowed themselves to be dictated to by the animal world (in the form of the serpent), when, in fact, they had been put in a position to dictate to it.

Don’t let your doubts dictate to you. Turn the tables and dictate to them. Talk to them with words from the Word of God.


Father, help me never to be nonplussed, for in You there are ways to overcome every problem. Drive the truth I have learned today deeply into my spirit so that I may apply it whenever I am faced with doubt. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further Study

Gn 3; Ps 53:5; Jms 1:6

What was Satan’s strategy?

What did Adam confess?

Beloved did you read “Have you realized that most of your unhappiness in life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself instead of talking to yourself?” Is that your case? In listening to our doubt dearly beloved we fell as Eve did. Did you also read that? Then what are supposed to do or what have you decided to do?

God gave us dominion but when Adam and Eve fail to use theirs, satan in form of snake dictated for them what they should do and they obey him so satan began to dominate our world instead of us having dominion over him.

Beloved, as you begin to dominate your world, you have to start taking what belong to you by force. You must speak the Word and that situation must bow at your feet now in Jesus Name. Take dominion over that situation by talking to yourself and you see yourself setting the pace you desire in life Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! (Gen 1:20 Jer 29:11).

Start talking/ speaking to yourself/situation now and receive your miracles. I am healed in Jesus name. I am no stagnate in Jesus name. i have my babies in my hand in Jesus name. My admission letter will be delivered in Jesus name. I will not die but live in Jesus name. speak on, talk to yourself, reverse that situation by confessing the Word of God concerning it now….. speak/ Talk to yourself now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Remain blessed in the Lord.

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