Tears Shall Cease


April 25

Good morning Jesus good morning Lord I know you come from heaven above the Holy Spirit is on the Throne. Good morning Jesus; good morning Lord.// Who is like unto Thee O Lord, O Lord who is like unto thee O Lord among the gods who is like Thee you are glorious in Holiness fearful in praises doing wonders alleluia.

Heavenly Father we thank You, we bless Your Name, we adore You, we give You praise. Thank You for the goodness You bestowed on your children daily. You are God and you changed not. Thank You another beautiful day You have made we will rejoice and be glad in it.

You are God and change not. Arise O God and be God indeed unto us. Faithful God, we bless You for all that You are doing and will do in our lives before this season will be over. The Lord will rise in His might and destroy all that is causing pains in your life today in Jesus Name.

Beloved, our topic today says it all. You know where you are aching. The Spirit of God is saying to you that your tears will ceases in Jesus Name.

Whatever that has caused you pains and sleepless night listen to what God is saying “that tears will cease in Jesus Name.”

Will you believe Him? Are you trusting in Jesus to end the suffering that causes tears in your life? Because He hath said, He will bring to past. Just keep trusting; keep believing.

Beloved let’s discover more from the message below:

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.” Rev. 21:4


Yes, we shall come to this if we are believers. Sorrow shall cease, and tears shall be wiped away. This is the world of weeping, but it passes away. There shall be a new Heaven, and a new earth, so says the first verse of this chapter; and therefore there will be nothing to weep over concerning the fall and its consequent miseries.

Read the second verse, and note how it speaks of the bride and her marriage. The Lamb’s wedding is a time for boundless pleasure, and tears would be out of place. The third verse says that God Himself will dwell among men; and surely at His right hand there are pleasures for evermore, and tears can no longer flow.

What will our state be when there will be no more sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain? This will be more glorious than we can as yet imagine. O eyes that are red with weeping, cease your scalding flow, for in a little while ye shall know no more tears! None can wipe tears away like the God of love, but He is coming to do it.

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” Come, Lord, and tarry not; for now both men and women must weep!

Yes! your will dry up, Jesus will cause it to cease because He is enthroned and sited at the right hand of God the Father where He is making intercession on your behalf. Let’s discover more:

“Who is even at the right hand of God.” Romans 8:34


He who was once despised and rejected of men, now occupies the honourable position of a beloved and honoured Son. The right hand of God is the place of majesty and favour. Our Lord Jesus is His people’s representative.

When He died for them they had rest; He rose again for them, they had liberty; when He sat down at His Father’s right hand, they had favour, and honour, and dignity. The raising and elevation of Christ is the elevation, the acceptance, and enshrinement, the glorifying of all His people, for He is their head and representative.

This sitting at the right hand of God, then, is to be viewed as the acceptance of the person of the Surety, the reception of the Representative, and therefore, the acceptance of our souls. O saint, see in this thy sure freedom from condemnation. “Who is he that condemneth?” Who shall condemn the men who are in Jesus at the right hand of God?

The right hand is the place of power. Christ at the right hand of God hath all power in heaven and in earth. Who shall fight against the people who have such power vested in their Captain? O my soul, what can destroy thee if Omnipotence be thy helper? If the aegis of the Almighty cover thee, what sword can smite thee? Rest thou secure.

If Jesus is thine all-prevailing King, and hath trodden thine enemies beneath His feet; if sin, death, and hell are all vanquished by Him, and thou art represented in Him, by no possibility canst thou be destroyed.

“Jesus’ tremendous name

Puts all our foes to flight:

Jesus, the meek, the angry Lamb,

A Lion is in fight.

“By all hell’s host withstood;

We all hell’s host o’erthrow;

And conquering them, through Jesus’ blood

We still to conquer go.”

Be glad and rejoice because everything that is making your head to bow down will end. Tears will cease whether the devil likes it or not. The King of kings will make it to come to pass.

Do not be afraid rather keep trusting Him and the Egyptians you see today you will see no more in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord

Evang. Ifeoma Ohondu


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