Precious God, Wonderful Redeemer, hallow be Thy Name, let Thy kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Thank you for another opportunity to sit at Your feet and listen to you. Blessed be thy Name forever Amen.

I lift up my hands unto Thee Lord, I praise and glorify Your Name for Whom You Are, You are God. Heaven and earth belong to You, is there anything too difficult for You to do? For the Lord will indeed give what is good and if thou seek Him, He will be found (1 Chr 28:9).

Beloved, By Jesus strips were are healed (1 Pet 2:24) and now Christ has risen from the dead (1 Cor 15:20). What a privilege.

Today, we shall be considering another woman who was privilege to lived under the lineage of Grace. Rahab, popular known to many as “prostitute”. Have you ever stop to ponder why she was used by God to hid the spies and through her, her entire family were saved. Is God a partial or unjust?

Not at all. Probably what we don’t realize is that all have sin and fallen short of God’s glory. Again, God look at the intent of every man’s heart. And thirdly, God is looking for a man or a woman, who will follow hard after Him when He has turn round their captivity.

Notice you that Rahab did not save herself alone, she was not selfish but went further to save her whole family. How are you treating people or family members that are not privilege as you? do you think that your success rest on your intellectual capacity or God’s grace. All their prayers is me, me, me. Then if they are married nothing outside their family, but we can see that this woman everybody condemns her trade have a larger heart than most of the renowned Christians of our time. Such heart God will not forsake.

More example are Paul, Mary Magdalene. Samaritan woman. Those who were save and were fervent in spirit, serving the Lord (Rom 12:11).

This woman knew so much about the power of God even more than the Israelites (Josh 2:9-11). She spoke like a prophetess (Josh 2:16; 22). She is full of Wisdom, consider her bargaining power (Josh 2:12-13; 21).

She is a woman of faith. (Heb 11:1; 31) Her faith kept her from being destroyed. No body heard about her family though she was able to save them from the destruction that befell Jericho but because she choose to live among God’s people, She was preserved, not only that, she was also counted among the lineage of Messiah.

She was married by Salmon, one of the spies that spied the land of Jericho and they gave birth Obed who was the father of Boaz and am sure you know the rest of the story.

Beloved, you will entirely agree with me that Rahab does not merit this great honour, but who can stop what God has propose to do? Who can say “No” when God has said “Yes” in a matter?

Why was she willing to help the spies instead of using her position to endanger their lives? In a whole city, only she and her family was saved. This is a reassurance to them that believe that God will “never forget” you nor your good works. Whatever it will take Him to rescue you from destruction He will do exactly that.

Elijah was feed by ravens, ever wondered what the capacity of the bird is and the quantity of the food it can bring at a time (1 King 17:2-4). But you know, when God is in a matter, He suspense the natural and the Supernatural takes over. Praise the Lord somebody! Somebody is winning supernatural this year in Jesus Name.

The God of Supernatural Victories will take over our case no matter how big and turn it around. I want to assure you this day that God is so kind to let any of His children to be destroyed either by devil nor his agents.

 “As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you.” Isa. 66:13

A mother’s comfort! Ah, this is tenderness itself. How she enters into her child’s grief! How she presses him to her bosom, and tries to take all his sorrow into her own heart! He can tell her all, and she will sympathize as nobody else can. Of all comforters the child loves best his mother, and even full-grown men have found it so.

Does Jehovah condescend to act the mother’s part? This is goodness indeed. We readily perceive how He is a father; but will He be as a mother also? Does not this invite us to holy familiarity, to unreserved confidence, to sacred rest? When God Himself becomes “the Comforter” no anguish can long abide.

 Let us tell out our trouble, even though sobs and sighs should become our readiest utterance. He will not despise us for our tears; our mother did not. He will consider our weakness as she did, and He will put away our faults, only in a surer, safer way than our mother could do. We will not try to bear our grief alone: that would be unkind to one so gentle and so kind.

Let us begin the day with our loving God, and wherefore should we not finish it in the same company, since mothers weary not of their children?

Beloved, when God steps into any matter, the situation must turn around for your God. When He steps in  troubles, sickness, failures steps out. Praise the Lord. Why? Because He will remember your sins no more.


“For I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.” Jer. 31:34

When we know the Lord, we receive the forgiveness of sins. We know Him as the God of Grace, passing by our transgressions. What a joyful discovery is this!

But how divinely is this promise worded: the Lord promises no more to remember our sins! Can God forget? He says He will, and He means what He says. He will regard us as though we had never sinned. The great atonement so effectually removed all sin, that it is to the mind of God no more in existence. The believer is now in Christ Jesus, as accepted as Adam in his innocence; yea, more so, for he wears a divine righteousness, and that of Adam was but human.

The Great Lord will not remember our sins so as to punish them, or so as to love us one atom the less because of them. As a debt when paid ceases to be a debt, even so doth the Lord make a complete obliteration of the iniquity of His people.

When we are mourning over our transgressions and shortcomings, and this is our duty as long as we live, let us at the same time rejoice that they will never be mentioned against us. This makes us hate sin. God’s free pardon makes us anxious never again to grieve Him by disobedience.

Beloved, the case Rehab clearly painted the scenario above very well for us. God took her into His family and make her a great woman among the daughters of Eve.

What more are waiting for? Why are you so hard on yourself that you refused to tap into the “grace” made available to you at this season and hour?

How well are you using the resources in your care to bless others and help them to be better? How far are you investing in kingdom project to save lives for God? But you want God to bless you without plans of blessing God’s people.

Let our faith be strong enough to carry us through in Jesus Name we pray! Let us not only enjoy God’s blessings but also be an instrument of blessing to others in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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