For You are Alpha, Omega, Changeless and Ageless, Almighty, Glorious God I bow before Your Throne. O Lord, I stand, I stand in awe of You; Lord I stand, I stand in awe of You. O Father in heaven, we glorify You, we worship Your Holy Name and let Thy Kingdom be establish here on earth, blessed be thou Lord God Almighty for ever and ever.

Beloved, still wondering what is happening? Are we still in worship of yesterday? I need to know someone is demanding. No to worry, clam down, I will yet tell you what is going on. Come with me as we read together what was written in Ps 119:164 – Seven times a day do I praise Thee because of Thy Righteous judgments.

 Did you read that? So how often are we to praise Him? If a king like David could praise God that much, what are you doing that will hinder you for doing same. And do you know that is easier to enter into God’s Presence through praises than any other worship mood.

No wonder while God called same David “a man after His heart”. David coveted seriously the presence of God through different powerful instruments of praise, and God’s ever abiding Presence saw through all his tough time (1 Sam 25:34; 1 Sam 17:37; 1 Sam 26:23-24). Please read the last verse of that passage of the bible. What was Saul’s replied?

And so shall the enemies of your life, stubborn pursuers from your father’s and mother’s house pronounce blessings upon your life in Jesus Name.

Great deliverance and blessings awaits everyone who covets God’s Presence, therefore never be found lacking in it.

Worthy of mentioning is Elijah who also prayed so fervently that God honoured him by withdrawing rain from the earth for three years and six months when he tarried again in God’s Presence what seem so impossibly became very ease. All of miraculous signs he did was as a result of the ever-abiding Presence of God in his life (1Ki 17:1; 1 Ki 18:2; 41- 45). God’s Presence makes a man too confident and defiant before his enemies.

It also means that as a carrier of God’s presence all your enemies will see the Wonder working God. It means that you are a wonder, not only that you are a living testimony, you are also living gospel, how about that? In addition your time of Laugher and Rejoicing has come.

Wow! Am so excited this morning, each time you are in the Presence of God you get renewed. The Lord refreshes you and make you a living wonder for others to see and glorify Him. No diseases nor precarious situation survives in His Presence.

Have you ever noticed that each day as you read the word of God, visit this site you are renewed? Why because the presence of God is greater than any hospital ever known in this world. His Words are ever sure and secured. Each day, the Lord renews my strength and heal my land as I work with the Holy Spirit to bring forth His Word to His children (Ps 84:7).

So as you meditate upon God’s Word daily, come into His sanctuary, praise Him unreservedly, serve Him unashamedly, you will go from strength to strength. Beloved, that is God’s Word and will never be broken.

Oftentimes I have the firsthand experience of most of the messages I bring forth (I may not know what is going on and when I come to the realization that God is speaking I will be going round the mountain than will I pray God, what is going on ; what are saying concerning this situation? Until I come to this realm, that is, God catching my attention to what He is about to do, I will not get a relief but soon after everything will play out).

As a result I will able me to minister appropriately to the effected people whom the Lord will lead to the site having gone through that way. Do you remember this Monday’s ministration and others like that?

Therefore, how strongly do you believe God’s Word? How unwavering is your faith in Him? His assignments is always bigger than you, so you must depend on Him to pull through. Do you have this attitude that “once is God; is settled forever” or do you doubt, hesitate to take action even when you know that is God speaking to you?

 Come with me to read the result of such inaction. Praise God:

The Agony Of Being Double-Minded With God

Double-mindedness is cause for agony in any arena:

  • Who wants an employee who has never decided to kick it in 100% with the company?
  • Or someone on the athletic team who is half-hearted?

Having our affections divided between God and the world is like a guy standing on two chunks of ice that are floating in opposite directions. Disaster is imminent!

Here’s how Francois Fenelon addresses this business of double-mindedness:

Woe unto those weak and timid souls who are divided between God and their love for the world!

        “They want and they do not want.

        “They are torn by passion and remorse at the same time.

        “They fear the judgments of God and those of others.

        “They have a horror of evil and a shame of good.

        “They have the pains of virtue without tasting its sweet consolations.

 “O how wretched they are! Ah, if they had a little courage to despise the empty talk, the cold mockings, and the rash criticism of others, what peace they would enjoy in the bosom of God.

There is only one way to love God: to take not a single step without Him, and to follow with a brave heart wherever He leads.

James cautions us that a double-minded man “cannot hope to receive anything from the Lord, and the life of a man of divided loyalty will reveal instability at every turn.” (James 1:7, 8; Phillips)

So, if you are struggling with a divided heart, you may want to pray this prayer:

 “Teach me your way, O Lord, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.” (Psalm 86:11) (adapted from FOTM).

Beloved is the Word you know, believe and apply that sets you free and not the Word you know (Jn 8:36). If you know something but do not make use of it, it is as good as not knowing anything about it (Jas 1:25).

So if you want get along this part life better and not bitter, start now to apply the Word you know, it works. One Word from the Lord settles all life’s challenging issues. Nothing empowers you more than the revelation received from the Lord. So seek to know God above all things and every all other things including that which you are dying to get, will be given you (Matt 6:33). The Lord will be your Sure Guide all the way. Come on, let’s go there:

“He will be our guide even unto death.” Ps. 48:14

We need a guide. Sometimes we would give all that we have to be told exactly what to do, and where to turn. We are willing to do right, but we do not know which out of two roads we are to follow. Oh, for a guide!

The Lord our God condescends to serve us as guide. He knows the way, and will pilot us along it till we reach our journey’s end in peace. Surely we do not desire more infallible direction. Let us place ourselves absolutely under His guidance, and we shall never miss our way.

 Let us make Him our God and we shall find Him our guide. If we follow His law we shall not miss the right road of life, provided we first learn to lean upon Him in every step that we take.

Our comfort is, that as He is our God for ever and ever, He will never cease to be with us as our guide. “Even unto death” will He lead us, and then we shall dwell with Him eternally, and go no more out for ever.

This promise of divine guidance involves life-long security: salvation at once, guidance unto our last hour, and then endless blessedness. Should not each one seek this in youth, rejoice in it in middle life, and repose in it in old age?

This day let us look up for guidance before we trust ourselves out of doors. Remember again, one Word from the Lord settles that challenge forever. Be not be bound by the Satan, enough of his deceit, shove him aside and move on, your “VICTORY” LIES IN FRONT. Keep moving on until you get your crown of glory and reign with Jesus (1 Pet 5:4; Rev 3:21).

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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