I will exalt You Lord for Thy has lifted me above my enemies, Your banner over me is love. I will exalt You Jesus, I will exalt You Lord for Thou has lifted me above my enemies, Your banner love me is love.// Worthy You are worthy, King of kings, Lord of lords, You are worthy, worthy, You are worthy King of kings Lord  of lords I worship You.

Glory glory to the Lord alleluia…. Gracious Father we honour You, we bless Your Holy Name, we exalt You, we give You Praise, glory and honour we give unto Thee, receive our Praise O! Lord! Who is like unto Thee O! Lord! among the earth there is no one like Thee, heaven and earth shall pass away but Your Word will never fail. It standeth sure like the Rock of Ages, receive our Praise Father, my alleluia belongs to Jesus in Jesus Name.

Beloved, what a joyous moment we had in God’s presence all through the week, it was a glorious one indeed, I am so blessed so you are I believe, Praise the Name of the Lord in the highest.

Everybody testify You are good, You are good Jehovah You are good, everybody testify You are good, You are good Jehovah You are good.

Yes! Father, we are testifying to Your goodness forever more, faithful are You Lord! faithful are You Lord faithful are You Lord you are so faithful. Praise the Name of Jehovah Who walks in the affairs of men, Whose works declare His Majesty, He walked upon the sea, He raised the dead, We declare Your goodness Holy One, everything written about You is Great.

Beloved, is PLC another Friday to put into practice all what you have learnt from the Lord, and today to the glory of God we will considering another interesting topic that will help us to resist the devil and he will flee from us and that is “The Belt of Truth”

I want to believe we all know what “belt” is used for in dressing. Interesting belt is not only use in dressing but also use for so many other purposes however it is important to note that the primary use of belt whether in dressing or hanging is to provide support.

What support you need determines the type of belt you chose at each point in time. When we use belt in dressing, it help to either hold the trouser or if it a gown to add an extra fitting to the dress. When a Captain uses a belt, he uses it as an anchor to the ship. When they use belt in a supermarket or shopping mall it is use in weighing on some kind of scale. Considering the place of “belt” in all these aforementioned places you will agree with me that though it is the thinnest part of the whole action but the most significant.

Imagine the world without wearing your trouser with a belt what will happen as you walk, often times the trousers are not sewn to be fitted to the body especially for a growing child, allowances are made to accommodate extra pounds of flesh. Also imagine a captain without a belt to anchor the ship at the seashore, as tiny as the belt is to the ship, the ship will not rest properly, it may even capsize in case of wave.

Now bring it nearer home; to ourselves, what so you think “The Belt of Truth will do for us when we engage in a battle with the accursed one, satan?

Beloveth, what is the belt of truth mean to us having seen different functions of “belt” in different segments of life? We will soon be discovering what it means to us and why it is the first thing on the list of the armory as written by apostle  Paul.

Come along with us for more:      

Lamentations 4:1-5:22, Psalm 119:145-152, Proverbs 27:7-8, Hebrews 8:7-9:14

The Belt of Truth

You are near, Lord, and all Your commands are true.—Psalm 119:151

Paul, in listing the six main pieces of a soldier’s equipment, illustrated the six main ways by which we can defend ourselves against the power of Satan—truth, righteousness, steadfastness, faith, salvation, and the Word of God.

Most commentators believe that the reason why Paul chose these six pieces of armor to describe the Christian’s protective system against satanic attack was because he was chained to a soldier as he wrote the letter (Eph 6:20). Although it is probably unlikely that the soldier standing guard in prison would have worn the full armor of an infantryman on the battlefield, the sight of him would have kindled Paul’s imagination.

The list begins with the belt of truth. Why, we ask ourselves, does the apostle start with such a seemingly insignificant item? Why did he not begin with one of the bigger and more important pieces of equipment, such as the breastplate, the shield, or the sword of the Spirit? The order in which these pieces are given to us is an inspired order, and if we change the order we make our position extremely perilous. For example, the reason why many Christians fail to wield the sword of the Spirit effectively is because they have not first girded their waist with truth. If we reverse the order, we succeed only in weakening our spiritual defense.

It is very important that we grasp this. Girding our waist with truth is always the place to start whenever we are under satanic attack. If we don’t start right, then we will not finish right. We cannot do battle with the Devil until we first gird our waists with truth.


Gracious and loving Father, help me to absorb this thought into my inner being this day so that it will stay with me for the rest of my life: I cannot do battle with the Devil until I first gird my waist with truth. Amen.

Further Study

2Pt 1:1-12; Pr 23:23; 3Jn 1-4

In what are we to be established?

In what did John rejoice?

Beloveth, are you here with us? Any discovery or rather what are discoveries? Beloved, if you don’t win your battles from now on, then the fault is yours. How someone is asking. You just read what was written up there and you are still asking how.

What is truth? The Word of God is truth and interesting the truth you know will set you free (Jn 8:32). Someone is asking what about the “Sword of the Spirit,” beloved of what use is the sword when you don’t know its function. If you know that the Word of God said that you can do all things through Christ that strengthened you” (Phil 4:13) of what use is it in knowing it if you cannot apply same to your situation when you are face with a difficult task.

Tell me the use of knowing or reading that “The Lord is your shepherd” (Ps 23:1) if you don’t apply same when you are confronted with situations that are well beyond you? Why are you afraid of what satan or his cohorts will do to you when the sword of the Spirit said “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies” (Ps 23:5). If you have the understanding of this verse you will not be afraid when God is blessing you to be a blessing to those He placed around you.

So “The Belt of Truth” is your foundation when you are going to war with satan, challenges and cares of this life.

I want to refer you again to the testimony I shared early in the week, when the doctor handed me over a referral letter to the another government hospital and looking at the time I will not only get there late but I may also not a doctor/ consultant being a Saturday and I am the risk of being quarantine. My Spirit quickly remained me that you have a class to teach tomorrow in church and the topic is what I have said earlier during my preparation that “Jesus you will help me to also be a beneficial.” So when my prayer and desire to serve came to my mind at this moment, I said well though I have this paper in my hand and tomorrow is Sunday, I will first go to render my service to God for I believe He will also work it (this challenge) for me.

And so I did what I knew best at that moment and God did what I desire of Him to do for me. Beloved, the belt of truth is what I think played out here. I know that Jesus is a miracle worker and I decide to apply that truth in my situation and it worked out for my good.

I never knew about this teaching, so don’t even think I am running ahead no! but I simply trusted God and He worked in my situation. Amen! I also told you that I was not ready to share the testimony as that miracle is too much for my to understand and am yet to recovery from all the wonders I saw – (within two –three hours of applying the application  I was led by the Spirit of God to apply on my son’s skin, the whole spot which was red started turning black right there and there) but the Spirit of God compelled me to do so because someone is going to benefit from it and I simply obeyed Him and that is what I am refereeing today or else it will also have been difficult to cite it as I write now.

Beloved, are you reading the Word of God- the sword of the Spirit? Are you putting that same Word to work- the belt of truth? If you are not then don’t make a mistake, don’t fight or engage satan and his cohort in battle or war, they will topple you over (Acts 19:16).

Now that you know what to do, go ahead and start applying the truth in the Word of God and you will be a wonder as promised us this month by the Lord. Beloved, “Talk to Yourself” about that seeming impossible situation and see God working it out in favour. The Word of God faileth not. Your Glorious Manifestation is guaranteed; engage to ripe yours. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

See you at the top, start now, no more procrastination, start engaging the Word of life you know, search the scripture to discover more. You will surely be a wonder at the end, somebody shout alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful week end and see you on Monday if Jesus tarry.

Remain blessed in the Lord!

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