Holy Most Holy is the Lord God! is the Lord God, is the Lord God! Holy Most Holy is the Lord God, is the Lord God Most High…// I will call upon the Lord (I will call upon the Lord) Who is worthy to be Praise (Who is worthy to be Praise) I will magnify the Lord (I will magnify the Lord) Who is worthy to be Praise, the Lord reigneth blessed be the Lord, honour to the Lord, let the Rock of my salvation be exalted…. The Lord reigneth blessed be the Lord, honour to the Lord, let the Rock of my salvation be exalted….

Yes! Father we honour, we bless Your Holy Name! we adore Thee. we give Thee Praise, thank You for the gift of another blessed day in Your Presence, Thank You for prayers answered, gift received and miracles done in our life and situations Father You are more than what we call You… You are more what think about You be Thou exalted forever and ever in Jesus Name…

Beloveth let the living shout a believing alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our God is good all the time. Is another faith clinic today to the glory of God and we are here again to be strength by the Mighty Hand of God, Who owns the whole universe, the world is His own and everything there in. we therefore lean on Him alone Who can do all things by His Power.

Beloveth, yesterday’s prayer point led us to ask for strength from God above. Why because we cannot do this work not even prayer by the power our mind except God helps us. And will God help us , He will by infusing us the power of the Holy Spirit. So if you done have the Spirit of God in you, you will not be able to serve God effectively. So we most daily plug our power source to Divine Power whose power can never be exhausted.

In order words the potential of your power sources is determined by the strength of your power source. You may be weak, but you are not powerless. Let us always proclaim this truth aloud with confidence. “I have the strength of Christ.” It is time to plug into the might power of the Holy Spirit Who dwells in you.

If you and I are going to live by God’s power, we are going to have to rely on the Holy Spirit’s ability to infuse our limited efforts with supernatural, powerful results. Yes knowing fully that we can not do anything by our own power as was told us by Jesus our text for today”the branches cannot bear fruits of itself.”

Beloveth, we ought believe in the power and strength from on high to live out our lives and ministry. May God saturate us by the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name Amen!!!

Come along with us for more:

“The branch cannot bear fruit of itself.” John 15:4

How did you begin to bear fruit? It was when you came to Jesus and cast yourselves on His great atonement, and rested on His finished righteousness. Ah! what fruit you had then! Do you remember those early days? Then indeed the vine flourished, the tender grape appeared, the pomegranates budded forth, and the beds of spices gave forth their smell.

Have you declined since then? If you have, we charge you to remember that time of love, and repent, and do thy first works. Be most in those engagements which you have experimentally proved to draw you nearest to Christ, because it is from Him that all your fruits proceed. Any holy exercise which will bring you to Him will help you to bear fruit.

The sun is, no doubt, a great worker in fruit-creating among the trees of the orchard: and Jesus is still more so among the trees of His garden of grace. When have you been the most fruitless? Has not it been when you have lived farthest from the Lord Jesus Christ, when you have slackened in prayer, when you have departed from the simplicity of your faith, when your graces have engrossed your attention instead of your Lord, when you have said, “My mountain standeth firm, I shall never be moved”; and have forgotten where your strength dwells—has not it been then that your fruit has ceased?

Some of us have been taught that we have nothing out of Christ, by terrible abasements of heart before the Lord; and when we have seen the utter barrenness and death of all creature power, we have cried in anguish, “From Him all my fruit must be found, for no fruit can ever come from me.”

We are taught, by past experience, that the more simply we depend upon the grace of God in Christ, and wait upon the Holy Spirit, the more we shall bring forth fruit unto God. Oh! to trust Jesus for fruit as well as for life.

Our Father in heaven breathe on us afresh, help our unbelief, strengthen us from the inner mind and make strong enough to bear fruit You of us in Jesus Name.

Beloveth the Lord is our joy and in Him is our strength Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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