Glory be to the Lord alleluia, glory be to the Lord Alleluia, glory be to the Lord, alleluia, glory be to the Lord alleluia.// Glory be the Lord in the highest, alleluia, alleluia, glory be to the Lord in the highest, alleluia, everybody sing alleluia, alleluia, in the highest, alleluia, for His mercies, alleluia, to His honour alleluia.

Faithful God, we thank You, we adore You we give You Praise, adoration to Your Name. O Lord! how Excellent is Your Name, How Wonderful is Your Name, how Mighty are You Lord, You are Beautiful in all situations, how can we thank You enough for the good things You have done for us,  You are excellent, we adore You Lord, we give You praise, be thou exalted Lord above all the earth.

Beloved, how are doing? This is the day the Lord has made and we should rejoice and be glad in it, yes! We should rejoice before our Maker, because He holds the Map. He knows the Way, ours is to follow suit. So we keep trusting; we keep believing, we keep going. Something spectacular happened to me yesterday and I conclude that no man can comprehend “Who” God is. I took up a project though I have no means to do it than I decided to carry it out base on what I hold in trust for my son. I needed to take off that yesterday and I did. Beloved, before the end of that project, I gain back what I spent and I was so filled with wonder. God connected me in an usual way to a client who took interest in what I do, she picked one of my styles and paid me upfront for it and ask me to send more to via whatsapp. Wow! isn’t that wonderful and enough to make me laugh?

What kept coming to my mind was that “what if I had sat back home lamenting about lack of fund, will I have gotten this connection? Beloved, our God is incomprehensible, is only Him that knows it all. I also remember those periods I was having a health challenge and I have to go out and do something without anyone accompanying me, I usually say a sample prayer “Father, I go in Your in Name, and I trust You are going with me and will not allow any evil to befall me. Indeed, He goes with me and bring me back safely, beloved, this simply increase my trust and faith in Him.

Where are you now? What are those things that seem impossible unto you? Can you trust God enough to hand it over to Him? He will take good care of it and you will surely laugh. Beloved, laughter came to my mouth yesterday, I set out almost sowing with tears but trusting God to make a way, and He did made a way, so I came back rejoicing bring in sheaves.

The Word of prophecy is to edify the body of Christ. And God is showing Himself strong on our behalf as He sent forth His Word, He also bring it to performance. What are those issues that bring tears to your eyes, the God of our Father, Abraham will wipe away your tears and make you to laugh again. He will give you joy instead of sorrow, beloved, sickness will be far from you as the Lord will bless your water and your bread, barrenness will be wipe away from your memory and you will be fruitful.

Prophecy is a revelation of God to mankind. Each time I receive a Word from the Lord, the next action is to ask God what is the next thing to do, so as the Spirit of God is giving direction, I just have to follow suit. I kept tell the Spirit of God to help me to position myself right so as to receive the fruit of the Word that has been sent forth.

Beloved, trust is a coin which we trade in this business, aside faith, aside believing, we ought to trust God that everything will work to our favour. Are you trusting God enough to step out even in that painful situation and start again? I have so many painful and overwhelming situations in my life but one thing that have  kept me going was that each time I remembers any sad situation or come across an overwhelming situations, I will speak the Word, secondly I will say “Praise God.”

I will Praise God, sounds funny, or even ridicules but I do. Little wonder when God wants to show forth, He also does it in a most spectacular way that the experience does not leave me for days. I have never live a life of denial, rather I always pour my heart out before God and leave it to Him to handle and He has never failed me.

Beloved, God will not fail you either, He will remember you for good, don’t forget that the Word is usually for a season and must surely come to past and will not fail.

Decide today to always trust God as He send forth His Word and His Word will perform that which He sent it forth to do. Praise the Name of the Lord! Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Join me to discover more as we go through the message below:

 Ezra 2:1-70, Psalm 94:12-23, Proverbs 19:26-27, Romans 4:1-25

The Elements of Prophecy

Because he was fully convinced that what He had promised He was also able to perform.—Romans 4:21

Prophecy is a revelation of God to humankind. It will take place at exactly the right time: “For the vision is yet for the appointed time; it testifies about the end and will not lie” (Hab 2:3). The time for the fulfillment is fixed by God, and it will come to pass at the exact moment that God foreordains.

Yet another element is that of foretelling the future. Here again, some Bible teachers object to this and say that prophecy is forth-telling rather than foretelling. It is quite true, of course, that prophecy is a form of teaching and therefore contains an element of forth-telling (speaking out the truth), but the true nature of prophecy lies in the fact that it is predictive. God told Habakkuk things that would happen long before they came to pass.

The last element of prophecy is that it will be fulfilled: “Write down this vision; clearly inscribe it on tablets … For the vision is yet for the appointed time” (vv. 2-3). The events God foretells are certain to take place—and in God’s time. The revelation may seem to be delayed, but nothing can prevent or frustrate its fulfillment.

How does all this relate to the more practical aspects of daily Christian living? Let me put the answer in the form of two questions: Has God given you a word or promise that is yet to be fulfilled? And does the delay cause you to wonder whether or not He has forgotten His promise? Then take heart—there are trains on His line until 11:59. What God has promised, He will most certainly perform.


O God, I bring to You my doubts and uncertainties for You to put them to rest—forever. Today I want You to burn deep into me the conviction that nothing can ever stop Your Word from being fulfilled. Nothing. I am so thankful. Amen.

Further Study

Mt 5:1-18; 1Kg 8:56; Ps 111:7-8; Ezk 12:25

What did Christ promise concerning God’s Word?

Reaffirm your trust in His ability to fulfill His promise to you.

beloved, His word has never fail from the beginning of the world, He sent forth His Word to Abraham and Abraham believed Him even when there is no sign to show, and it was count unto as righteousness, beloved can we also do the same? Trust and believe God that He will bring laughter to your mouth even as He promised. Trust Him and healings will come, that dead situation is coming back to life, stagnation is out of your way in Jesus Name. You are moving forward, yes! No more stagnation, the Blood of Jesus is wiping away barrenness in your life today in Jesus Name.

beloved, smile Jesus loves love, He went to the cross so that you will overcome, He purchase eternal life with His death on the Cross, so why are you down cast? Get up and keep going, He will meet with you as the father of the  prodigal son arose and met with him even when he was a far off.

God’s Word is coming to performance in Jesus Name. Believe and it shall be well with you in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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