You are worthy O Lord! Thou lamb of Calvary, to receive glory and adoration. You are worthy O Lord! Thou Lamb of Calvary to receive glory now and forever more.// come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good, there is nothing He cannot do, come and see the Lord is good.

Our Father You are a Great God! I will keep on following You, there is nothing You cannot do, I will keep on following You. This our heartfelt songs to You for You are alone is worthy to be praise. Precious Father, we blessed You now and forever more.  We thank You for a brand new day which only You can give to those who trust in You.

Forever You will be, The lamb upon the Throne, I gladly bow my knees, to worship You O Lord! For ever You will be, Forever You will be, Thou Lamb upon the Throne, I gladly bow my knees to worship You dear Lord! (song). Beloved, it is going to be great today, Jesus Christ is already here, Holy ghost is already here.

Do you believe that it is going to be great today? I believe, what about you? I believe it so I say it because the Word of God says so and I believe it that settles it. Say to the righteous that is well with him (Isa 3:10). The Name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous runneth into it and are safe (Prov 18:10).

Beloved, this day is packed with heavenly blessings, how do I know someone cares to asked? Because in the time past just like any another day the Lord choose to do the extra-ordinary thing in the life of Moses. There was no special sign that the Invisible is visiting a man keeping sheep in the desert but it happened that He did visit.

Moses who was running from Pharaoh only to discover that he cannot hid from God. While he was keeping sheep for his Father-in-law, God visited him. someone is going to receive an angelic visitation today in Jesus Name.

Two things to take away from here- Moses was diligent in what his hand findeth to do. Secondly, he also kept watch. So to get his attention, God set up a fire in a nearby bush but it was not consumed, because he kept watch, he observed that something unusual was happening around him and he move to see what could that be (Exo 3:1-3).

Beloved, how observant are you in your environment, at home, in your work place? How are observing your children, your neighbor, maid servant and male servant? From what we read in the bible, you can agree with me that God speaks to us in our activities that is why we must keep watch least we miss what God is saying or who He is sending us to.

Always allow yourself some inner solitude, don’t be a noisy drum that give no melody to the hearer. Learn to be timely with your walk with God. It so important that we pay attention to what God is doing in around us.

The second ministration cuts across so many of us. How big is your vision? While Moses abandon the palace in Egypt he settled for shepherd in his Father-in-law farm. But that was not why God preserve Moses at such a time when all the male children of the Israelites were order to be killed by Pharaoh.

Beloved our God is a humorous God. While the Israelite male child were meant to be killed by the order of Pharaoh, God took Moses to Pharaoh Palace to be raised by his daughter. And having gone this far with Moses, Moses decide to settled as a shepherd but that wasn’t God’s plan or destiny for him. God from the foundation created Moses to be a deliverer for the people of His pasture.

Beloved, what is your vision in life? Is it in line with our destiny? For everyone, there is a destiny in place. We must pray to discover ours. Oftentimes we make a mistake of running other people’s vision and that tends to derail us from the path that we are meant to tow.

We have to pay attention to what God will be revealing to us as we walk through the month. It is not going to be business as usually. “Greater Lifting as promised by God will not be achieve by during things the way we have been during it. (as it was in the beginning mentality). This “state” is only meant for God and not for human. For in every human life, the only thing that is constant is “change.”

So for a greater lifting to happen in our life the Lord will be leading us to some unfamiliar lands and places. You must be willing to leave your comfort zone and explore a new ground. The God we are serving is faithful and will never fail in His promise except were we are not ready to obey the voice of the Lord.

So I will implore us to be diligent, watchful, be willing to change and discover your vision for life and this will help to go a long way in the race that is set before you.

Beloved in getting our vision to work, we must be careful as the way we go about it. Our ways are not God’s way you read that yesterday. So inquire from God how He want you to birth your vision. The ways of the world is different from the way of God, so you must find out from Him what you are to do so that you will not commit the sin of presumption.

Joshua did and it wasn’t a pleasant experience (Read up Josh 7 and 8). Satan subtly wanted to lead Jesus to commit this same sin but Jesus being God Himself rebuked Him (Matt 4:1-10; Lk 4:1-12). So you must rebuke satan each time he want to play a trick on you as Jesus did and he will keep off but always remember is for a season (Lk 4:13).

So beloved we need to keep watch and have a great vision that will result in “Great lifting.”

Let us discover more:


Then the Angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire within a bush. As Moses looked, he saw that the bush was on fire but was not consumed. So Moses thought: I must go over and look at this remarkable sight. Why isn’t the bush burning up?When the Lord saw that he had gone over to look, God called out to him from the bush, “Moses, Moses!”“Here I am,” he answered.—Exodus 3:2–4


Moses was going through the routine of his day when he noticed an ordinary thing: a burning bush. Moses also noticed something extraordinary. Although the bush was burning, it was not consumed. Moses turned aside to look more closely. When the Lord saw Moses turning aside from the routine of his day, He spoke to him.

Everything God had been doing for forty years in Moses’ life was culminating in this moment. So much of God’s redemptive plan waited for Moses to notice the uncommon in the midst of the common.

There will be times when, immersed in the ordinary details of life, you may be oblivious to the extraordinary that is right next to you. You can be in the midst of a common moment, only this time the activity is filled with the presence of God. There may be times when, in the middle of your harried day, you notice something unusual. Your first reaction might be “I’m too tired to go aside to investigate this!” or “I’m not going to disrupt my life for this.” Yet, in that moment you may have the opportunity for a unique encounter with God.

God usually speaks out of the ordinary experiences of life. Often, it is not while you are worshiping at church. Many of God’s most profound and history-changing encounters come during the ordinary experiences of life. When you see the unusual in the midst of the mundane, don’t continue business as usual. It may be that God has ordained that moment to be a life-changing time for you and those around you.

Did you read that, God mostly in mundane things of life? Can you recall where Mary was when the angel delivered the message that promoted her to divinity line? Wow! Someone reading this note God is going to upgrade you to the level you never expect in Jesus Name. Our God is delivering to someone a key to greater lifting in Jesus Name. O! someone is being lifted from the dungeon to sit with the princes in Jesus Name. If you are the person shout a believing Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How big is your vision dear beloved? Is a question that need your total understanding and response? “How great your lifting will be” is equivalent to “how great your vision is.” So how big is your vision? Often times because we don’t want to be tagged “failure” we settle for less, but that is not God’s plan for you, so join me to discover “how big your vision is presently and how you can rediscovery your lost vision” :

 How Big Is Your Vision


“The real qualities of leadership are to be found in those who are willing to suffer for the sake of objectives great enough to demand their wholehearted obedience.”

A friend of mine who consults CEO’s of small companies tells me that over 90% of these firms operate on a re-active rather than a pro-active basis. In other words, they simply respond in a knee jerk fashion to market conditions: No great vision. Just daily… grinding… survival.

Aim at nothing and you are sure to hit it.

Many people circumscribe their lives to the same aimless, reactive, blandness: Putting out fires. Solving problems. Oiling the wheel that squeaks the loudest. Oppressive… boring… survival.

Bound by the tyranny of the urgent.

Perhaps our problem is that our vision is so small that it only merits a mediocre response.

One impassioned writer cried out against this mind numbing, visionless level of subsistence:

“Give me men to match my mountains:

Give me men to match my plains:

Men with empires in their purpose:

Men with eras in their brains.”

Christ had an objective great enough to demand His wholehearted obedience: Your salvation.

Jesuswho for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame… ” (Hebrews 12:2)

The “joy set before Him” was His vision of your redemption… Which resulted in His wholehearted obedience to the Father’s will: The cross.

Tell me, do you have an objective in your life that is “great enough to demand your wholehearted obedience“? If not, life must be pretty stale stuff.

May I suggest that unless you have a vision – a dream – an objective that (1) Is bigger than your life, (2) Is linked to God’s eternal purposes, and (3) Demands faith and sacrifice, you are already dead.

They just haven’t set the date for the funeral.

Beloved, did you read that? This looks like a direct message to me. I don’t know about you? I have a vision to ready to be birth but now this is challenging me to go for the zenith in that industry.

Don’t forget I told you about living our lives by the revelation of the Most High God. It is only the power of God that will deliver same to me. God will do it, I have no fear about that. Where I was looking for help is not forth coming. Is possible the agent of darkness is at work, but I know that God is more than able to do what He has started. He will do it to His own glory and will not share His glory with any man. He is the God of the whole world.

When God want to do something through you and you are unwilling; He can use anything. I mean anything. So don’t ever think your your self more highly than you ought rather  count yourself blessed to be use by Him to carry out one of His eternal purpose either in an individual life or where He is is sending you to.

To Him alone will be my Praise forever. What about you?

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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