Let the living Praise the Lord, let the living Praise the Lord, let the living Praise the Lord, let the living Praise the Lord. let the worship the lord, let the living worship the Lord, let the living worship the Lord, let the living worship the Lord.// How excellent is Your O Lord! How excellent is Your Name O Lord! How excellent is Your Name O Lord! how excellent is Your Name O Lord, How excellent is Your Name, How excellent is Your Name, How excellent is Your Name O Lord!!!!!!!!!!, how excellent is Your Name, how excellent is Your Name, How excellent is Your Name O Lord.

Father we give You Praise, adoration belongs to You alone, You are worthy of My Praise Lord. let all glory, honour, adoration be ascribe to Your Name alone in Jesus amen. Faithful Father, we cannot thank You enough for Your goodness and for Your wonderful works to the children of men, be magnified in Jesus Name.

Beloved, join me to magnify the Name of the Lord, from everlasting to everlasting He remaineth the same. Great are HIS works he is greatly to Praise, I don’t know why He loves me so, I don’t why. That is my song always to the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Ancient of Days. He is my Beginning and the End. He is the One who is and He yet to come. Let us Praise His Name forever more.

Arise for the Lord is God. indeed the fool says in His heart that there is no God, he did not stop at that he want further to plot evil against the innocent that the Lord will not close His eyes to. Beloved, I don’t know where it is hurting you at this moment but be rest assured the Lord is ever there, there is no shifting of shadow from Him. He is same Yesterday, Today and Forever, may His Name be praise forever.

Do not be in the company of the fool lest you stretch forth to do evil. Beloved let everything that has breathe Praise His Name forever in Jesus Name. By His Outstretched Hand He made the world to be, with Spoken Word He created all things to be.

Come and see the what the mountain, the hill, the sea, even the earth did at the sight of the Lord (Ps 114) and a man made in the image of God is saying that God exist not, indeed he is to b pitied and we must remember such class of individuals in our prayer lest God’s wrath falls on them and destroy them rather let them  turn away from their evil ways and return back to God.

Join me for more:


Genesis 42:5-43:14, Psalm 14:1-7, Proverbs 3:13-14, Matthew 15:10-39

The God Who Is There

The fool says in his heart, “God does not exist.”—Psalm 14:1

The idea of a living, personal God gives men and women the jitters. They sense deep within that they are accountable to Him, but they don’t know just what to do about it.

  1. S. Lewis put it like this: “The Pantheist’s God does nothing, demands nothing. He is there if you wish for Him, like a book on a shelf. He will not pursue you. There is no danger that at any time heaven and earth should feel awe at His glance. But Christ the Creator King is there. And His intervening presence is terribly startling to discover.” Lewis goes on to compare the shock of discovering that there is a living, personal God in the universe to sitting alone in the dark and sensing someone breathing beside you. “It is always shocking,” he says, “to meet life where we thought we were alone.”

Listen to this paragraph by Lewis which I quote in full, as it puts the truth in a way that cannot be equaled:

There comes a moment when the children who have been playing at burglars hush suddenly; was that a real footstep in the hall? There comes a moment when people who have been dabbling in religion suddenly draw back. Supposing we really found Him! We never meant it to come to that! Worse still, supposing He has found us? So it is a sort of Rubicon. One goes across, or not. But if one does, there is no manner of security against miracles. One may be in for anything.

No one need worry about getting any shocks when they steadfastly resist believing in a personal God. No shocks, but no salvation either.


Gracious God, how can I ever sufficiently thank You for bringing me to Yourself? The thought of a God who is alive, taking a personal interest in me, is more than I can comprehend. Yet I believe it. With all my heart. Thank You, dear Father. Amen.

Further Study

Ps 10:1-4; 36:1-4; 1Jn 2:22

What is at the heart of the atheist?

How does John describe those who deny Christ?

Beloved, next time you are in the midst of individual who deny or argue about the existence of God. First point the Ps114 to such a person, secondly pray for them that the power that rise Christ from death will take hold of them and deliver them from eternal destruction and thirdly keep your distance.

On this note we declare this week open and by the special grace of God will return with greater testimonies at the end of the week incidentally it is also the end of this month. Praise the Lord, our testimonies will be full in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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