What shall we do today? Today ooo, we will lift up our voice to Praise, for I know You are always there for me, almighty God You are my all in all, no matter how I …. When success comes my way I will Praise You Lord! You are alone at worthy Lord to be Praise, to be Praise and adore 2x, You have been faithful Lord, from the ages pass, that is why Your Name O! Lord is forever more!!!!!!!!!!!// Thank You for saving me thank You my Lord! thank You for saving me thank You my God! Thank You for saving me thank You my Lord! thank You for saving me thank You my God!

Gracious Father we thank You, we bless Your Holy Name, we adore You, we give You Praise, adoration to Your Holy Name. Ancient of days How great are You Lord! Thank You for a beautiful day like this great are You Lord! You are greatly to be Praise, we adore You, we give You all the Praise, we worship You, blessed be Thy Holy Name for ever and ever. Thank You Lord for beautiful yesterday, bright today and bountiful tomorrow, indeed it is well with the righteous, glory, honour, adoration to Your Holy Name in Jesus Name, thank You for answers to our prayers, You are beautiful God doing beautiful things in our lives glory be to Your Name alone in Jesus Name.

Beloved, how are today. How was it in the place of prayers, isn’t it God wonderful, giving us things that we cannot give/do for self without cost, our God is Self- Sufficient and Self- Existing, let us to shout praises to His Holy Name, alleluia to His Holy Name forever and ever Amen!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to another bright day in this part of eternity, by the grace of God we will see God working in our situation and circumstances in Jesus Name. Faithful is He that dwelleth among us and great plans has He for us be all that He had made us to be daily. Give a offering of Praise to the one is Mightier and Greater than all. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, I believe you have been having a great session since this week learning more about God our Father. Today will not deliver the less as we will considering a great one- “The God Who Speaks.”

When I first saw the topic, it cut my attention because this nature of God is a very interesting one. It is so interactive in nature and very reassuring too. This very nature of God is the very intriguing side of God, He speaks therefore, we see Him different from other gods that has mouth but cannot speak, ears but cannot hear, see but cannot see, but it is not so with our God, how can One Who give ear not hear Himself or the One Who gives mouth not speak (Ps 94:9, Isa 40:18-31, 41:28-29, 45:20-25,).

This very nature of God made Him a Living God. God is not a thing; He is a Person, The First Person in Trinity- God. We encountered God in our Monday’s study as “The Creator, He created by “speaking.” He has not ceased to create, he is still in the business of creation.

 Beloved, I love this part, the God Who walks in the very moment of your situation and speak peace into it. He come when all hope are gone and give you comfort. He creates the entire world by saying “let there be” and it was so, Praise the Lord!

Beloved, I have a leading in my spirit that God is going to demonstrate in our life and situation this very nature of His today in our midst. He is going to speak into our situation and perfect everything that concerns us today. God will speak now and will longer keep silence.

I see him speaking peace in that trouble life/situation. I see speaking healing in that situation and circumstance, I see Him speaking mercy that hopeless situation/case. I see Him releasing anointing unto that man/woman and set the captive free. I see God walking through life today, giving to barren babies/ breakthroughs, the lonely, their homes. I see their downcast lifting their face will smiles all over. God is speaking, He is speaking now, can you lay your concerns before Him, at His feet and take up His blessings instead, in Jesus Name. Believe and so it shall be in Jesus Name.

Isaiah 54:4-57:13, Psalm 118:22-29, Proverbs 24:15-16, Philippians 1:21-2:11

The God Who Speaks

So My ways are higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.—Isaiah 55:9

Although we know that God is all-powerful, we also know that He is personal. But what does it mean to be a person? What predicates personality?

The best definition of personality I know is the one given to me by the tutor who taught me theology: “To be a person, we have to be able to think, to reason, to feel, to judge, to choose, and to communicate in words that constitute a language.” Richard Swinburne, a theologian, observes that people use language not only to communicate and for private thought, but to argue, to raise a consideration, to object to another. Unlike animals that show evidence only of wanting food and drink, people can want not to want something—like a fasting man, for example, wanting not to want food.

Now with that in mind—that one of the constituents of personality is the ability to think and speak—read the first chapter of Genesis. Notice how many times the words appear: “God said.” Count them. God is portrayed to us as a speaking God. And because speech is one of the constituent parts of personality, this proves to us that the Deity is a personal Being. We are not long into Genesis before we are brought face-to-face with the fact that there is more to God than mere power; the Almighty is a Person. This means, among other things, that the Almighty cannot be studied from a “safe” distance. Because He is a Person, He is someone who wants and waits to be known.


Loving heavenly Father, how thankful I am that You made me like Yourself—to know and be known. May my strongest desire be to know You, not merely to know myself. For it is only when I know You that I can most truly know myself. Amen.

Further Study

Gn 1:1-31; Jb 33:13-14; 1Kg 19:12; Ezk 43:2

How many times does it say “God said”?

How did Ezekiel describe God’s voice?

Yes! our God is our midst and He is speaking into our situation right away, position yourself for breakthrough, position yourself for miracles, position yourself healing, lifting, restoration, and above all position yourself for His abundant grace and glory, our season has come and we shall not miss out. Praise the Lord! alleluia Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord

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