The Great Peril of the Saints


Who is like unto the Thee O Lord! Who is like unto the Thee O Lord! among the gods Who is like unto the Thee You are glorious in holiness fearful in praising doing wonders alleluia.// How excellent is Thy Name O Lord! How excellent is Thy Name O Lord! How excellent is Thy Name, How excellent is Thy Name, How excellent is Thy Name O God! How excellent is Thy Name, How excellent is Thy Name, How excellent is Thy Name, How excellent is Thy Name O God!

Our Father we thank You, we bless Your Holy Name, we adore You we give You Praise, we adore You, we glorify Your Holy Name. be Thou exalted O Lord in Jesus Name. Thank You Father for You, You are the Lord that is Your Name, Your glory You share with no one. Have Your way again today, blessed be Thy Name on high in Jesus Name.

Beloved, are thanking the Lord for His faithful, His love, His kindness that faileth not? When we look around us what the Lord is doing and will continue to do we cannot but shout alleluia to Him on high.

When I woke up this morning, a beautiful song came into my Spirit and I sang it to the glory of God. now I want you to join me to sing that same song and am sure you will be blessed too.

Every living soul, every living soul Praise the Lord, every living soul, every living soul Praise the Lord, am I a living soul, I am living soul I will Praise the Lord, t=every living soul every living soul Praise the Lord.

Are you happy singing along with me? Beloved is only the living that can Praise the Lord. Is only the living that can worship the Lord. Is only the living that will serve the Lord. if you living and you are sick you cannot do much in the Kingdom of God. That is why when we pray, we ask God to give us good health that is what ensures your effectiveness in the kingdom.

With that in mind we just have to appreciate God for His Kindness towards us, for the good health He granted us and for His love that is overflowing and giving the sinners the privilege to repent and turn away from their sin so that they will be counted among the saved in our Father’s Kingdom.

If you are just in that appreciating mood, join me to see what happens when we exhibit such virtue not backed up by the Holy Spirit. We will be exhausted instead of exalting our Maker. Praise the Name of the Lord. Alleluia

Join me for more discover:

Exodus 28:15-29:25, Psalm 21:8-13, Proverbs 5:1-2, Matthew 25:31-26:5

The Great Peril of the Saints

Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.—Matthew 25:40

How does kindness grow in us? It depends on how deeply we live in God. Some Christians set out to be kind, but kindness which is the fruit of the Spirit is not the result of self-effort but comes from abiding in Christ. The Christian abides in Christ and the fruit grows and ripens of its own accord.

The kindest Christians are those who have no ambition to be kind and hold no such thought. This is not to say that they do not desire to be kind, but they do not try to manufacture their kindness. Consumed with a longing to be more like Jesus every day, their thought is not on their personal sanctity but on how they can reflect their Lord. They come across as people who were so self-forgetful that it could be said of them what was said of Samuel Barnett of Toynbee Hall: “He forgot himself even to the extent of forgetting that he had forgotten.”

The great peril of the Christian life is that we may become selfish in our consuming longing to be unselfish. Only as our roots go down daily into God through prayer and meditation in His Word can we be kept secure from the temptation to focus on growth for its own sake—rather than for His sake. The person whose kindness is an appetite for praise gives up when the praise does not come. And they give up more quickly still if people say: “What are you getting out of this yourself?” The Christian whose kindness flows out of his relationship with God never gives up. He just can’t help being kind.


O Father, help me to spend time with You so that in the legislature of my heart You may write the law of kindness. Help me to come under its sway forever. Amen.

Further Study

2Co 9:1-6; Dt 15:7-8; Ps 41:1; Ac 20:35

How are we to sow?

Of what did Paul remind the Ephesian elders?

Father we thank You we bless your Holy Name. Thank You for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Help us to submit our will to Thee alone. Help us we pray Thee in Jesus Name. May we find it a joy to be kind to the people You sent our way in Jesus Name.

Remember always when you are among the living lift up your voice and Praise the Lord. Alleluia Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, have a wonderful weekend, see you on Monday by the God’s grace.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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