Jehovah is Your Name! (Jehovah is Your Name) Jehovah is Your Name Mighty Warrior, Great in Battle, Jehovah is Your Name!!!!!!!! How Excellent is Your Name O! Lord! How Excellent is Your Name O! Lord! How Excellent is Your Name! O Lord! How Excellent is Your Name! My God, How Excellent is your Name O! Lord! Mighty Jehovah! How Excellent is Your Name! how Wonderful is your Name, How excellent is Your Name O Lord!

Baba Baba Baba Baba Ese O! Baba Ese O! Baba awa Dupe Baba. (Thank You Father) Father we bow before Your throne and we worship You, we exalt You, we Praise You Father, we adore Thee, we give You Praise, receive our Praise Lord! receive all honour, hallow be Thy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Beloveth, good morning, how are doing today? Is another praying session, are you ready? First I want to thank God for this privilege we have to communion with Him through prayer. That is when we pray “we speak to Him.” Let us appreciate Him for not making us fellows that only hear or receive from Him when He is ready to bless us but He also gave us the privilege to come and pour our heart before Him, hear Him speak to us and receive from Him blessings He is ready to give us. Praise the Lord.

Like we mention earlier prayer is a means through which we pour mind before God. How? Do you know that when you have lost your peace of mind, you have the power to regain it? Anytime you find that you are worrying, fretful, or anxious about anything, release the problem to God through a simple, heartfelt prayer and purposely think about something in your life that is good! Worrying is completely useless. It wears you out mentally, emotionally, and physically, and it doesn’t make your problem any better at all.

Prayer is a communicating with God. If communication helps strengthen earthly relationship as we see in marriages, offices, families, why would the same not be true in our relationship with God? God wants to communicate with us. He wants to hear from us. He wants to connect with us in a way that strengthens our relationship with Him.

Beloveth we love and serve a God that wants to talk to us through prayer.

Prayer is communcating with our God who loves us deeply and cares for us intimately.

“Devote yourself to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart” Col 4:2.

Paul calls all believers in Christ to devote themselves to prayer. devote means to concentrate on a particular pursuit, in other words, devote/focus/concentrate on communicating with God in all you do. As you go about your day, communicate with God through prayer. When you are face the same obstacle you have been facing for months, talk to God about it. Instead of worrying, pray. Replace complaining with prayer to God. In all areas, at all times, devote yourself to prayer.

Talking to God helps bring you closer to the heart of God. Do you believe that?

Come along with us for more:

“The kindness and love of God our Saviour.” Titus 3:4

How sweet it is to behold the Saviour communing with His own beloved people! There can be nothing more delightful than, by the Divine Spirit, to be led into this fertile field of delight. Let the mind for an instant consider the history of the Redeemer’s love, and a thousand enchanting acts of affection will suggest themselves, all of which have had for their design the weaving of the heart into Christ, and the intertwisting of the thoughts and emotions of the renewed soul with the mind of Jesus.

When we meditate upon this amazing love, and behold the all-glorious Kinsman of the Church endowing her with all His ancient wealth, our souls may well faint for joy. Who is he that can endure such a weight of love? That partial sense of it which the Holy Spirit is sometimes pleased to afford, is more than the soul can contain; how transporting must be a complete view of it!

When the soul shall have understanding to discern all the Saviour’s gifts, wisdom wherewith to estimate them, and time in which to meditate upon them, such as the world to come will afford us, we shall then commune with Jesus in a nearer manner than at present. But who can imagine the sweetness of such fellowship? It must be one of the things which have not entered into the heart of man, but which God hath prepared for them that love Him.

Oh, to burst open the door of our Joseph’s granaries, and see the plenty which He hath stored up for us! This will overwhelm us with love. By faith we see, as in a glass darkly, the reflected image of His unbounded treasures, but when we shall actually see the heavenly things themselves, with our own eyes, how deep will be the stream of fellowship in which our soul shall bathe itself!

Till then our loudest sonnets shall be reserved for our loving benefactor, Jesus Christ our Lord, whose love to us is wonderful, passing the love of women.

Beloveth read Col 4:2-6 and talk to God today. Let God talk to you too, as you read the word of scripture and mediate on them, listen. God’s heart is to bring you closer to Him through regular (even constant) communication through prayer.

I want us to sing this song again today as we call on the Name of Jesus as we pray. let the sweet melody of His Name intervene in every situation we may in now and grant us the desired freedom/healing in Jesus Name.

Beloveth it is our month of Remembrance; God will surely look with favour upon you in Jesus Name.

As the Lord remembers you please don’t forget those that God placed around you show them love, blessed them with substance and meet their need too. Don’t forget that God placed you to be His representative, that through you they will see God in action.

Father, remember your children, hear us as we pray; be kind to us even according to Your Word in Jesus Name.

Beloveth pray!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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