When I come into Your presence Lord am I am happy, when I come into Your presence Lord am glad. In presence there is anointing your Spirit will surround me in Your presence anointing breaks the yoke (2x). // Jesus what a wonder You are, You are so precious so good, and so kind, You who shines like a bright one star, Jesus what a wonder You are.

Father, we Thank You, we bless Your Holy Name, we worship You we exhaust You Father, Thank You Jesus because in You is our faith. We hold on to You because You are our creator. Thank You for Your love-kindness, Your faithfulness, Your help and diverse healings and deliverances. Thank You Lord. Thank You King of kings. Glory be to Your Holy Name.

Beloved, good morning from the Throne of grace, how are you doing? How days flies? We are in the last days of the this wonderful month, we still have so much to cover but my prayer is that God will help us to bring to you the exact Word that will set you free. The Word that will help you through you journey in life in Jesus name. You also have to pray for us that your word be delivered to us so that we bring it forth to your understanding in Jesus Name. Why am I say that?

I was in a prayer meeting yesterday and the man God used to bring us pray said the exact word I was trusting and believing God for, even in later in day when the enemy came in like a flood, the Spirit of God raised against standard it using this Word and many others in the Word of God. In fact God settled my case on that matter that early morning of yesterday in the prayer meeting before the main service began.

The Word that came me gave me liberty according to the Word of God to us today. We cannot go far without the Word of liberty that is the Word of God.

If you want to find faith you must settle down with the Word of God. You cannot go against the Word and get result, because the Word of God is God Himself. Praise God.

Faith is action, we have been told, faith is now, we have discussed, faith is present tense, unbelief hinders faith (Mk 6:5,6), faith is of the heart; not the head.

Put in another word ‘mental assent’ this according to John Wesley said, ‘people mentally agree that the bible or the Word is true, but they don’t believe it from their heart”.

What is the different between heart faith and mental assent?

If you mental agreeing, you will say you believe that the bible is true, but you don’t believe it is true for you. You conclude by saying, “I believe the bible is true, but I don’t have my petition, and I don’t understand why.” but faith says, “it’s mine. I have it now.” Faith believe the Word and acts on the Word.

Beloved turn your faith loose by saying what you believe. (Act 14:7-9). From this passage every believer has faith to be healed, but you have to act on your faith or turn your faith loose for it to work for you. The bible tells you how to put Your faith in action (Mk 11:23).

Turn your faith loose by saying what you believe. Faith can’t be released out of your heart towards God without your saying what you believe. Faith simply won’t work without an expression or action.

Nowhere in the bible do you ever find that faith is release apart from an action. Faith that is only in your heart will never bring healing to your body or infilling of the Holy Spirit or an answer to prayer. No faith in your heart will not to do it but your faith in your heart release through your lips will!

The man in acts 14: 8 has faith, he got faith from what he heard Paul preached. Paul also knew he was going to get the man act on the faith that he had. So in Acts 14:10 Paul said ‘stand upright on your feet and the man miss action with faith, he leaped and walked. Faith comes by hearing (Rom 10:17).

Beloved it therefore means that “if you act without faith, nothing will happen – it won’t work. And if you believe without action, nothing will happen- it won’t work. However when faith are combine, then the Word works.

Therefore, beloved you have to get into the liberty that Christ has provide for us through Word and the cross.

Let’s get going:

“The liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free.” Galatians 5:1

This “liberty” makes us free to heaven’s charter—the Bible. Here is a choice passage, believer, “When thou passest through the rivers, I will be with thee.” You are free to that. Here is another: “The mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed, but my kindness shall not depart from thee”; you are free to that. You are a welcome guest at the table of the promises.

Scripture is a never-failing treasury filled with boundless stores of grace. It is the bank of heaven; you may draw from it as much as you please, without let or hindrance. Come in faith and you are welcome to all covenant blessings. There is not a promise in the Word which shall be withheld. In the depths of tribulations let this freedom comfort you; amidst waves of distress let it cheer you; when sorrows surround thee let it be thy solace.

This is thy Father’s love-token; thou art free to it at all times. Thou art also free to the throne of grace. It is the believer’s privilege to have access at all times to His heavenly Father. Whatever our desires, our difficulties, our wants, we are at liberty to spread all before Him. It matters not how much we may have sinned, we may ask and expect pardon. It signifies nothing how poor we are, we may plead His promise that He will provide all things needful.

We have permission to approach His throne at all times—in midnight’s darkest hour, or in noontide’s most burning heat. Exercise thy right, O believer, and live up to thy privilege. Thou art free to all that is treasured up in Christ—wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. It matters not what thy need is, for there is fulness of supply in Christ, and it is there for thee.

O what a “freedom” is thine! freedom from condemnation, freedom to the promises, freedom to the throne of grace, and at last freedom to enter heaven!

However, I want us learn something from the next message. Why we must rest everything in God hand. Nothing comes to us through the merit of works but everything we have come through the blood of Jesus. Often times we found ourselves in the situation narrated below. What can a child of God do in such a time like that? Usually it is not easy and it can come in diverse form. Let’s continue reading:

 When There Aren’t Any Answers Left

A week ago I received an e-mail from Mary, whose husband is languishing under the agony of advancing cancer. “Dons pain is excruciating. I dont know which way to turn. The burden is too much. Please pray.

To add to their stress, Mary serves as Don’s “nurse,” all the while doubling as mom and dad to their four kids, who range in age from 10 months to 15 years.

Yesterday when I visited them, Mary greeted me with red and tear-filled eyes. Ten minutes after notifying Don of my arrival, he haltingly entered the room. Shoes untied. Gaunt.

Unshaved. His cancerous right arm seemed awkwardly “pinned” to his side. Faintly, he managed a smile.

While Mary served tea, Don offered, “Dwight, I find myself deeply disappointed. Nothing makes sense any more. So much of what I taught from the Scriptures about God doesnt equate with what I am experiencing. I am struggling with depression. I am learning something about losing everything for Christ. (Philippians 3:8) All I have left to hold on to are Gods promises.

Don,” I asked, “Do you think that the source of our agony lies in our assumption that if we keep our end of the bargain, (obedience, etc.), God is obligated to keep His by guaranteeing us health, fruitfulness, a fulfilling job, etc.? When life doesnt play out that way, we become disillusioned?

YeahDwight. I think that is our problem.”

We then read over 1 Peter 4:12, 13a: “Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering as though something strange were happening to you… ” And we both admitted that we are surprised at suffering when it comes! It is “strange”. We feel it is unfair! And we feel we deserve better!

The passage goes on: “But rejoice that you [are now participating] in the sufferings of Christ.” Now that seems a bit heavy. When we committed our lives to following Him, we did not anticipate that level of pain… or identification with Christ. And to “rejoice” in it? It is humanly impossible without Divine help.

My friend, I don’t know what trial you may be facing today. Perhaps like Don, you are discovering that there are no pat answers to life’s vexing questions. But one thing we do know with certainty is that in eternity, our good and just God promises to “wipe every tear from

[our] eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain… ” (Revelation 21:4a) That is our eternal hope.

QUESTION: Today, amidst your “painful trial” are you choosing to trust Him — with or without the answers? If your decision is “yes,” then you are experiencing hope, rather than paralyzing despair. (Adapted from FOTM)

Beloved, Our walk of faith rest more on trusting that God can do it for you irrespective what you are seeing presently. ‘Faith is a substance …..” and we usually forget that our righteousness is like a filth rags compare to the righteousness of Christ.

As you read above, “having keep our end of the bargain so we think God is obligated in keeping His.” Sometimes it does work out that way. However, experience has also shown me that if you grumble not but trust God that everything will work out for your good, it does usually happens (Rom 1:17). Praise God.

This is where we will be taking off from this week while believing God for the best for the week praise God.

This week is therefore declare blessed in Jesus Name and return with testimonies at the end of the week. Pray that this week will deliver to us something that we will hold on to as a proof of our faith.

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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