The Lion of Judea has broken every yoke; He has given us a victory… Amen! Amen!! The Lion of Judea has broken every yoke; He has given us a victory… Amen! Amen!! // You are Mighty God, the Great I AM alleluia! alleluia!! You are a Mighty God, the Great I AM Alleluia! Alleluia!!

What a Mighty God we serve heaven and earth Thee angels bow before Thee…what a Mighty God we serve… Father You are Mighty, Great I AM… the Lion of the Tribe of Judea.. The Ancient of Days.. The Beginning and the End… The Bright and Morning star…Lord You are Mighty…be Thou exalted forever and ever in Jesus Name

Thank You Lord for another beautiful day in the land of the Living, Thank You for the great and mighty things You have planned for us… indeed You are Mighty…blessed be Thy Holy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name…

Beloveth, good morning, how are doing today we still have a 48 hours to the end of this awesome year of the Lord where in spite all the assault of satan and his cohorts God kept glorifying His Name in our midst blessed be Thy Holy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name…

Beloveth just a little note on yesterday topic as the Lord expanded it more after I have ministered last night and this morning. In a chaotic world as we have today was also in the days of the our Lord Jesus Christ… at  His birth king Herod sought him to kill but God preserved Him, he ruled the land with iron fist and everyone who opposed him was put to death.

The true worshipper of God was under attack from within as well. The Pharisee were focused only the outward elements of the law, missing the matters of the heart, while the Sadducees brought in Greek and Roman philosophy and down played what the Bible actually taught. This is the background of the Christmas story.

Yet in that time of darkness, as the nation lay under foreign rule and many had turned away from following God. There were still people like Zacharias and Elizabeth who served and obeyed and followed God with their whole hearts.

It is an undeniable fact that our world is getting darker- more like the day of Herod- but that does not mean that we cannot still be faithful in serving the Lord.

When God chose the parents for John the Baptist, who would announce the coming Messiah, He found a couple who did not yield to what those around them were doing. Beloveth, the culture around us cannot force us to go against God- we can do right no matter what. Take a firm decision and ask God to help you as you pray to stand only in His Word…To tell people about Jesus and live right before Him Amen!

In our topic today depicts that everything rest on God … If you remember we treated a topic “Lord chose my heritance for me.”

Beloveth without the help of God we can do nothing… It is only God that can help us even a lot is cast beloveth its deposing is of the Lord. Does that bring comfort to someone right away?

Always know that our God will bring to perfection all that concerns you . Keep your hope alive. Live believing God in all things He will fulfill your destiny according to plan for you and all that are yours…

Come along with us for more:

The lot is cast into the lap, but the whole disposing thereof is of the Lord.” Proverbs 16:33

If the disposal of the lot is the Lord’s whose is the arrangement of our whole life? If the a simple casting of a lot is guided by Him, how much more the events of our entire life—especially when we are told by our blessed Saviour: “The very hairs of your head are all numbered: not a sparrow falleth to the ground without your Father.”

It would bring a holy calm over your mind, dear friend, if you were always to remember this. It would so relieve your mind from anxiety, that you would be the better able to walk in patience, quiet, and cheerfulness as a Christian should. When a man is anxious he cannot pray with faith; when he is troubled about the world, he cannot serve his Master, his thoughts are serving himself.

If you would “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,” all things would then be added unto you. You are meddling with Christ’s business, and neglecting your own when you fret about your lot and circumstances. You have been trying “providing” work and forgetting that it is yours to obey.

Be wise and attend to the obeying, and let Christ manage the providing. Come and survey your Father’s storehouse, and ask whether He will let you starve while He has laid up so great an abundance in His garner? Look at His heart of mercy; see if that can ever prove unkind! Look at His inscrutable wisdom; see if that will ever be at fault.

Above all, look up to Jesus Christ your Intercessor, and ask yourself, while He pleads, can your Father deal ungraciously with you? If He remembers even sparrows, will He forget one of the least of His poor children? “Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain thee. He will never suffer the righteous to be moved.”

My soul, rest happy in thy low estate,

Nor hope nor wish to be esteem’d or great;

To take the impress of the Will Divine,

Be that thy glory, and those riches thine.


Is someone looking unto Jesus? Always remember that God cannot deal ungraciously with you. He that gave His best- Jesus Christ to ransomed you will not deny you that which is important in the race set before you.

This is our last praying session in this year, maximize it, pray as you never did before now.. Trust God that all the blessings of this year will still locate you and do you good in Jesus Name.

Don’t give up; keep praying until you get the assurance that your answer concerning the issue of concern is settled

Lift up a Holy hand and pray and your answers will locate you in Jesus Name.

Don’t forget to pray concerning the coming year… Take over year 2022 in the place of prayer… you will run around desperately rather lines will fall in pleasant places for you all through the year in Jesus Name Amen!!!

Our Father in heaven as we come before Your throne this day in prayer look down with pity upon us and grant us peace which only can be found in Christ Jesus Your Son amen!!!

Beloveth, let us pray!!! Answers must surely come Amen!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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