The Meek


O Lord my God how excellent is Your Name, in all the earth, how wonderful is Your Name. How excellent is Your Name, how wonderful is Your Name, in all the earth how excellent is Your Name. I come to say thank You, I come to say thank You, all I have to say is thank You Lord. we come to say thank You, we come to say thank You, all I have to say is thank You Lord, thank You Lord.

Excellent is Your Name Lord, in all the earth Lord, You are so good. Thank You for this month, thank You Father, for being God unto us, glory be to Your Name. We bow before Your throne to worship You dear Lord. We grateful for the gift of a new week, our crowning week, glory be to Your Name on High. Come and have Your way again as we sit at Your feet, feed us and pour Your blessings on us, bless us with heavenly blessings in Jesus Name.

Beloved, how are doing? How was your week? Have you been enjoying God’s presence? Has God been good to you and your family? In every thing the Word of God said “ Give thanks.” Are you ready to give thanks to the Almighty? If you are then shouting a powerful alleluia to him Eight times. Wondering why? Beloved, if you are only shouting alleluia to God for all His has done for you from the Beginning of this year till date, than you are not doing so much. The Lord has been so good to me, what about you?

Beloved, we will be continual our series on the Beatitude. And today we will be considering  “Meekness.” My dictionary says “ meekness is showing Mildness or quietness of nature, it is not by no means meaning being coward, however I will stick closely to what was submit below and I pray that God will shine His light as we read.

But who are “the meek?” Not those who grieve at nothing, because they know nothing; who are not discomposed at the evils that occur, because they discern not evil from good. Not those who are sheltered from the shocks of life by a stupid insensibility; who have, either by nature or art, the virtue of stocks and stones, and resent nothing, because they feel nothing. Brute philosophers are wholly unconcerned in this matter. Apathy is as far from meekness as from humanity. So that one would not easily conceive how any Christians of the purer ages, especially any of the Fathers of the Church, could confound these, and mistake one of the foulest errors of Heathenism for a branch of true Christianity.

Nor does Christian meekness imply, the being without zeal for God, any more than it does ignorance or insensibility. No; it keeps clear of every extreme, whether in excess or defect. It does not destroy but balance the affections, which the God of nature never designed should be rooted out by grace, but only brought and kept under due regulations. It poises the mind aright. It holds an even scale, with regard to anger, and sorrow, and fear; preserving the mean in every circumstance of life, and not declining either to the right hand or the left. Meekness, therefore, seems properly to relate to ourselves. But it may be referred either to God or our neighbour. When this due composure of mind has reference to God, it is usually termed resignation; a calm acquiescence in whatsoever is his will concerning us, even though it may not be pleasing to nature; saying continually, “It is the Lord; let him do what seemeth him good.” When we consider it more strictly with regard to ourselves, we style it patience or contentedness. When it is exerted toward other men, then it is mildness to the good, and gentleness to the evil.

They who are truly meek, can clearly discern what is evil; and they can also suffer it. They are sensible of everything of this kind, but still meekness holds the reins. They are exceeding “zealous for the Lord of hosts;” but their zeal is always guided by knowledge, and tempered, in every thought , and word, and work, with the love of man, as well as the love of God. They do not desire to extinguish any of the passions which God has for wise ends implanted in their nature; but they have the mastery of all: They hold them all in subjection, and employ them only in subservience to those ends. And thus even the harsher and more unpleasing passions are applicable to the noblest purposes; even hatred, and anger, and fear, when engaged against sin, and regulated by faith and love, are as walls and bulwarks to the soul, so that the wicked one cannot approach to hurt it.

Meantime “the meek shall inherit the earth.” Such is the foolishness of worldly wisdom! The wise of the world had warned them again and again, — that if they did not resent such treatment, if they would tamely suffer themselves to be thus abused, there would be no living for them upon earth; that they would never be able to procure the common necessaries of life, nor to keep even what they had; that they could expect no peace, no quiet possession, no enjoyment of anything. Most true, — suppose there were no God in the world; or, suppose he did not concern himself with the children of men: But, “when God ariseth to judgment, and to help all the meek upon earth,” how doth he laugh all this heathen wisdom to scorn, and turn the “fierceness of man to his praise!” He takes a peculiar care to provide them with all things needful for life and godliness; he secures to them the provision he hath made, in spite of the force, fraud, or malice of men; and what he secures he gives them richly to enjoy. It is sweet to them, be it little or much. As in patience they possess their souls, so they truly possess whatever God hath given them. They are always content, always pleased with what they have: It pleases them because it pleases God: So that while their heart, their desire, their joy is in heaven, they may truly be said to “inherit the earth.”

Beloved, the meek always “submits” God, to self in patience or contentedness and to others mildness to good, and gentleness to evil. Let us discover more:

“Blessed are the meek,  for they shall inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5

In popular thinking the term meek implies weakness. The word Jesus used had a different meaning. His picture of meekness is that of a stallion that has been brought into subjection to its master. Whereas it once fought against any attempt to bring it under control, resisting direction with all its strength, now it yields its will to its master. The stallion has lost none of its strength or endurance; it has simply turned these over to the control of the master.

For the Christian, meekness requires submitting our will to the Master. Meekness is not submitting to everyone around us; it is taking our direction from God. Meekness means that we do not have to defend our rights, but we allow the Lord to defend us. Meekness means a life that is submissive to the Holy Spirit, giving Him the freedom to make any changes He knows are necessary. Meekness involves a self-control that comes from trusting God. Meekness demonstrates an attitude of long-suffering that allows God to deal with the injustices we face.

Jesus’ life was the paragon of meekness. He could have called upon legions of angels to remove Him from the cross, yet He allowed sinners to torture and kill Him. Although Jesus was by no means powerless to defend Himself, He chose to yield His life to the Father’s will. He did this because He trusted the Father completely. When we doubt the Father, we tend to act in our own strength, rather than relying on His power. Jesus said that in relinquishing control over our lives to God, we will gain life in abundance!

Did you read that Meekness has connection to “Abundant Life?” surprises as I was, let’s discover more:

 “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”John 10:10

Jesus warns us to be on guard for thieves who will try to rob us of what God has for us. Jesus wants us to enjoy abundant life (John 10:10). Since the time of Adam and Eve, people have had to choose whom to believe. Satan convinced Adam and Eve that forfeiting their obedience to God would gain them everything. Instead, their disobedience robbed them of all they had. For the rest of their lives they experienced only a fraction of the blessings God had intended. Scripture is replete with accounts of those who forfeited their inheritance as children of God in order to gain that which was transitory and empty.

The world seeks to convince you that you will find fulfillment if you adopt its standard of morality for your marriage, raising your children, advancing your career, or pursuing pleasure. If you believe this, you will never experience the blessings God intended for you. Sin brings death (Rom. 6:23). It is tragic to listen to the voices of the world instead of to the One who created life and who wants you to experience life to its fullest.

Jesus wants you to live your life with security, knowing that you are a beloved child of God. If you are not experiencing love, joy, and peace, you have settled for less than what God intends for you. If you have been making excuses for why you are not experiencing an abundant and joyful life, determine today to settle for nothing less than God’s best for your life. Stop following the world’s way of finding satisfaction. Instead, listen to the Savior’s voice, and you will find true fulfillment.

Beloved, it means then that when we are not meek, the devil is robbing you of what has in stock for us and that is not the will for God for us. His will is life in abundance. Do also know that when we chose to believe the report other than the report of God we are will not be leaving life in abundance? Beloveth, the Lord will help us to obey and every Word as spoken to us by Him as that is the only way to obtain His blessings and live life abundantly in Jesus Name.

Take this along as you through the week and to the end of this week that our meekness will lead us to be submissive to the “will of God,” patience or contentedness and to others, mildness to good and gentleness to evil.

I top it up with Isa 1:17, Eph 5:8, and 2 Cor 3:3. Paul exemplified same in Gal 2:20. On this note dearly beloved we declare this week open and by the end we will return with testimonies in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

Evang. Ifeoma Ohondu

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