The Purpose of Living



Thank You for saving me thank You my Lord. thank You for saving me thank You my Lord. thank You for saving me thank You me Lord, thank You for saving me thank You my Lord.// Come and see ooo, come and see. Come and see ooo, come and see. Come and see what the Lord has done, it is marvelous in my sight, come and see what the Lord has done, it is wonderful in my sight.

Faithful God we thank You we bless Your Name we magnify Your Name, we worship and adore You for ever. Who is like unto my God, Mighty in battle, Great Morning Star, Excellent is Your Name, Wonderful is Your Name, how Awesome are You, Lord. I don’t know why You love me so, I don’t know why? Thank You for Your unfailing Love Father, thank You for ever being there for us Your children, thank You for raising Your banner of love us. Glory be to Your Name, we exalt You, be magnify forever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, did your pray as you were instructed to do yesterday? It is always a hard thing to do especially when you are up to something and from all indication it seems “God’s Will” is not going toward that direction. The man in you will seek it by all means but you know what if it not in the plan of God for it will manifest however if you manipulate into being, you  are bound to regret it after all.

I remember when I was due for service (NYSC) and all my prayers was to be posted to a particular place for services, but that is not the “Will” or His plan for me, I cannot forget that faithful day I went to see a friend and while I was waiting for the door to be open I saw written on the door opposite “May my Will not lead me where Your grace will not be.”

I shouted no Lord not in this matter; I want to be where at least my families are. Please Lord, I pleaded but God is still merciful, He sent me a town next to where I desired and it was full of wonderful experiences that I am still tapping from till date.

Beloved, the will of God is a surer way to success. In our discussion for today, you will also see same playing out. When you are willing engage in the will of God the “Purpose for living will not be defeated.” You will not depend on man to met your needs but surrender them all to God who will plan out how to met each need as it arise.

He may decide to use man or opportunity to get your needs met. We have to come to the level of trusting God and believing that His “Will” is for our good. Jesus thus said …”Father not my will but Yours.” And the result is salvation to mankind and eternal life to as many as believed in Him to the end.

So do you want to know and live out a purposeful life? Then join me as we discover more:

Deuteronomy 27:1-28:14, Psalm 45:6-12, Proverbs 11:7-8, Luke 10:25-11:4

The Purpose of Living

Love the Lord your God … and your neighbor as yourself.—Luke 10:27


The energy behind most of our behavior (particularly strange or abnormal behavior) is an independent attempt to satiate the deep longings which God—and God alone—can satisfy. If you want to know a biblical reason why people do the things they do, then keep these thoughts in mind.

A man said to me some time ago: “Why do I browbeat my wife and make demands on her which I know are not loving? And why, despite my best efforts to change, do I fall back into my usual patterns?” I told him: “Your legitimate longings for impact and respect are not being met by God, and as you can’t function very well when these longings go unmet, you set about trying to get your wife to meet them.” He saw the point, asked God to forgive him for drinking at the wrong well, and turned in a fresh way to Christ for life and power and reality.

But what about the person who goes in the other direction and withdraws from others, manifesting such symptoms as extreme shyness and some forms of depression? This person is someone who has little awareness of their thirst being quenched by God—hence a degree of inner emptiness—and is motivated to avoid moving toward involvement with others for fear that he or she might be rejected.

Self-enhancement (a selfish attempt to quench our own thirst) or self-rejection—these are the two styles of relationship which characterize many Christians’ lives. And both are a violation of the law of love.


Loving Lord, Your Word is crystal clear—the purpose of living is simply to love as I am loved. If I am not loving others, then quite simply I am not allowing You to love me. I am sinning in both directions. Help me, my Savior. Amen.

Further Study

Jn 13:1-35; 15:12; Mt 22:39; 1Th 3:12

How do we show that we belong to Jesus?

What was Paul’s desire for the Thessalonians?

why do we often shy away from the “will of God” we think cannot met our needs or the way and the time we want it. But we discover and release that God is love and will always want some thing God for us we will be in “will and patiently wait for Him. We will not run ahead of Him neither are we going to abandon why He has place us for something we thought better.

Beloved, you can see that both extreme shyness and self-enhancement of any kind is means lack of confidence in God. we need build up our faith in God through believing Him. learn to lean on the Holy Spirit to do the impossible for you and gradually your trust and confidence in Christ will keep growing till such a time you will declare to all who care to know that “is God or God.”

May God help us to look steadily on Him and gaze on Him until we achieve what we are trusting Him.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

Evang. Ifeoma Ohondu