The Terror of the Lord


Glorious God, Beautiful King, Excellent God we bow before the throne… Glorious! Glorious God! Beautiful King… Excellent God we bow before the throne we bow before Thy throne we worship at Your feet… we bow before the throne You are a Mighty God…// How is Your Name O Lord! How Excellent…How Excellent is Your Name O! Lord… How Excellent is Your Name… how wonderful is Your Name…How Excellent is Your Name O! Lord!!! How Excellent is Your Name, How Wonderful are You Lord …How Excellent is Your Name O Lord…

Our Father we thak You we bless Your Holy Name for Who You are Mighty God in battle we worship and adore Your Holy Name…Thank You Jesus for the great and Wonderful things we see in You, Through You always… You are God and reigneth forever … Our alleluia belong to You Father forever and ever Amen…

Beloveth,… our God is great… So Mighty… let us exalt His Holy Name forever and ever Amen!!! Thank You for another beautiful day in your Presence… Glory Alleluia… We are here again to listen and be blessed..May His Spirit rest upon us and make us Who He want us to be in Jesus Name Amen!!!

Beloveth we have always talk about, sing about, know about the “Goodness of God” but what we don’t talk much or know about is the Terror of the Lord.”

Have you seen the Terror of God? The children of Israelite has a story to tell each time they fell into sin… The angry of God will rise upon them…consume them till they are but a handful…

How do we invoke God’s Terror …when we disobey His Commandments… When we fall into sin and refuse to repent of it… When we blaspheme against the Holy Spirit or Holy Things… When refuse to acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Son of God… When we refuse to be acknowledge His Lordship over our life… the list goes on…beloveth…

Beloveth… is good to know that God Who created the Eden and gave to Adam to keep was also the God who sent him out the garden with his wife Eve and put Cherubims and a flaming sword to prevent  they to eat the tree of life and live for ever (Gen 3:22-24).… God made Sodom and Gomorrah and He destroyed it when He cannot no longer with stand their iniquities (Gen. 18:20-21,24-25)…. God destroy Pharaoh’s troop when they pursued after the Israelite at the Red sea (Exo. 15:22). God destroyed the habitats of the land of Canaan to fulfill His promise to Abraham (Josh 6:1-5)… Herod was eaten up by worms when God’s anger rose against Him also and when God’s terror fell on Nebuchadnezzar  (Dan 4:28-33) and his Son Belshazzar (Dan 5:1-31). And the list goes on…. beloveth…

We should however know that as Loving as God is; we must fear Him lest in anger He destorys…

Come along with us for more:

Knowing, then, the fear of the Lord, we persuade people. We are completely open before God, and I hope we are completely open to your consciences as well.—2 Corinthians 5:11

The fear of God is the greatest deterrent for sin (Exod. 20:20; Prov. 16:6). Those who perceive God as a benevolent and gentle grandfather will treat their sin superficially. They will worship halfheartedly. They will live life on their own terms rather than God’s. But a reverent fear of holy God will dramatically affect the way a person lives. Even though Paul was an apostle of Jesus Christ, he feared God and knew that one day he would stand in judgment to give an account for everything he had done (2 Cor. 5:10).

Our world does not applaud fearfulness. We teach our children to love God, but not to fear Him. We want to present a loving and nonthreatening image of God to nonbelievers in the hope that Christianity will be more appealing to them. One of the great condemnations of our day may be that we have lost the fear of God.

We promote Him as a “best friend” who saves us and “lives in our hearts,” but we do not fear Him. It is true that we are God’s adopted children and that we are fellow heirs, even friends, with Jesus (Rom. 8:16–17; John 15:14–15), but we are not His equals. He has forgiven us, but we are still His creatures. He is God, and we are not!

If you find that you have become complacent with God’s commands and have become comfortable in your sin, you are completely isolated from God’s holiness. Take time to meditate upon the awesome holiness of God and allow the Holy Spirit to instill into your life a proper reverence for almighty God (Isa. 40:12–26). A deep sense of awe is essential to knowing God.

In this month of Divine encounter may we encounter our Maker… may we receive from on high the Awe that make a man know God deeply…. Praise the Name of the Lord Alleluia!!! resolve to encounter the of All grace… Prayer and ask for His outpouring of His Spirit upon you… (Acts 2:2-4) may not fall into the terror of God either by omission or commission in Jesus Name…. Don’t forget the final Judgement; may you and I not fall into God’s Terror in Jesus name…. click here to escape God’s Terror.

Join us to sing this song to His glory….

More of You…more of You Lord…. Jesus more of you

You make my life so beautiful
As You are You have made me here on earth
There’s nothing greater than this
That’s why I love You for evermore

I want more of You
I want more of You Jesus
The more I know You the more I want to know You
Jesus more of You

Further Reading: Heb 9:15, I Jn 4:4. Ps 27:7-9, 2 Cor. 3:17.


Remain blessed in the Lord.

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