His Name is higher far above other names, His Name is Jesus, His Name God!!! His Name is higher far above other names; His Name is Jesus, His Name is God. (I lift Your higher far above other names)// glorious God! Beautiful King, Excellent God I bow before Thy throne.

Who is like unto Thee O! Lord! Father there is no like Thee! You are Lord let Thy Name be glorify. Let the Living water flow over my soul. Our Father we thank You we bless Your Holy Name! we exalt Thee! we give You Praise, adoration belongs to You! let everything that breath Praise the Lord.

Thank You Father for being there for us, our Present help in time of need. Our Jehovah Shammer, Our Jehovah Ralph, we give You Praise forever (Ps 9) in Jesus Name!

Beloveth, come let us worship the Lord for Him alone is worthy of our Praise. Thank Him for His Presence in our midst. Thank Him for His Promise to us that He will bring to pass. Praise and worship Him forever in Jesus Name!

Beloveth are ready to run the race set for us this month? the Lord promised us More of Blessings which I believe will go with More of Presence, somebody shout alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes More of His Presence because where the Presence of God is there will His Blessings also be.

And the Presence of God is assured in our worship, in our fellowship and walk with Him. Beloveth we shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of the Father’s house somebody shout alleluia!

Our blessings table has been set; are ready to partake of what the Lord has set before you? Beloveth don’t absent yourself from the Lord’s table which we will all have with groom at last. Now coming down to our blessings that are set before you by God, how do you want partake of it?

God have said you will be abundantly satisfy but they is a but will you make yourself available or will you excuse yourself as many do (Matt 22:5-6)

Beloveth if the promise that has gone forth is for you; please join to to discover more:

“They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of Thy house.” Psalm 36:8

Sheba’s queen was amazed at the sumptuousness of Solomon’s table. She lost all heart when she saw the provision of a single day; and she marvelled equally at the company of servants who were feasted at the royal board. But what is this to the hospitalities of the God of grace?

Ten thousand thousand of his people are daily fed; hungry and thirsty, they bring large appetites with them to the banquet, but not one of them returns unsatisfied; there is enough for each, enough for all, enough for evermore. Though the host that feed at Jehovah’s table is countless as the stars of heaven, yet each one has his portion of meat.

Think how much grace one saint requires, so much that nothing but the Infinite could supply him for one day; and yet the Lord spreads His table, not for one, but many saints, not for one day, but for many years; not for many years only, but for generation after generation.

Observe the full feasting spoken of in the text, the guests at mercy’s banquet are satisfied, nay, more “abundantly satisfied;” and that not with ordinary fare, but with fatness, the peculiar fatness of God’s own house; and such feasting is guaranteed by a faithful promise to all those children of men who put their trust under the shadow of Jehovah’s wings.

I once thought if I might but get the broken meat at God’s back door of grace I should be satisfied; like the woman who said, “The dogs eat of the crumbs that fall from the master’s table;” but no child of God is ever served with scraps and leavings; like Mephibosheth, they all eat from the king’s own table.

In matters of grace, we all have Benjamin’s mess—we all have ten times more than we could have expected, and though our necessities are great, yet are we often amazed at the marvellous plenty of grace which God gives us experimentally to enjoy.

Beloveth, the grace is available make yourself available and partake at the Lord’s table of divers blessings. Don’t allow any hindrance, shun excuses and make yourself available at the table.

Praise the Name of Jesus!!!!!!

Forever O Lord! Your Word is settle, is settle in heaven!

Beloveth be available everyday to get the key to the promise.

Remain blessed in the Lord!

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