On the way to Calvary he went for me, He went for me, Jesus went for me. On the way to Calvary he went for me, He went for me, Jesus went for me, He died to set me free alleluia.// What shall I render, What shall I render, What shall I render to You O! God, I will exalt Your Name and shout alleluia what shall I render to You O Lord! I will praises, I will render praises, I will render praises to You O! Lord, I will exalt Your Name and shout alleluia I will render praises to You O Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Father I will render praises to You for all the miracles and love You have shown to me, I will render praises to You O Lord! Great is Thy faithfulness, great is Thy faithfulness morning by morning new mercies I see, all that I needed Your hand has provided, great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto Thee!!!!!!!!!!!

Be Thou exalted, be Thy exalted be Thy exalted Immanuel. Be Thy exalted, be Thou exalted, be Thou exalted Immanuel. Yes we glorify, we magnify You, we give You Praise. Forever You will be, they Lamb upon the throne, I gladly bow my knees to worship You dear Lord!

Yes Lord, my alleluia belongs to You O Lord! Thank You for this boundless love that made You to save a wretched sinner like me. Thank You for not allowing me to die and be gone to hell, thank You for being the Good Shepherd, what more can I say Lord! Thank You for dying on the Cross that I may live forever with You in Your kingdom. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Lord!

Beloved, join us for more of this love:


“They took Jesus, and led Him away.” John 19:16


He had been all night in agony, He had spent the early morning at the hall of Caiaphas, He had been hurried from Caiaphas to Pilate, from Pilate to Herod, and from Herod back again to Pilate; He had, therefore, but little strength left, and yet neither refreshment nor rest were permitted Him. They were eager for His blood, and therefore led Him out to die, loaded with the cross. O dolorous procession! Well may Salem’s daughters weep. My soul, do thou weep also.

What learn we here as we see our blessed Lord led forth? Do we not perceive that truth which was set forth in shadow by the scapegoat? Did not the high-priest bring the scapegoat, and put both his hands upon its head, confessing the sins of the people, that thus those sins might be laid upon the goat, and cease from the people? Then the goat was led away by a fit man into the wilderness, and it carried away the sins of the people, so that if they were sought for they could not be found.

Now we see Jesus brought before the priests and rulers, who pronounce Him guilty; God Himself imputes our sins to Him, “the Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all;” “He was made sin for us;” and, as the substitute for our guilt, bearing our sin upon His shoulders, represented by the cross; we see the great Scapegoat led away by the appointed officers of justice.

Beloved, can you feel assured that He carried your sin? As you look at the cross upon His shoulders, does it represent your sin? There is one way by which you can tell whether He carried your sin or not. Have you laid your hand upon His head, confessed your sin, and trusted in Him? Then your sin lies not on you; it has all been transferred by blessed imputation to Christ, and He bears it on His shoulder as a load heavier than the cross.

Let not the picture vanish till you have rejoiced in your own deliverance, and adored the loving Redeemer upon whom your iniquities were laid.

Yes! Christ the Redeemer, all hail King Immanuel, all hail Immanuel, You went to Cross that I will share eternity with You at the end, all hail Immanuel in the very highest.

Beloved, do you see your sin upon His shoulder on the Cross; believe and it will be counted for you as righteousness. Believe also that He will rise on the third day and afterward seated at the right Hand of God the Father, where He will continual intercede for you till you make it glory.

Beloved, Friday is good because Easter is assured, believe it by faith and fear no more, for the avenger of blood will not reach you because Christ has paid the Ultimate price – Death on the Cross and there He declared “it is finish”. Praise the Lord alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!     


Remain blessed in the Lord.

naija hausa