May 27

Almighty King of glory, hallow be Thy Name. Let Thy kingdom come and Thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven. Blessed Redeemer, we worship You, we bless Your Holy Name, we honoured You forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Eternal Rock of Ages, we bow before Your Throne of mercy. Be Thou magnified, let all our praises and worship be ascribed unto You Alone Who is Worthy of our praise. Father, You are worthy to be glorified, receive our worship unto You in Jesus.

Beloved, in all your possession, do you have our Lord Jesus as your portion? Some people glory in their gettings or possessions without Christ. Having witness many deaths of beloved ones recently, one wonder why the killings and maim of one another just to get an earthly possession which you must leave behind when you depart this earth. Why are we not given top priorities to the things of God being the only thing that will be with us till eternity?

Child of God, do you know that in that hour of agony or death, your gold or silver will be no comfort to you but sources of worries and anxieties but if you have Jesus, you will have a place of solace and succor? This is one of the hard sayings of  the bible but very important. It is good for us to remind ourselves the truth of why we sojourn here on earth. More from the message:

“Thou art my portion, O Lord.” Psalm 119:57

Look at thy possessions, O believer, and compare thy portion with the lot of thy fellowmen. Some of them have their portion in the field; they are rich, and their harvests yield them a golden increase; but what are harvests compared with thy God, who is the God of harvests? What are bursting granaries compared with Him, who is the Husbandman, and feeds thee with the bread of heaven?

Some have their portion in the city; their wealth is abundant, and flows to them in constant streams, until they become a very reservoir of gold; but what is gold compared with thy God? Thou couldst not live on it; thy spiritual life could not be sustained by it. Put it on a troubled conscience, and could it allay its pangs? Apply it to a desponding heart, and see if it could stay a solitary groan, or give one grief the less? But thou hast God, and in Him thou hast more than gold or riches ever could buy.

Some have their portion in that which most men love—applause and fame; but ask thyself, is not thy God more to thee than that? What if a myriad clarions should be loud in thine applause, would this prepare thee to pass the Jordan, or cheer thee in prospect of judgment? No, there are griefs in life which wealth cannot alleviate; and there is the deep need of a dying hour, for which no riches can provide.

But when thou hast God for thy portion, thou hast more than all else put together. In Him every want is met, whether in life or in death. With God for thy portion thou art rich indeed, for He will supply thy need, comfort thy heart, assuage thy grief, guide thy steps, be with thee in the dark valley, and then take thee home, to enjoy Him as thy portion for ever. “I have enough,” said Esau; this is the best thing a worldly man can say, but Jacob replies, “I have all things,” which is a note too high for carnal minds.

Beloved, do you have all things including Jesus or you just have enough? Give an answer to this question by carrying out self – examination. If you still cannot give a satisfactory and definite answer to the above question, come along with me to have more clue:

“We dwell in Him.” 1John 4:13

Do you want a house for your soul? Do you ask, “What is the purchase?” It is something less than proud human nature will like to give. It is without money and without price. Ah! you would like to pay a respectable rent! You would love to do something to win Christ? Then you cannot have the house, for it is “without price.” Will you take my Master’s house on a lease for all eternity, with nothing to pay for it, nothing but the ground-rent of loving and serving Him for ever?

Will you take Jesus and “dwell in Him?” See, this house is furnished with all you want, it is filled with riches more than you will spend as long as you live. Here you can have intimate communion with Christ and feast on His love; here are tables well-stored with food for you to live on for ever; in it, when weary, you can find rest with Jesus; and from it you can look out and see heaven itself.

Will you have the house? Ah! if you are houseless, you will say, “I should like to have the house; but may I have it?” Yes; there is the key—the key is, “Come to Jesus.” “But,” you say, “I am too shabby for such a house.” Never mind; there are garments inside. If you feel guilty and condemned, come; and though the house is too good for you, Christ will make you good enough for the house by-and-by. He will wash you and cleanse you, and you will yet be able to sing, “We dwell in Him.” Believer: thrice happy art thou to have such a dwelling-place!

Greatly privileged thou art, for thou hast a “strong habitation” in which thou art ever safe. And “dwelling in Him,” thou hast not only a perfect and secure house, but an everlasting one. When this world shall have melted like a dream, our house shall live, and stand more imperishable than marble, more solid than granite, self-existent as God, for it is God Himself—”We dwell in Him.”

Will you be able to say it, “I dwell in Him”? Cross examine yourself again and retrace your step if need be. Make your abode in the Jesus your Saviour. Put all your trust in Him and you will never be disappointed here on earth and great beyond.

Beloved, secure your abode in Christ now while it is still day before it becomes dark and too late for you. Click here to accept Christ  NOW!

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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