“Thou shalt see now whether My word shall come to pass unto thee or not.”


Good morning Jesus, Good morning Lord, I know You come from heaven above. The Holy Spirit is on the throne, Good morning Jesus Good morning Lord.// Thank You, thank You Lord, thank You Lord, thank You Lord for everything You have done in my life.

Father receive our Praise and honour today, thank You for answering our prayers, thank You for the gift of life, You are Awesome Wonder, The Beginning and End, glory be to your Name on high forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Be glorify, be glorify, be glorify in the heaven, be glorify here on earth. Jesus! Be Thou glorify!!!!

Our Father, we glorify Your Holy Name. We Praise Thee, we worship Thee, we give You Praise, adoration to you Holy Name in Jesus Name. Have Your way Lord, do that which no man can in our lives and be Thou glorify in Jesus Name Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

The Word of God is yea and Amen, His Word is like as a fire? His Word is like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces. Have a said a thing and will not bring it to past?

Holy on to the promises of God, fret not, do not be dismay, call on the Name of the Lord, ask Him to increase your faith so that you will not be hearers of Word but also doers in Jesus Name.

Beloveth is an action word. Bro James said in his book show your faith without works and I will show my faith with work.

Beloveth, Faith – no matter how small- is a powerful thing. In the book of John, one of Jesus’ followers John, describes a time when Jesus got so fired yp that He preached and taught well into the evening. People started to get hungry, so His followers asked Jesus if He could wrap it up and send the crowd home for dinner. Instead, Jesus told His followers to find food. The best they could do was a little boys’ lunch. That day, Jesus fed more than 5000 people using five loves of bread and two small fish.

Talk about a miracle! Because one little boy had enough faith to give all that he had, thousands of people were fed “as much as they wanted” (Jn 6:11). The boy not only got back more than what he gave, he was able to share with thousands because there was so much.

Beloveth, God doesn’t ask us to give because He is need what we have. God wants us to give because we need what He has. Your faith in giving has a bigger impact than you could ever imagine. When we decide to step up and give, God will use our faith to do miracles.

Let consider the topic before us today and see how faith in God’s Word benefits the hearer but more in the doing – Jas 1:22

“Thou shalt see now whether My word shall come to pass unto thee or not.” Numbers 11:23

God had made a positive promise to Moses that for the space of a whole month He would feed the vast host in the wilderness with flesh. Moses, being overtaken by a fit of unbelief, looks to the outward means, and is at a loss to know how the promise can be fulfilled. He looked to the creature instead of the Creator.

But doth the Creator expect the creature to fulfil His promise for Him? No; He who makes the promise ever fulfils it by His own unaided omnipotence. If He speaks, it is done—done by Himself. His promises do not depend for their fulfillment upon the co-operation of the puny strength of man.

We can at once perceive the mistake which Moses made. And yet how commonly we do the same! God has promised to supply our needs, and we look to the creature to do what God has promised to do; and then, because we perceive the creature to be weak and feeble, we indulge in unbelief.

Why look we to that quarter at all? Will you look to the north pole to gather fruits ripened in the sun? Verily, you would act no more foolishly if ye did this than when you look to the weak for strength, and to the creature to do the Creator’s work.

Let us, then, put the question on the right footing. The ground of faith is not the sufficiency of the visible means for the performance of the promise, but the all-sufficiency of the invisible God, who will most surely do as He hath said.

If after clearly seeing that the onus lies with the Lord and not with the creature, we dare to indulge in mistrust, the question of God comes home mightily to us: “Has the Lord’s hand waxed short?”

May it happen, too, in His mercy, that with the question there may flash upon our souls that blessed declaration, “Thou shalt see now whether My word shall come to pass unto thee or not.”

Beloveth our sufficiency is of God. We cannot make it happen but we can through our faith in Jesus Christ that He can make all things possible at His time.

What are trust God for, can you put your faith in him and step out and see if He cannot make good of his promise to you. Hold fast to the faith you profess and see God in action. Remember Faith no matter how small is powerful.

His Word of “Remembrance through Jesus Christ” is still very active, look unto him to bring it to past. Praise the Name of the Lord Alleluia!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.