I will lift up Jesus higher, I will lift up Jesus higher, O! Jehovah Alpha Omega I will lift up Jesus higher, O! Jehovah, Alpha Omega I will lift up Jesus higher.// Lord You are faithful, faithful, faithful, faithful are You Lord.  Lord You are faithful, faithful, faithful, faithful are You Lord.

You are Unchangeable, Reliable, Dependable, You are my All in All. Faithful Father we thank You, we adore You, we give You Praise, we adore You, we worship You, be Thou exalted in Jesus Name. How Excellent, How Wonderful You are Lord! Great is Thy faithfulness O! Lord my Creator, there is no casting of shadow with Thee, and You Change not, blessed be Thy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name.

We thank You Father for the great and Mighty things You have done for us, great are You Lord, You are greatly to be Praise Father You reign. You are Mighty man in battle El-Shaddia, Father we exalt You forever, we Magnify You, we give You Praise, adoration to Your Holy Name, Bless be Thy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, how are doing? How was your weekend? Hope it was such a wonderful one? Praise be to God! Our God is Great and Mighty, Beautiful are the works of Hand, He is Beautiful for all situation. It doesn’t matter what is happening right now but one thing I know is that all work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose (Rom 8:28).

That situation will work out for your good if you love God and if you are called, so either way you are a winner. So be clam and look steadily unto Jesus- the Author and Finisher of our faith, He will make a way where there is no way, He will give water in the desert, He will grant you success. He will sustain you, He will heal you, He will lead you from obscurity to light for you are the apple of God’s eye, Praise the Lord!

Do you know even in that difficult situation, the comforter is close to you to comfort you, to guide you, and to help you, don’t be weigh down with that daunting situation and it shall be well with you. to him there is nothing that is impossible.

Join me to sing, what shall I say unto the Lord, all I have to say is thank You Lord! What shall I say unto the Lord, all I have to say is thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! All I have to say is thank You Lord!

Yes! We have just thank God ahead of the victories He has granted us, glory be God in the highest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, it may be very difficult to Praise when one is in a very tight position, but I know that when we Praise instead of mourn, heaven rejoices and sooner answers will come. You are simple telling God “I know you are able,” “I know you can do it,” I know that nothing is impossible unto Thee.” Imagine that God, Who gave His Son for your salvation from eternal death, will He not freely gave you all things?

Beloveth our God is beautiful for all situation, He will come and not delay, He will send help and not keep quiet, He will arise and His enemies will surrender. He will come and delay not. Give God a clap offering in affirmation of these declarations!!!!!!!!! (1Pet 5:7, 4:14, Rom 6:23)

 Beloved, the topic before us today is about wrong perception of “Trinity” that has run through ages, is possible you are among those who received wrong teaching concerning it. Is also possible you don’t even know what we are talking about then this is an opportunity for you to get the right information and be rightly informed about the “Trinity”

God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost is three God in one God, was that the teaching you received, then you are on the right path anything short of this divine truth is erroneous. In the beginning we saw God in creation having His Spirit moved upon the face of the waters, then we also saw Him say “let us make man in our image, after our likeness and let them have dominion over ….and so God created man in His own image (Gen 1:1-3, 26).

This is a pointer that God was working with other partners not just Himself alone. At this stage God creation, God the Son was silence upon until when man fall, God the Father introduce God the Son as the only Redeemer that can save man from eternal destruction, but the time and condition must be present for that to come to pass (Gen 3:15, Lk 1:30-33, Matt 22:44).

We have treated “Trinity” in different many versions this year, where we discussed about different emphasis lay by different churches. Some churches lay emphasis more on the Holy Spirit and God, while some others emphasizes more on God the Son and God the Father and less of the Spirit. There are also those who speak more about God with less emphasis on the Son and the Holy Spirit.

These are all erroneous and we must be careful about how we propound doctrines for our members to avoid heresy. Beloved, we read must our bible to get the right information about God and not believing in one information from one individual about an extra-ordinary revelation which has no root from the Word of God.

Come along with us for more insight and be rightly guided:


Esther 5:1-7:10, Psalm 102:23-28, Proverbs 20:28-30, Romans 15:14-33

Three Great Errors

Now I appeal to you … through our Lord Jesus Christ and through the love of the Spirit, to join with me in fervent prayers to God.—Romans 15:30

“God is One, yet God is Three. How can such a strange thing be?” These are the lines of a ditty that supposedly was sung by troops on the march in World War I. Theologians down the ages have tried to illuminate this doctrine for us, but it is an issue that will never be fully clarified until we arrive in heaven (1Co 13:12). Basically the doctrine of the Trinity is God is One but with three distinct centers of consciousness. Around this truth a number of errors have been propounded.

The first was the teaching that there are three gods. The Jehovah’s Witnesses accuse present-day Christians of believing this and say that we conceive of God as a body with three heads. That might be true of ancient heresy, but it is not true of classic Trinitarianism. The second heresy taught that God is unipersonal and the other two Persons in the Trinity are simply manifestations of the one God. The third main error denied the equality of the divine Persons and regarded them as being of different rank.

The historic church formulated the Athanasian Creed, which states that we worship one God in Trinity and Trinity in unity. What we must see, however, is that no words can fully explain the truth of the Trinity. “The creed is a safety net to keep us from falling into error,” says one preacher, “rather than a verbal net in which to trap the truth.” We use the term “Trinity” expecting not so much that in that one word the truth may be spoken, but that it may not be left unspoken.


Father, I see that life often presents me with facts which seem irreconcilable at one stage of knowledge, though better understood at another. Perhaps one day this great mystery of the Trinity may be cleared up. Meanwhile I simply worship and adore. Amen.

Further Study

1Pt 1:1-6; 1Tm 2:5

How did Peter distinguish the members of the Trinity?

What did Paul confirm to Timothy?

Beloved is possible you are acting on ignorance but remember the times of ignorance the Lord overlook and to this present time He has provided for us a more better understanding. Do not die in your ignorance embrace the right teaching and you will fail at the end (Num. 15:22-29, Job 42:3, Act 17:17, 23, 30, 1 Tim. 1:13, Heb 9:7, 1 Pet 1:14-15).

We have God the Father, God the son, God the Holy Spirit three God in on one God, still a mystery, may God help our understanding in Jesus Name, Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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