To Glorify Christ Jesus


Lord You are so good, Lord You are excellent, Lord You are wonderful, my God You are Marvellous, excellent is Your Name, Excellent is Your power, Lord You are wonderful, my God You are glorious.// Thank You, Thank You Lord, Father, Thank You Lord, Thank You Lord for everything You have done, in my life, Thank You, Thank You Lord, Father, Thank You Lord, Thank You for everything You have done. (in my family, in the ministry, ….)

Yes! Lord we Thank You for everything You have done in my life, in my home, in the ministry, Father we bless Your Holy Name, Thank You for You are Excellent, everything about You depicts ‘Excellence’. Father, You are above all. We bow in worship with the host of angels and the twenty and four elders to worship You and adore You for You are Excellent. Thank You for being God indeed unto us. Blessed be thy Holy Name forever Amen!

Beloved, is prayer time! The first of in this glorious month, are you excited? I am, what about you? Praise the Lord. I think you should or where else can a Christian find fulfillment except in the presence of God? How do enter into God’s presence?  Prayers is one of such means in accessing the presence of God.

Beloved, through prayer we access the mind of God, isn’t that wonderful? When we pray, we tell God all our needs and at the same time God tells us His mind concerning what you have just ask for in pray. But oftentimes what is in practice is that some people loving praying just because they will have the privilege to talk to God but they are so impatient to wait to get answers from God neither will they go further  to search the scripture on what they have prayed for. This is where majority of miss it.

Is so important that we listen to what God is saying before rushing ahead to do what we have just mentioned to God concluding that God will endorse it.

Looking at Jesus’s prayer life, He displayed a level of humility while praying to His Father, in John 11:41, 42- though He has power to raise Lazarus from death but He seek not His own glory but He want His Father glorified. And by this also he taught us that God answers prayer when we pray with humility.

Jesus though God still humble Himself in prayer. He prayed concerning any matter before going ahead with it and that account for His great successes He enjoyed all through His ministries (Mk 1:35-39; Lk 6:12). He prays in God’s will (Lk 9:28; 11:2; 18:1; Matt 26:39). He prays until the angels ministers back to Him before He goes ahead (Lk 22:42-44).

Beloved, we are to do same else we miss it and keep running through a trouble waters. That is why we have so many abandoned projects in our lives, so let’s beware.

In the Old Testament mode of worship to me looks very cumbersome because you have to go to some designated places to perform one act of prayer, offering or sacrifice. More still you have no personal interaction with God except what the high priest said.

Beloved, this virtue ‘meekness’ as it is in Christ Jesus abolished all the protocols and grant us access into the holies of Holy. You can call on God anywhere, any time and He will answer you while you are yet speaking.  Where we were once rejected; we are now welcomed. Where we were told don’t go; we now have free access. Beloved, all ‘don’t’ was turn around for our good, it isn’t that something to rejoice about.

Come, let us glorify God through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit. Beloved, this is era we are in, the era of the Holy Spirit. The old is gone and now we are have access to God through the blood of Jesus and with the help of the Holy Spirit we pray and have answers, glory be to God.

Let get to the day’s teaching:

“He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you.” John 16:14

The Holy Ghost Himself cannot better glorify the Lord Jesus than by showing to us Christ’s own things. Jesus is His own best commendation. There is no adorning Him except with His own gold.

The Comforter shows us that which He has received of our Lord Jesus. We never see anything aright till He reveals it. He has a way of opening our minds, and of opening the Scriptures, and by this double process He sets forth our Lord to us. There is much art in setting forth a matter, and that art belongs in the highest degree to the Spirit of truth. He shows us the things themselves. This is a great privilege, as those know who have enjoyed the hallowed vision.

Let us seek the illumination of the Spirit; not to gratify our curiosity, nor even to bring us personal comfort, so much as to glorify the Lord Jesus. Oh, to have worthy ideas of Him! Groveling notions dishonor our precious Lord. Oh, to have such vivid impressions of His person, and work, and glory, that we may with heart and soul cry out to His praise! Where there is a heart enriched by the Holy Ghost’s teaching there will be a Saviour glorified beyond expression. Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly light, and show us Jesus our Lord!

Every word spoken to us by God must find fulfillment, I am a living testimony. Thank God for the wonderful work at Calvary, we were welcomed into God’s presence without restriction or hindrance. We became people near to Him. Praise the Name of Jesus. Let’s continue:

“A people near unto him.” Psalm 148:14


The dispensation of the old covenant was that of distance. When God appeared even to His servant Moses, He said, “Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet”; and when He manifested Himself upon Mount Sinai, to His own chosen and separated people, one of the first commands was, “Thou shalt set bounds about the mount.”

Both in the sacred worship of the tabernacle and the temple, the thought of distance was always prominent. The mass of the people did not even enter the outer court. Into the inner court none but the priests might dare to intrude; while into the innermost place, or the holy of holies, the high priest entered but once in the year.

It was as if the Lord in those early ages would teach man that sin was so utterly loathsome to Him, that He must treat men as lepers put without the camp; and when He came nearest to them, He yet made them feel the width of the separation between a holy God and an impure sinner.

When the gospel came, we were placed on quite another footing. The word “Go” was exchanged for “Come”; distance was made to give place to nearness, and we who aforetime were afar off, were made nigh by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Incarnate Deity has no wall of fire about it. “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest,” is the joyful proclamation of God as He appears in human flesh. Not now does He teach the leper his leprosy by setting him at a distance, but by Himself suffering the penalty of His defilement.

What a state of safety and privilege is this nearness to God through Jesus! Do you know it by experience? If you know it, are you living in the power of it? Marvellous is this nearness, yet it is to be followed by a dispensation of greater nearness still, when it shall be said, “The tabernacle of God is with men, and He doth dwell among them.” Hasten it, O Lord.

Beloved, all this was made possible through the meekness our Jesus displayed when God ask who shall we send/ he left the Throne for Your salvation. He left His comfort zone for you to be part of God’s kingdom.

How well are doing in this area? Many Christian will neither ‘go’ or will they ‘groan’. They want comfort all the way. Many cannot support the work of ministry nor the ministers. Where are you here, dear beloved?

Pray for grace to be useful in God’s kingdom. Be humbly enough in the place of pray and pray according to God’s will and receive answers to your prayers in Jesus Name.

Beloved, the old dispensation is gone, we are in the era of the Holy Spirit. Glory be to God.

Beloved, the Holy Spirit is here to help your infirmities, so pray in Jesus Name and be bless, I pray in Jesus Name!

Remain blessed in the Lord.