Toward Perfection


I will exalt You Lord for Thou has lifted me above my enemies Your banner over is love. I will exalt You Jesus, for Thou has lifted me above my enemies Your banner over is love. I will lift up Your Name, I will lift up Your Name, I will lift up Your Name, I will lift up Your Name I will lift up Your Name, above every other Name.// great is Thy faithfulness, great is nthy faithfulness morning by morning new mercies I see, all that I needed Your hands has provided, great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me.

Father. we thank You, we bless your Holy Name. thank for the miracle of week. Thank You for testimonies of Your goodness, how excellent, how Wonderful are You Lord. Thank You forYour untold blessings of the week, healings only You could have done. Thank You for the provisions of the week an protection, blessed be Thy Name on Lord.

Father we cannot thank You enough, Your miracle working God, Your unchangeable Changer, bless be Thy Name forever Amen!

Beloved, hope you had a wonderful week, mine was good, I must confess, God made really a blessing to and I return with a grateful heart to worship Him who is worthy of my praise. Father receive all adoration in Jesus Name.

Is our PCL session and I believe God that the ministration of today will impart your life and make you better in the service of God and humanities in Jesus Name.

Considering our theme for the month, it can only be a loving Father that will desire victory for His children and the motivating factor behind it can only be love. Yes! Love “For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believe Him shall not die but have everlasting life.”

God saved us from sin and promise us freedom from sin and sorrow. Having done that God also required from us to also fear Him, love Him and serve Him but among these things are the most important of its all, is the fear of God.

Do you fear God? Do you reverence Him? Someone is asking how? Beloved in your action and deeds do you honour God or stand in awe of Him? in your relationship with others do you honour God? Mind you I am not confusing honour and fear.

When you fear God; you honour Him in your words and action.  For more of it let see more for yourself:

Deuteronomy 9:1-10:22, Psalm 41:1-6, Proverbs 10:15-17, Luke 7:11-35      

Toward Perfection

What does the Lord your God ask of you except to fear the Lord your God?—Deuteronomy 10:12

The first thing God called Israel to do—when He announced that they were to be His special people and to live the way He wanted them to live—was to fear Him. Loving Him, serving Him, and keeping His laws were of great importance, of course, but the very first things God asked of them were reverence and fear.

How does all this relate to the love of God? When thinking about God, it is wise to see love and holiness as intertwined; not to do so can sometimes lead to serious error.

Many in today’s church present the love of God in such a way that it has given rise to the saying “God loves me as I am.” The idea in many minds is: “God loves me as I am, and whether I go on from here or whether I stay the same, it makes no difference to His love for me.” This is entirely true, but it is not the entire truth. Because God is love, He loves us as we are, but because He is holy love, He loves us too much to let us stay as we are. Yes, we can be secure in the fact that God loves us just the way we are, but the holy love of God calls us to move ever closer to Him. It cries out: “Be holy as I am holy.”

Error is truth out of balance. We need to rejoice in the fact that we are loved because of who we are and not for what we do, but we must see also that God’s love is a holy love and thus will inevitably prod us toward perfection.


O Father, help me keep these two things in balance—both Your love and Your holiness. Don’t let the security I feel as I rest in Your love turn to smugness and complacency. Show me that though I am accepted “in the Beloved,” that does not mean You don’t want me to come closer. Amen.

Further Study

1Sm 6:1-21; Rv 15:4

What question did the men of Beth-shemesh ask?

What truth was revealed to John in the song of the Lamb?

Beloved, you cannot love a Holy God without holiness. This is a call for holiness and nothing short of it.

May God cloth us holiness and His love as we fear and reverence Him amen!

Beloved may our weekend be blessed in Jesus Name. see you next week by God’s grace.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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