Trusting God First    


Praising the Lord always, praising the Lord always, praising the Lord with all my Praise, praising the Lord with all my heart amen, alleluia my Lord is good, alleluia, my Lord is good, alleluia my Lord is good, He is good to me 3x. I will sing unto the Lord a joyful song I will Praise His Name for my God is good. Sister, sing unto the Lord a joyful song, I will praised the Lord for my God is good. O my brother sing unto the Lord a joyful song, I will Praise the Lord, for my God is good.

Good morning Father, Good morning Son, Good morning Holy Spirit, Who is like unto Thee, great are your works Lord; be Thou glorified. You order steps of children, we worship You above all the earth, King of kings, Everlasting Father, Wonderful Redeemer, be highly exalted in Jesus Name. Thank You for doing us good, thank You for opening our eyes to behold the wonders of Your Hand, be magnified in Jesus Name.

Beloved, let us give Praise to the Lord Who did not leave us orphans but steadily directing the affairs of His children, glory be to His  Name O Lord! Glory, glory, alleluia, amen.

Thanks be God on Whose mercies we are standing tall, the thief cometh but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy; Jesus come that we may have life in abundance. Glory be to God on high. Jn 10:10.

Is someone happy to hear the good news? For God so love the word that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever that believe in Him shall not die but have everlasting life (Jn 3:16). Praise the Lord.

I so much love the above scriptures and they are my confidence in God. He did not spare His Son but gave Him up for you and I, what more can He cannot do for us. I quite understand and appreciate the facts that there situations that are quite enormous and overwhelming. At such time you don’t know what to believe any more. You don’t even know who to trust anymore. You are wishing and believing that end will come to such situation. You are praying but you don’t know if answers will ever come. The trusted friends and family members have deserted you, you don’t know what to believe anymore or who to trust anymore, beloved, there is only one person who you can trust, that is God, Who spareth not His own begotten Son but gave Him up for you so that you will have life in abundance so that after lived your live here on earth, you will have a place in heaven to spend eternity.

He is waiting for you to come back to Him so that He will hand you over to His dear Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd to take care of you. Hope you have not forgotten the ministration on regeneration we had two days ago.

Beloved, the act of trusting God, start from trusting the work of salvation. Why did I say that, if you don’t accept the finish work of Calvary, it will be very difficult for you to trust God in any other aspect of your life. Satan has succeeded in making some people to believe that there no life after death, so made them believe that they better enjoy their life here once and for all. Even when such individuals  finally accepts Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour now then the trauma beings, he will make them doubt their salvation package and will daily condemn them by telling you such thing like “how do you ever think that God will forgive you after all the sin you have committed?”

But if they have taken time to study the scripture and know the promises of our Lord Jesus Christ like “He will never cast away any person that comes to Him.” If also know that they are now a new creatures when they first came to Christ then the job is half done and then they begin to exercise authority over anything that is not meant to be in their lives then they are safe and secured else trusting God for life after death will forever be a mirage and satan will box them in a corner forever (2Cor 5:17).

So for growth in both physical and spiritual life, you must trust God or you will live your life in circles all the days of your life and you will died without hope of being risen on the last day. Beloved, if you cannot trust God on simple things like salvation how much more will you trust in Him in other things. Come with along for more discoveries:


This is what the Lord says: Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind, who makes [human] flesh his strength and turns his heart from the Lord.—Jeremiah 17:5

The Israelites of Jeremiah’s day believed they could trust in their army, the diplomacy of their king, and their foreign alliances to protect them from the powerful Babylonian empire. They gave lip service to their trust in God, but their actions showed where their faith really was: in their military and financial might. God spoke through Jeremiah to warn them that He would not bless those who trusted in anyone or anything instead of Him.

Placing your ultimate trust in anything other than God is idolatry. How can you know if your faith is not truly in God? Ask yourself these questions: Where do I turn when I experience a crisis? When I am hurting or afraid, to whom do I go? When I have a financial problem, whom do I want to tell first? Where do I seek comfort when I am under stress or discouraged?

Could it be that you are saying you trust in God but your actions indicate otherwise? God often uses other people as His method of providing for you. Be careful lest you inadvertently misdirect your faith toward His provision instead of toward the Provider. God may meet your need through your friends, but ultimately your trust must be in God.

The Israelites were so stubbornly committed to trusting in human strength instead of God that, even as the Babylonian army approached Jerusalem, they continued to desperately seek for a person, or a nation, or an army that could rescue them. They realized too late that they had neglected to trust in the only One who could deliver them.

Don’t make the same mistake as the Israelites. Go straight to the Lord when you have a need. He is the only One who can provide for you.

Beloved, there is other place to put your trust that is safe except in God, so do just that. There is a curse for that man who do not place his trust in God so be warm. When we trust Him if anything goes wrong, He will take absolute responsible but if not you take responsible for your mistakes, more below:

“If we suffer, we shall also reign with Him.” 2Timothy 2:12


We must not imagine that we are suffering for Christ, and with Christ, if we are not in Christ. Beloved friend, are you trusting to Jesus only? If not, whatever you may have to mourn over on earth, you are not “suffering with Christ,” land have no hope of reigning with Him in heaven. Neither are we to conclude that all a Christian’s sufferings are sufferings with Christ, for it is essential that he be called by God to suffer. If we are rash and imprudent, and run into positions for which neither providence nor grace has fitted us, we ought to question whether we are not rather sinning than communing with Jesus.

If we let passion take the place of judgment, and self-will reign instead of Scriptural authority, we shall fight the Lord’s battles with the devil’s weapons, and if we cut our own fingers we must not be surprised. Again, in troubles which come upon us as the result of sin, we must not dream that we are suffering with Christ. When Miriam spoke evil of Moses, and the leprosy polluted her, she was not suffering for God.

Moreover, suffering which God accepts must have God’s glory as its end. If I suffer that I may earn a name, or win applause, I shall get no other reward than that of the Pharisee. It is requisite alsothat love to Jesus, and love to His elect, be ever the mainspring of all our patience. We must manifest the Spirit of Christ in meekness, gentleness, and forgiveness.

Let us search and see if we truly suffer with Jesus. And if we do thus suffer, what is our “light affliction” compared with reigning with Him? Oh it is so blessed to be in the furnace with Christ, and such an honour to stand in the pillory with Him, that if there were no future reward, we might count ourselves happy in present honour; but when the recompense is so eternal, so infinitely more than we had any right to expect, shall we not take up the cross with alacrity, and go on our way rejoicing?

Beloved, are ready to trust God first in all things? The just shall live by faith. The faith we are taking here is faith in God Praise the Lord

May God increase our faith in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in Lord.

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