Praise Him, Praise Him, King of Glory Praise Him, Praise Jehovah Alleluia Praise Him. It is good to praise the Lord, Alleluia! It is good to praise the Lord, Alleluia! It is good to praise the Lord, Alleluia! Praise the Lord, Alleluia! Praise the Lord, Alleluia. Praising the Lord, always. Praising the Lord, always. Praising the Lord with all my heart. Praise the Lord with all my heart always; our Lord is good, our Lord is good, Lord is good; is good to me.

Receive our Praise O Lord! Receive our Praise O Lord! Glory and honour belong to you, receive our praise O Lord!

Father, we thank You for a beautiful day like this, thank You for the sleeping and waking up. Thank You for the enabling to move round our body and a sound mind. Blessed be Your Holy Name forever and ever.

Someone is wondering, why am I full of praise this morning. Why not? If not? This is how it should be in everyone’s life, waking up with  songs of praise in your lips, appreciating God for the gift of another new day, with new opportunities. Someone once sent something to me through WhatsApp “ Dream visit us when we are asleep but God is truly wise. He wakes us up each day and gives us every chance to make our dreams come true”.

So new day is a day of New Opportunity to live out our dreams, so I must be grateful to God for good health, sound mind and the enabling to live out my dreams (vision). Praise God.

Beloved, however, their comes a time in one’s life, having done all suddenly the dream, the work life, the vision you so much desired or worked for, come crumbling before your very eyes. What do you at such a time? How do you handle such a situation? What becomes of your relationship with God, family, and friends? It is a critical situation and must be carefully handled.

What we do at this time is very important or else the devil will lead you astray, question’s God’s faithfulness and also accuse  you of your inability to see beyond your nose. Even when you have search the scripture with each passage speaking loudly about God’s unfailing promises, he will constantly come to ask you as he did Eve “ Did God said?”.

Beloved, your decision becomes critical as it may make or mar the fulfillment of your set vision. You must also know that it takes only God to walk through this path.

We have a practical example before us, let read and enrich our spirit man for better positioning:

Trusting God When The Bottom Falls Out

Our true mettle is revealed not in times of success, but in times of testing… In times of “failure.

 How do you respond when:

  • Everything you have worked for over the years disintegrates before your eyes?
  • You feel you are no longer viewed by your peers as a paragon of business acumen… no longer perceived as a leader in your field?
  • There are lingering, hushed questions as to whether someone else could have done a better job of pulling the company out of the fire?

One of the most sterling individuals I have known is presently going through an excruciating experience. As the CEO of a long-established, respected firm, he has been forced into the painful experience of downsizing in order to survive new market realities.

 No one has handled this agonizing process of change with greater dignity than this friend.

 Following are excerpts from his recent letter:

 “Life is hard, but God is good… The love of God is better than life.

 “We’re leading a couples [Bible] study… God is working wonderfully in the lives of all…

 “Staying in business is quite a challenge still, yet after incredible downsizing, things seem to be turning around…

 “I have gone through a major ‘business lifestyle’ change and am ready to adjust some more as God leads… It has gotten down to focusing on a day at a time, which is where I believe God wants us, but depending on Him daily is still difficult for me, yet at times thrilling.”

 Beautiful, isn’t it. We would be fortunate to share his perspective… to possess his godly character. It is obvious that he has learned, in effect, to respond with Job in declaring:

 “‘… Naked I came from my mothers womb, and naked I will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised. In all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing.” (Job 1:21, 22)

 QUESTION: Is the present tenor of your life such that IF AND WHEN THE BOTTOM FALLS OUT, you will respond in similar fashion? If not, what changes do you need to be making at this time? (Adapted from FOTM).

Many homes and families are currently going through some surge that very horrifying and devastating at this time no doubt but our attitude to it will help us go through it still holding on to our faith even in cases become better. Else we lose all that we have spent time building (character).

Someone is saying, good, the man we just read is pulling through but that is not my case or someone I know. Am getting frustrated and I am at the verge of giving up.

I want you to go with this in mind “God is beautiful for all situation. He that made the sun, star and the moon is not unmindful of you. He, Who gave His best for your redemption will never leave you nor forsake you. Only keep thanking Him (Phil 4:4). Worship can come in diverse ways. You can embark on soul winning as we just read. In some case God will still demand your Isaac, that you must offer without murmuring or else you not have provision as experience by Abraham. Praise the Lord! somebody. Hope you are getting light from this message?

And peradventure you are not experiencing any upheaval now, do not rejoice over those who are or refuse to offer help where you can, for the Lord your God searches every heart and will reward according.

Making reference to the subject matter of the week “Memorial of the Faithful”. Let us take a decision to live as Jesus and other faithful’s did. They have done their part, the baton has been handed over to us. The big question is “will you run through the finish line or drop on the way? Will you keep the fire on in spite of all the difficult terrine you must pass through? In our time we have some of our father’s in the faith who have gone to be with Lord and so many who are still very much around pointing us to the light but like I mentioned earlier, “Soul Winning” will not and must not be left for the pastors alone. All hands must be on deck for the full realization of the great commission for we are all part of the big body “Jesus Christ” (Rom 12:4-11).

Finally beloved, the message below serves as a guide when all is giving way. It will also help when conducting spiritual check. Please read:

I Am Slipping

  • When I begin to act as if genuine joy is dependent on the state of the circumstances surrounding me.
  • When I begin to lose the distinct aroma of the fragrance of Christ in my life.
  • When I begin to feel or act as if my self-worth and acceptance is dependent on how well I perform.
  • When I am losing my grip on the reality of spiritual warfare. Then I begin to treat my brother or my fellow human being as my enemy and seek to do battle with fleshly weapons.
  • When I act as if victory or success depends on me and my ability rather than on the adequacy of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • When I place undue emphasis on programming and planning to the exclusion of His direction, leading and guidance.
  • When more time is spent in the “activities arena” than in the prayer closet.
  • When the praises of men and women become more important than the approval of God.
  • When relating to and caring for people is less important than programs, planning, meetings, and budgets.
  • When I assume responsibility to worry and fret over things and people that God in His sovereignty and power would take charge of (if I would allow Him to do so).
  • When my rights become more important than God’s will and way.

Am sure someone is blessed. Glory be to God. The grace to always stand for God receive now in Jesus Name. Have a beautiful weekend ahead and see you next week by God’s grace.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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