You are a Mighty God! The Great I AM… Alleluia!!! Alleluia!!! You are a Mighty God…The Great I AM…Alleluia!!! Alleluia!!!// All glory, Glory Glory to the Lord! Glory…. All Glory Glory Glory to the Lord alleluia… Hossana, Hosanna, Hossana, blessed be the Name of the Lord Amen!!!

Our Father we thank you we bless Your Holy Name… Thank You for the gift of another day in your Presence… Glorious God we worship and adore your Holy Name… Thank You merciful Father for Your love that enduerth forever… (Song) Whenever I see another breaking of the day…I say thank You Lord… Thank You Lord… Whenever I see another breaking of the day… I say thank You Lord… Thank You Lord!!!

Yes Father thank You for Your goodness that enduerth through all generation… glory be to Your Name on high… in Jesus Name…

Beloveth, hellooooooooooo, our God is good to me… I don’t know about you… but I know that His thought and plan towards me is good and His Word faileth not…alleluia somebody!!!

Jesus won a victory for us on the Cross… Yes on the Cross of Calvary… What a Great Sacrifices to us even when don’t deserve or merit it… But in obedience to His Father desire and plan… He came to redeem man from his fallen state… (Gen 3:15, Rev 12) alleluia somebody!!!

Our Father we thank You for Your undying love… Great is Thy faithfulness… we are glad that You delivered us from all evil and plan of satan to keep us down and flat… glory be to Your Holy Name…

You have given us victory… over sin, sickness, diseases, failure, barrenness and death as well… Our Father thank You for the Great deliverance You wrought through the Blood of Jesus… O Father thank You for wholesomeness… satan will have no hold over our lives again… be of good cheers for Jesus has overcame for us… (Jn 14:33) alleluia!!!   

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—that is, God’s righteousness through faith in Jesus Christ, to all who believe, since there is no distinction. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. They are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. God presented Him as a propitiation through faith in His blood, to demonstrate His righteousness . . . so that He would be righteous and declare righteous the one who has faith in Jesus.—Romans 3:22–26

Because of sin, Adam and Eve fell short of the perfection God intended for them. Because of sin, the Israelites relinquished the glory they could have experienced as God’s holy nation. Because of sin, Judas fell short of the opportunity to be an apostle of Jesus Christ.

Sin will corrupt every area of your life that it touches. Sin will cause your marriage to fall short of the promise it held in the beginning. Sin will cause you to fall short as a parent, a church member, a worshiper, or a friend. Every area in your life is susceptible to sin’s destruction.

The wonder of salvation is that God completely dealt with sin. He did what we could not do. Through Christ’s sacrifice, God, by His grace, offered His salvation and canceled the penalty of our sin. By His grace, He takes a life that has fallen short of God’s best and gives it meaning. He provides the opportunity to immediately confess our sin and to be cleansed from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9).

He mends a broken heart. His grace erases anger and bitterness. He restores severed relationships. He takes a life devastated by sin and makes it whole. He takes our failures and produces something good.

Only God can heal sin’s devastation. Only He can bridge the gap between His glory and your sin (Rom. 3:23). You must trust Him to do so. If you will ask Him, He will free you from the bondage of your sin, reestablish your relationship with Him, and restore you to wholeness.

Yes! Wholeness is key to getting to your Divine Destiny…. Destiny can be hindered by sin… Redemption is a path way to Glorious Destiny… Don’t miss it salvation through DELIVERANCE. ALLELUIA!!!

Further Reading- 2Thess.3:3, Ps 24:14, 1Cor.4:10, 2Cor.4:8-18…

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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