We Are All Charismatics


What manner of man is Jesus alleluia, what manner of man is Jesus alleluia. He make the lame to walk alleluia, what manner of man is Jesus alleluia, he make the blind to see, alleluia! what manner of man is Jesus alleluia! Alleluia Alleluia Amen; Alleluia Alleluia Amen; Alleluia Alleluia Amen; Alleluia Alleluia Amen// he is a mighty God, the great I AM, alleluia, alleluia! He is Mighty God, the Great I AM, alleluia, alleluia!!! what a Mighty God we serve, alleluia, what a Mighty God we serve, alleluia, heaven and earth adore Him angels bow before Him, what a Mighty God we serve. Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Yes! Father, what a Mighty God we serve, angels bow before Him, Heaven and earth adore Him, what a Mighty God we serve. Beloved, are you serving a Mighty God? Is God your God so Big and strong? My God is an Excellent Jehovah, Wonderful, the Great I AM, The Bright morning Star, the I AM that I AM, the Mighty Man in battle, The Ancient of Days, the Lily of the Valley, The Rose of Sharon, The One Who is and He is yet to come. Praise Master Jesus!!!!!!!!!!

Come lets praise the Lord (Come lets praise the Lord) Come lets praise the Lord (Come lets praise the Lord) He is Jehovah (Tell the world of His faithfulness) He is El-Shaddai (Tell the world of His salvation)
Spread the news around (Tell the world of his praise) Come lets praise the Lord (Praise the Lord).

Wow! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you Praising the Lord? is a season of Praise. Is time to worship and adore the Lord! where there with us on Saturday during the Praise time! It was an awesome time in God’s Presence, the hymns reminded me of my early years when I look forward to new dresses, assorted foods and drinks, it was a merry time to visit relations and friends. Is also a time when mum and dad don’t rush out in the morning and ofcourse, no school to attend and the weather is usual cold in the morning. so run around and play until you see the sun before bathing.

Beloved, the season of Christmas is here and like in my early years many are still thinking that Christmas is just for new cloths and foods and drinks too, we should be able to leave that for the children and think seriously about the significant of Christmas and also find a way to convey same to our growing kids though they may not fully understand now but we must in our little way tell what Jesus coming in as an infant meant in our salvation package so that it will not be difficult for them to define the line and make right choices, that just a tip of the iceberg of our Christmas message.

Welcome to a special week in the history of mankind, even the angels are looking forward to such a time like this.  The year is gradually rounding off and like we tended on Saturday, the enemy wants to show a seed of ingratitude in us and we were tempted to go that way but hear what the Lord is saying to someone this morning “Is there anything too difficult for the Lord to do?” Praise the Lord!

Beloved, nothing is difficult for the Lord to do including that particular concern of yours. The Lord is able to do it much more than you can ever think and ever imagine.  Praise the Lord! I keep reminding myself that “if it pleases the Lord then so be it, but if not, He knows what to do”

Why do I give that kind of conclusion because Jesus has a compassionate heart, will not allow any of His child to suffer unduly, so many got their healing out of compassion not on merit therefore I know it profit Him nothing to see me in pains or sickness and it will cost Him nothing to set me free.

And when you develop this attitude especially towards unpleasant situation in your life, is always easy to move and focus on what is important and not on what is not. Beloved, are still in doubt about God’s love for your, His plans towards you? His salvation package for you?

We were taught last week on how to move from infancy to maturity in our walk in God. While satan is busy messing a lot of Christians up so many are striving daily to grow in their knowledge of Christ. We were addressed as soldiers in bible, the Word of God confirmed that we receive the Spirit of boldness which is the Spirit of sonship in Christ. We were also address that elect race, royal priesthood. A hold nation, a people of God’s own possession, that we show forth the excellencies of Him who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light (2 Tim 2:3-4, 1 Ti 1:7, 1 Pet 2:9).

Are you aware of those called the “Charismatics Christian?” are you one of them? Or maybe you are unaware of who this group is? Just before we say anything just come along with us to discover more about it before we going into further detail:

Micah 1:1-4:13, Psalm 145:8-13, Proverbs 31:8-9, Revelation 13:1-18

We Are All Charismatics

They will speak of the glory of Your kingdom and will declare Your might, informing all people of Your mighty acts.—Psalm 145:11-12

A friend of mine shared with his weekly Bible study group that he believed their church lacked visible evidence of the Holy Spirit’s supernatural power. One of the group remonstrated with him and said, “Don’t use that word’supernatural’ here—it frightens me and upsets me.” Isn’t it sad that a Christian (and there are many others who share his dislike) can be afraid of one of the most valid and needed ministries in the church today—supernatural power.

The word “supernatural” means “beyond the powers of nature, or miraculous.” How much of that which goes on in today’s church can be explained by this word? If you are saying to yourself, “Selwyn seems to be strongly supporting the charismatic movement,” then let me make clear my views on that subject. I believe every Christian is a charismatic, for the word charisma simply means “gifts of grace,” and every Christian has at least one basic gift—hence every Christian is a charismatic.

The reason why the charismatic movement came into prominence was because of the reluctance of many to face up to the fact that supernatural signs and wonders are part of God’s program for His church in this present day. I know the movement has caused divisions, and there are signs that the emphasis is now diminishing, but whether it diminishes or not, one thing remains sure—God wants His people to demonstrate to the world that the signs, wonders, and miracles the early church experienced are still part of His purposes for today.


O Father, help me to think this through, and take away any fears I might have of the supernatural. Show me that a church that can be explained only in natural terms is a million miles from the mark. In Jesus’ name I ask it. Amen.

Further Study

Rm 15; Mk 16:17-20; Ac 4:29-30, 33

What was Paul’s testimony?

What is recorded of the early disciples?

Wow! Are you here with us! are you part of those who believe in the supernatural works of God or you are so afraid to hear it mentioned in amidst? If there is anything we have enjoyed in this ministry is the power of the supernatural, I am witness who else is?

At a time my mouth could not speak out what the Spirit of God is leading to say or do but because I know that I am just in standing in for the one who is greater than me I still have to say it. I tell you most often I don’t know how is going to come to past, I will have no idea of how but mine is to say and God is to perform and I have seen happen before me, within me and without and so I am no longer afraid because I know the One who say it is able to do it,

I don’t spend my time thinking whether or how is going to come to past because I know that God does not say what He  cannot do neither does He say what He don’t intend to do.

Therefore if you can agree with us we have been cruising in the “Realm of the Supernatural.” Hope you are came along with us or like the doubting Thomas you were waiting to put your hands in the hole where the nails were fixed before you believed but for those who believed, the Lord showed up for them (Lk 1:45). Praised the Lord!

Beloved, it is not yet late to see the performances of those things which you are trusting the Lord for, it took God six days to create the world we still have more than six days to the end of the year, all you need to do is have the right Spirit and believe in what the Spirit of God is saying and it shall be well with you. Praise the Lord!

Are you promising henceforth to be charismatic? Then you are in for greater things in God’s presence. On this note we declare the week open and the supernatural power of God we will return at the end with greater testimonies in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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