It is good to Praise the Lord alleluia, it is good to Praise the Lord alleluia! It is good to Praise the Lord alleluia, Praise the Lord alleluia, Praise the Lord alleluia!// I will exalt You Jesus for Thy has lifted me above my enemies, Your banner over me is love. I will exalt you Jesus, for Thou has lifted me, above my enemies, Your banner over me is love! I will lift up Your Name, I will lift up Your Name, I will lift up Your Name, I will lift up Your Name, I will lift up Your Name above every other Name.

Thank You Father, thank You Jesus, Thank You Holy Spirit, Father, be glorify in Jesus Name! let the Living water flow over my soul, let the Holy Spirit come and take control of every situation that troubles my heart, all my care and burden unto the I come. Father in heaven O! God! Be Thou exalted forever in Jesus Name.

We are before the mountain Zion, Jesus the Son of God to learn at His feet. Jesus, teach us something new, help us to know the power behind Your resurrection, help us we pray Thee.

Beloved, how are doing in this lock down period? I thank God in whatever scheme the enemy is projecting it will not take away the Spirit of God living inside of us. Our Father knew the end from the beginning and so He has made provision for His children having told us ahead that there will be tribulations in this part of eternity, but we should not be afraid because He has overcome the world, that fix my joy, hope it does fix yours?

Also He made available for us “Unlimited Grace” to go through seeming difficult time. Are by any means encountering fear, we want to assure you that Jesus has overcome death so that it stings not, rather it will draw you closer to your Father; to the mansion He promised. He made us bold against every fiery dart of satan so that we can withstand it. Amen!

Beloved, we identify with all those that are affected at this time through lost of their love ones or are sick in their body, we want to reassured them that “they will not die but live” because the “Blood of Jesus” will purge away every symptoms of any form of illnesses plaguing their systems now in the Name of Jesus.

There is power in Jesus “Name,” the “Blood,” and the “Body.” Praise the Lord somebody!!!! Beloved I want to share this story again about the healing power in Jesus. In 2018, in October, I had an asthmatic attack; it was so bad that I know that anything can happen any moment (death).  I have been to the hospital and I am using the prescribed drugs but it doesn’t seems to be getting better. My mother in her usual manner was telling me to stop using drugs (she doesn’t believe in drugs) so she will always try to persuade you to use herbs and organic medication instead which I use but not the way she want it because I will verify before using.

As usual, I will tell her that I am praying and that God will heal me and I am also using my drugs but she will insist that I try her method even while praying (you know mothers, very persuasive at least, I am one now) (laugh), I remember setting aside one week midnight prayer to pray specially for the situation at hand as it is getting bad daily. On the sixth day that will lead to the seventh day, I had an encounter with the Spirit of God. As I was in the place of prayer I was lead to open the book of Ezekiel chapter 37:1-14 and was instructed to read and proclaim every word written therein, behold after the prayer I lied down to sleep and behold I saw something like a collection of wind blew into my right nostril and everything in was blocking that nostril pour down into my stomach likewise the second nostril was blew into and all the blockage that looks like ice blocks from my throat down to my wine pipe and into my stomach. After that  encounter I felt like using the rest room and when I got up to go, I noticed that my breathing was going through and freely too.

I recall what just happened few minutes ago and I started shouted and rejoicing that Jesus visited me and heal me and later all those things that poured into my system all came out through heavy cough and was very whitish. It took three weeks to come out my system and I was completely made whole.

So I have good news to us, “Covid 19” cannot destroy us rather the power of our Lord Jesus through His “Body and Blood” will heal us and make us free from its stings in Jesus Name. Jesus who worked in my situation and heal me, will also heal as many as that are down with this virus in Jesus Name.

Jesus is still in the business of healing and doing good, He will do it again. So fear not, put your hope in Christ Jesus and see you being made whole. In Ezekiel 37:9 the Spirit of God asked us to prophesy unto the wind “…… come from the four winds, O breathe, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live.

As many as are reading or have someone related to them that are under this siege, use this verse and pray over the person/ self and see God working mightily over your life/ individual’s life. I receive it as Rheme and it worked for me and if you receive it also, it will work for you.

God’s Word is potent and can never fail except you believe not. Therefore believe and live.

For we come to the Blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than the that of Abel. Come on for more:


“We are come to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.” Hebrews 12:24

Reader, have you come to the blood of sprinkling? The question is not whether you have come to a knowledge of doctrine, or an observance of ceremonies, or to a certain form of experience, but have you come to the blood of Jesus?

The blood of Jesus is the life of all vital godliness. If you have truly come to Jesus, we know how you came—the Holy Spirit sweetly brought you there. You came to the blood of sprinkling with no merits of your own. Guilty, lost, and helpless, you came to take that blood, and that blood alone, as your everlasting hope.

You came to the cross of Christ, with a trembling and an aching heart; and oh! what a precious sound it was to you to hear the voice of the blood of Jesus! The dropping of His blood is as the music of heaven to the penitent sons of earth. We are full of sin, but the Saviour bids us lift our eyes to Him, and as we gaze upon His streaming wounds, each drop of blood, as it falls, cries, “It is finished; I have made an end of sin; I have brought in everlasting righteousness.”

Oh! sweet language of the precious blood of Jesus! If you have come to that blood once, you will come to it constantly. Your life will be “Looking unto Jesus.” Your whole conduct will be epitomized in this—”To whom coming.” Not to whom I have come, but to whom I am always coming. If thou hast ever come to the blood of sprinkling, thou wilt feel thy need of coming to it every day. He who does not desire to wash in it every day, has never washed in it at all.

The believer ever feels it to be his joy and privilege that there is still a fountain opened. Past experiences are doubtful food for Christians; a present coming to Christ alone can give us joy and comfort. This morning let us sprinkle our door-post fresh with blood, and then feast upon the Lamb, assured that the destroying angel must pass us by.

Yes! let us put the blood afresh on our door post and feast upon the Lamb so that the destroying angel must pass us by in Jesus Name!

Come to that fountain cover with the blood and be healed. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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