I will call upon the Lord, Who is worthy to be Praise! I will glorify the Lord, Who is worthy to be Praise! Hosanna, blessed be the Lord! Honour to the Lord! let the Rock of my Salvation be exalted. The Lord reigneth, blessed be the Lord! Honour to the Lord! let the Rock of my salvation be exalted.// Who is like unto Thee O! Lord! Who is like unto Thee O! Lord! Among the gods who is like Thee You are glorious in holiness, fearful in Praising doing wonders alleluia, always doing wonders alleluia!

Our Father we bow down in worship we adore Thee, we glorify Your holy Name, we exalt You forever, thank You for this beautify morning You have given us a privilege to be among the living, Praising and glorifying your Holy Name, thank You Jesus, thank You Lord! You are God! You are not just Big, You are Large, You are a great God! Yes! Lord! Yes Lord! Yes Yes Lord! Glory, honour adoration to You alone Father in Jesus Name!

 I will exalt You Jesus, for Thou lifted me above my enemies, Your banner over us is love!

Thank You matchless Jesus, glory be to Your Name on high. we worship you we adore You we give You Praise, thank You for answers to prayers, thank You for lifting only can do, thank You for healing, deliverances and love You bestowed upon me, glory be to You on high in Jesus Name.

Beloved our salvation is of Christ and that he did over two thousand years ago, what will be your excuse if you are not saved? What will say before the throne that made you go to hell? Beloved there are prophets and priests amongst us telling us the mind of God, warning us against the impending dangers ahead for an unsaved soul (Lk 16:27-31). You must be saved in Jesus Name because salvation is of God.

Beloved, here is a teaching reminding us the chattel we signed with the Holy Spirit on the day we got born again. As hard it seems to be but our God is faithful and will help us as we transverse the narrow way. He will make it easy and comfort us all the way. our eyes will not be covered by shame but He will enlighten us as we look steadily unto Jesus, the author and Finisher of our faith.

Come alone for more:

We must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.” Acts 14:22

God’s people have their trials. It was never designed by God, when He chose His people, that they should be an untried people. They were chosen in the furnace of affliction; they were never chosen to worldly peace and earthly joy.

Freedom from sickness and the pains of mortality was never promised them; but when their Lord drew up the charter of privileges, He included chastisements amongst the things to which they should inevitably be heirs. Trials are a part of our lot; they were predestinated for us in Christ’s last legacy.

So surely as the stars are fashioned by his hands, and their orbits fixed by Him, so surely are our trials allotted to us: He has ordained their season and their place, their intensity and the effect they shall have upon us. Good men must never expect to escape troubles; if they do, they will be disappointed, for none of their predecessors have been without them.

Mark the patience of Job; remember Abraham, for he had his trials, and by his faith under them, he became the “Father of the faithful.” Note well the biographies of all the patriarchs, prophets, apostles, and martyrs, and you shall discover none of those whom God made vessels of mercy, who were not made to pass through the fire of affliction.

It is ordained of old that the cross of trouble should be engraved on every vessel of mercy, as the royal mark whereby the King’s vessels of honour are distinguished.

But although tribulation is thus the path of God’s children, they have the comfort of knowing that their Master has traversed it before them; they have His presence and sympathy to cheer them, His grace to support them, and His example to teach them how to endure; and when they reach “the kingdom,” it will more than make amends for the “much tribulation” through which they passed to enter it.

He drew us from the furnace of afflictions and through many tribulations we will enter the Kingdom of heaven, therefore girdle your lions with wisdom and knowledge that will guide you into all truth and preserve you even unto the end. Praise the Lord!

Beloved, don’t lose sight of where you are going, keep on going, keep on matching, you will soon hit the mark and you will rejoice forever more.

Meanwhile don’t ever lose hope concerning the help that comes from above, God will surely help you and see you through those difficult terrains in Jesus Name!

Our help is in the Name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth, Amen! Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord

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