Today, I will lift up my voice in praise, for I know you are always there for me, Almighty God! You Alone are Worthy Lord to be glorified and to be praise forever and ever. Thank You God for Your Faithfulness, Kindness, Love that knows no bound but everlasting to everlasting.

Beloved, has God been good to you? Please I want you to give Him quality praise this morning. Has Him been faithful to you? Begin to glorify His Holy Name. Have you ever experience God’s Kindness, shout alleluia to the highest. To me His Goodness, Faithfulness and Kindness are immeasurable, I cannot but do the three together to the glory of His Name. For faithful is He.

If then we have receive from the Lord, why will too much a task, giving out from the much we received to someone  who has same need but do not have. The message is coming again again for the third time for someone who is yet to see reason to honour God with their substances.

These group of persons are complaining bitterly and refuse to obey God and again God is speaking to heart because what He wants to give is huge and far better than what is asking you to let go,  something of inestimable value. But the devil is making it look juicy like an apple to eyes, beloved, remember Eve, what is a piece of apple compare to mother of the whole world as bestowed to Sarah; as bestowed to Mary.

God can never be limited, if you refuse to yield to His use, He will use another to accomplish same but then you would have lose the reward that is far better and more honorable than what you are keeping back, which He may cause you to lose at the end. Do not invite His wrath. His army is too strong to resist, their destruction is beyond repairs (Joel 2:20;25b; Hagg 2:9). Obey Him now and be blessed in return. Praise the Lord.

Did God promised to reward us, yes He did. For He knows the end from the beginning, may we all be obedient to His biddings. The devil will be quick to tell you how much it will cost you to obey God but he will never tell you the much it will cost you in disobeying Him. (Gen 3:1-4; 14-19; Num 11:4-6; 13-20;23; 31-33; Num 13:21-33; Num14:1-30).

More from the bible message before us:

“Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.” Matt. 5:7

It is not meet that the man who will not forgive should be forgiven, nor shall he who will not give to the poor have his own wants relieved. God will measure to us with our own bushels, and those who have been hard masters and hard creditors, will find that the Lord will deal hardly with them. “He shall have judgment without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy.

This day let us try to give and to forgive. Let us mind the two bears — bear and forbear. Let us be kind, and gentle, and tender. Let us not put harsh constructions upon men’s conduct, nor drive hard bargains, nor pick foolish quarrels, nor be difficult to please. Surely we wish to be blessed, and we also want to obtain mercy: let us be merciful, that we may have mercy.

Let us fulfill the condition, that we may earn the beatitude. Is it not a pleasant duty to be kind? Is there not much more sweetness in it than in being angry and ungenerous? Why, there is a blessedness in the thing itself! Moreover, the obtaining of mercy is a rich reward. What but sovereign grace could suggest such a promise as this?

We are merciful to our fellow-mortal in pence, and the Lord forgives us ”all that debt.”

Imagine that! When God imputeth no iniquity against you. Whoop! Is so amazing! (Ps 32:1-2;Jer 31:34). God wants us to be as selfless as He is (Jn 3:16). He wants us to think less of self but be a willing instruments in His hands. Are you willing to do that now, be encouraged as you read the next message captioned “Putting Your Brother First”:

No one should seek his own [good], but [the good] of the other person.—1 Corinthians 10:24

As a Christian you are obliged to view your actions in light of how they will affect other Christians. You will discover God’s will for your life when you consider His activity in the lives of others. This goes contrary to worldly thinking. The world encourages you to live your own life, taking care of your own needs and wants first. Sin promotes independence. It isolates you from others and separates you from those you could help or who could encourage you. God designed you for interdependence.

Whenever you meet another Christian, you come face to face with Christ (John 13:20). There ought to be a deep respect within you as you encounter other lives guided by the Holy Spirit. Do not live as if you have no responsibility toward your Christian brothers or sisters. God holds you accountable for how you relate to them. Don’t revel in your “freedom in Christ” to the point that you neglect your responsibility toward others (Rom. 14:15). Paul celebrated his freedom in Christ, but he was keenly sensitive to what might cause other Christians harm (1 Cor. 8:13). He was aware that his sin could not take place in isolation but could bring pain to many others (1 Cor. 5:6).

You have a responsibility to live in such a way that you do not hurt others. You must deny yourself and allow the Holy Spirit to put to death your natural inclination to be self-centered. As long as you focus on yourself, you will be oblivious to the needs of others. Ask God to free you from selfishness so that your life is free to bless others.

Are making that prayer now? Come along with as we sing this song, though it is not a gospel song but it drives home the message. I heard my son sing it this morning while I was bathing him and it ministered to me because of the topic we are treating presently. Further inquiries revealed that he learn it in their school choir and I quickly as him to pencil it down for me so that can use it for today’s ministration and he did. Thank God for him.

Is a popular song, though I don’t know all the lyrics, pardon me for that, but all the same here we present a song to drive home the message.

Sometime in our life, we all have pain,

We all have sorrows, but if we are wise,

We know that there’s always tomorrow.


Lean on me, when you’re not strong,

And I’ll be your friend, I‘ll help you carry on.

For it won’t be long, till I’m gonna need

Someone to lean on.


You can call on me brother when you need a hand

We all need somebody to lean on.

I just might have a problem, that you’ll understand,

We all need somebody to lean on.

So if people of the world knows that there will such a time in one’s life when he cannot stand alone and they are encouraging such one, what about you who knows the truth because the Spirit of truth is residing in you pretend not to know? God help us we pray Thee.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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