Weapons Doomed to Fail


It is good to Praise the Lord alleluia, it is good to Praise the Lord alleluia, it is good to Praise the Lord alleluia, Praise the Lord, alleluia, Praise the Lord alleluia.// I will Praise the Lord, I will Praise the Lord. I will Praise the Lord, I will Praise the Lord, if nobody will Praise the Lord, I will Praise the Lord. if nobody will Praise the Lord, I will Praise the Lord.

Father, we will Praise you from everlasting to everlasting. Our mouth will continual speak of your goodness. Faithful is my Father who at heaven. Glorious God wonderful redeemer, we bless your Holy Name. Thank You for another beautiful week, we are grateful and we say thank You and thank You forever more.

Beloved, how was your weekend. Praise be to God, who did not allowed us to be consumed. We are grateful and we say thank Father. We are in for a beautiful moment and season and great is our God. Faithful is our Father Who will continue to show us mercies. His Word are Yea and Amen! Great is His Name.

Beloved, as we are trusting God for His intervention in our lives. The topic of today is coming our way to reassure us of God’s favour and blessings as He promise us. “Every weapon fashion against us must fail. The Lord will arise and defend our course. He bring down every evil machinations against us, He will arise to fight our battles and win war on our behalf. Praise God.

What are the weapons the enemy is raising against you dearly beloved? Listen you will look on and see them no more. The mouth of the Lord has spoke and so will He bring it pass. Praise God.

Every falsehood spoken against you is crumbling down today by the Mighty of Jesus Christ. Yes! Our God is able to do it. So wipe away your tears as the power of God will be demonstrated in your life and situation today in Jesus matchless Name. Amen!

Let’s go on discover:


“No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.” Isa. 54:17


There is great clatter in the forges and smithies of the enemy. They are making weapons wherewith to smite the saints. They could not even do as much as this if the Lord of saints did not allow them; for He has created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire. But see how busily they labor! How many swords and spears they fashion! It matters nothing, for on the blade of every weapon you may read this inscription: It shall not prosper.

But now listen to another noise: it is the strife of tongues. Tongues are more terrible instruments than can be made with hammers and anvils, and the evil which they inflict cuts deeper and spreads wider. What will become of us now? Slander, falsehood, insinuation, ridicule — these are poisoned arrows; how can we meet them?

The Lord God promises us that, if we cannot silence them, we shall, at least, escape from being ruined by them. They condemn us for the moment, but we shall condemn them at last, and for ever. The mouth of them that speak lies shall be stopped, and their falsehoods shall be turned to the honor of those good men who suffered by them.

Yes the Lord will stop all lying tongue and give us the victory we need through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Beloved, in place of shame and disgrace the Lord will come into our chambers and dine with us. Glory be to God on high. Let’s get going:


“The Master saith, Where is the guestchamber, where I shall eat the passover with My disciples?” Mark 14:14


Jerusalem at the time of the passover was one great inn; each householder had invited his own friends, but no one had invited the Saviour, and He had no dwelling of His own. It was by His own supernatural power that He found Himself an upper room in which to keep the feast. It is so even to this day—Jesus is not received among the sons of men save only where by His supernatural power and grace He makes the heart anew.

All doors are open enough to the prince of darkness, but Jesus must clear a way for Himself or lodge in the streets. It was through the mysterious power exerted by our Lord that the householder raised no question, but at once cheerfully and joyfully opened his guestchamber. Who he was, and what he was, we do not know, but he readily accepted the honour which the Redeemer proposed to confer upon him.

In like manner it is still discovered who are the Lord’s chosen, and who are not; for when the gospel comes to some, they fight against it, and will not have it, but where men receive it, welcoming it, this is a sure indication that there is a secret work going on in the soul, and that God has chosen them unto eternal life.

Are you willing, dear reader, to receive Christ? then there is no difficulty in the way; Christ will be your guest; His own power is working with you, making you willing. What an honour to entertain the Son of God! The heaven of heavens cannot contain Him, and yet He condescends to find a house within our hearts!

We are not worthy that He should come under our roof, but what an unutterable privilege when He condescends to enter! for then He makes a feast, and causes us to feast with Him upon royal dainties, we sit at a banquet where the viands are immortal, and give immortality to those who feed thereon. Blessed among the sons of Adam is he who entertains the angels’ Lord.

Beloved, blessed are we in the morning, blessed are we in noon, blessed are we in the night. For the hand of the Lord will surely bless us and honour us according to His Word in Jesus Name.

Every weapon that had hindered your blessings and peace before now is receiving the judgment of God and the fire of Holy Ghost is consuming by fire in Jesus Name. We come against every weapon fashion against us by Thee blood of Jesus.

Beloved, this week is declared blessed in the Name of the Lord. Our glory is coming up on us mightily this week in Jesus Name for Jesus by His Mighty Hand is setting us free in Jesus Name.

Remain ever blessed in the Lord.

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