Glory glory glory Father, Glory glory glory to Son, Glory glory glory to the Holy Ghost, alleluia! alleluia!! Glory glory glory Father, Glory glory glory to Son, Glory glory glory to the Holy Ghost, alleluia! alleluia!! Come and see the Lord is good! Come and see the Lord is good! there is nothing He cannot do, come and see the Lord is good!

Father we bow before Your Presence, we worship You, we give You Praise, we give adoration, blessed be Thy Holy Name! thank You Father for the gift of another month, a brand new week, a glorious day, You have give us, thank You for bring us safely into the month of February, thank You for provisions, Protection, safety and guidance. Who is like unto Thee! Father, we trust you the new month, for the great and mighty things you have planned out for us and by Your great Power will make us walk in it. Praise be Thy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name.

I will dance, I will jump, I dance, I will sing unto the Lord that maketh all things beautiful at His own time, glory be to God in the Highest for He has done so very much for me.

What can I render unto Jehovah for He has done so very much for me nara nara ooo, nara ekene nara ekene moo. Nara nara nara nara eeh nara ekene nara ekene moo.

Beloveth, you are Welcome to your month of Great and Mighty things. Are celebrating our Father the Almighty One, the One Who is and he is yet to come. He is the I Am the Am, the Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End. The Great and Mighty God Who will do for us what no man can do. Yes! He is our El-shaddia, all power is in His Hand (Jer 33:3, Lk 1:49).

We have offered Him the first month of the year in prayers and fasting, the Great One will arise and show forth His Praise in our lives in Jesus Name. He will make us a wonder to many even to ourselves.

Beloveth, by the grace of God this month is Our month of Great and Mighty Things, we will walk in the way of the     Lord for the Spirit of God will lead us and we will not miss it out in Jesus Name!

The Faithful is here to show put the devil to shame, He has overcame him at Calvary, He overcame Him at the grave, beloveth He overcame him at the upper room, He has overcome him on your behalf because all issues in your life the Great and Mighty One will bring it to pass and make you radiate His glory everywhere you appear in Jesus Name.

Beloveth what are those things you are asking question, how could it ever be, God is here to show you what to do. He is here to give you revelation that will place you on top forever.

Is a new month with high expectations and our Father have answers to all of them, our expectation of Him shall not be cut short, He is our salvation, our Rock, our defence; we shall not be moved. Come along for more below:

“My expectation is from Him.” Psalm 62:5

It is the believer’s privilege to use this language. If he is looking for aught from the world, it is a poor “expectation” indeed. But if he looks to God for the supply of his wants, whether in temporal or spiritual blessings, his expectation” will not be a vain one. Constantly he may draw from the bank of faith, and get his need supplied out of the riches of God’s lovingkindness.

This I know, I had rather have God for my banker than all the Rothschilds. My Lord never fails to honour His promises; and when we bring them to His throne, He never sends them back unanswered. Therefore I will wait only at His door, for He ever opens it with the hand of munificent grace. At this hour I will try Him anew.

But we have “expectations” beyond this life. We shall die soon; and then our “expectation is from Him.” Do we not expect that when we lie upon the bed of sickness He will send angels to carry us to His bosom? We believe that when the pulse is faint, and the heart heaves heavily, some angelic messenger shall stand and look with loving eyes upon us, and whisper, “Sister spirit, come away!”

As we approach the heavenly gate, we expect to hear the welcome invitation, “Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.” We are expecting harps of gold and crowns of glory; we are hoping soon to be amongst the multitude of shining ones before the throne; we are looking forward and longing for the time when we shall be like our glorious Lord—for “We shall see Him as He is.”

Then if these be thine “expectations,” O my soul, live for God; live with the desire and resolve to glorify Him from whom cometh all thy supplies, and of whose grace in thy election, redemption, and calling, it is that thou hast any “expectation” of coming glory.

Beloveth, Apostle Paul said that if our hope in Christ Jesus is only of this world than we are most miserable but glory be to God that our expectation of Him is beyond this earth. When we cross the river Jordan when we will no longer be in control our expectations of Him will not be shattered (1 Cor 15:12-19) Praise the Lord!

Thanks be to our Father who has the power to do great and Mighty things Amen!

Be strong and courageous dearly beloved for our God is able to do it, He is more than able to see us through. Praise the Name of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!

Once again we welcome You into your month of Great and Mighty Things.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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