Glorious God, Beautiful King, Excellent God we bow before Thy throne! 2x We bow before Thy throne, we worship at Thy feet, we bow before Thy throne You are Excellent God! 2x // who is like unto Thee O! Lord! Who is like unto Thee O! Lord! among the gods who is like Thee, You are glorious in holiness! fearful in Praising doing wonders alleluia!!!

Our Father we thank You we bless Your Holy Name, thank You for the month of November, Thank You for the privilege and grace enjoyed from January till date, for glory bestowed and kindness showered upon Your children, it can only be You Father, You are Faithful and Gracious, Merciful and full of Power,

Your love has taken over me and I now depend on You, I have confidence in You, to You O Lord I lift my voice… under the canopy, give me security, I am the righteousness of God!!!! Under the canopy give me security I am the righteousness of God!

Yes Father You are a strong tower, Your children into and they are safe, Father we worship You, we give You Praise, we adore Thee, we give Praise, adoration to You alone in Jesus Name!!! Thank You thus far You have led Your people, healing and blessing and doing wonders in our midst, Glorious God we bow before Thee and give You praises we worship You now and forever and ever in Jesus Name!!!

Beloveth, Praise the Name of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!! alleluia!!!!!!!! yes! for when we Praise the Name of the Lord and His blessings rests on us to the glory of His Name alone… you are welcome  to the month of November where God is set to reveal Himself to His people in another dimension of glory, make a resounding joy fill our lives and our homes, blessings upon the works of our Hand, brings souls into His kingdom by Divine empowerment on us and lifting us higher according to His Word to us in Jesus Name….

Beloveth our God is a good good God, Praise the Lord somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are pleased to welcome you to Your month of Awesome Goodness from Above in Christ Jesus (Acts 10: 37-42, Matt 4: 23-25, Matt 14:13-21, Lk 8, Mk 10:17-34, Jas 2:22)…let celebrate Jesus in our midst … Praise the Name of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth, are you Praising God? This month is gonna be a month like no other show casing God’s goodness, faithfulness, mercies, grace, anointing, kindness in our lives. God is set show forth His Name in the way we have not seen before the captives will be set free, the oppressed be delivered, the sick will be healed, sinners will receive salvation, the destitute are receiving angelic visitations and provision, the barren are carrying their babies, the jobless are being employed, while many are gaining admission…

Beloveth, I told you it gonna be a month like no other where the Lord is settling all outstanding request and making rejoice in the midst of troubles plaguing the world, He will grant us peace, His love will abide with us and hold us on. every schemes of the enemies roundabout us is falling, those who planned to make us fall will see us raising even our error will be for our uplifting, because we will see Jesus going about doing good… Praise the Living Jesus!!!!!!!!

Beloveth, the Lord of host said “I am the Lord, I change not” as we see in the text for today. do you believe that? Do you believe that as God was in the beginning, He is now and will remain till the end?

Nothing changes Him. no situation, no condition, no emergence, no circumstances changes our God because He is God, everything is under His control, both in heaven , on earth, in the sea, He is in control and everything is subject to Him, they bow at the mention of that Name – Jesus.  Praise the Lord!!!!

Beloveth join us as we we discover more about Him:

“I am the Lord, I change not.” Malachi 3:6

It is well for us that, amidst all the variableness of life, there is One whom change cannot affect; One whose heart can never alter, and on whose brow mutability can make no furrows. All things else have changed—all things are changing. The sun itself grows dim with age; the world is waxing old; the folding up of the worn-out vesture has commenced; the heavens and earth must soon pass away; they shall perish, they shall wax old as doth a garment; but there is One who only hath immortality, of whose years there is no end, and in whose person there is no change.

The delight which the mariner feels, when, after having been tossed about for many a day, he steps again upon the solid shore, is the satisfaction of a Christian when, amidst all the changes of this troublous life, he rests the foot of his faith upon this truth—”I am the Lord, I change not.”

The stability which the anchor gives the ship when it has at last obtained a hold-fast, is like that which the Christian’s hope affords him when it fixes itself upon this glorious truth. With God “is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” What ever His attributes were of old, they are now; His power, His wisdom, His justice, His truth, are alike unchanged.

He has ever been the refuge of His people, their stronghold in the day of trouble, and He is their sure Helper still. He is unchanged in His love. He has loved His people with “an everlasting love”; He loves them now as much as ever He did, and when all earthly things shall have melted in the last conflagration, His love will still wear the dew of its youth.

Precious is the assurance that He changes not! The wheel of providence revolves, but its axle is eternal love.

“Death and change are busy ever,

Man decays, and ages move;

But His mercy waneth never;

God is wisdom, God is love.”

Beloveth that is our confidence that God changes not, what He in the beginning, He is able to do now. We are in the order of strange happenings to our favour. If the Lord has given you a blank cheque then make sure you fill it corrected and adequately and at it dues time it will deliver.

Don’t be afraid but have the mind of Christ ruling your heart and you will testify at the end in Jesus Name.

Watch out as the glory of the Lord permutes us and make worthy to receive of the Lord Amen Amen.

On the Word of God that changeth not we declare this week open and  blessed, we will return at the end with testimonies in Jesus Name Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again we welcome you to Our month of Awesome goodness from Above through Christ Jesus…..

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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