How excellent is your Name O God! How excellent is Your Name O Lord. How excellent is Your Name 3x O Lord! How excellent is your Name 3x O God. Lord we lift Your Name higher, we lift Your Name higher, we lift your Name higher, we lift Your Name higher, shout alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, shout alleluia, alleluia. Everybody Praise the Lord is O God 4x.

Father we thank You for a gift of new day, a new month, the second quarter of the year. What a wonderful gift package for such a time as this, Lord we are grateful and we bow to worship You. Thank You for the gift of the first half of the year, all the blessings and protections, healings, deliverances, that You gave to Your people, thank You forever more. Be glorified forever.

Beloved, we you are welcome to a new month, the second half of the year, your month of Glorious Manifestation (Exo 24:16; Ps 21:5-8; Isa 4:2-6; Isa 35), can you give a clap offering to the Lord, the King of kings, the Ancient One, the I Am that I Am, the Alpha and Omega, My Redeemer, My Comforter, My Deliverer, Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, it is promising to be a glorious month; the Spirit of God is going to do us good. He will bring to past what God has set to do for us in this season, wow! I can’t wait to receive from above all that has been packaged for me, what about you?

What do you understand by “glory?” Often times, we use it when we are referring to God or the heavenly. We ascribe it to God when we are eulogizing Him. Now our merciful Father is saying to us that He is extending His nature to us. What an elevation if you ask me.

Do you the meaning of glory? Glory is a state of exaltation in form of admiration and honour. It is bestowed to someone for achievements. It is an awesome splendor, an astounding beauty that is beyond words. Beloved, these attributes are what God is promising someone who follow to later what He will command us to do. Are you going to be obedient to His instructions, Directions and commands?

Do you know that situation beyond you can make you comfortable even when you are in bondage? Are you surprise at what I am saying? You need not be, the children of Israelite were a typical example of what we are discussing. They were so comfortable in their bondage that even when the time of their freedom was announced they preferred to be in bondage other than cooperating with Moses with their freedom plan.

When obstacles arose on their way to their promise land, they murmured against God and God in His angry wanted to wipe them off but for the intervention of Moses.

Beloved, God has promised; He will never fail. He will fulfill His promise to us and we will rejoice and glad indeed. Please come along with me for a fuller discovery:

Comfortable in Our Bondage

“May the Lord take note of you and judge,” they said to them, “because you have made us reek in front of Pharaoh and his officials—putting a sword in their hand to kill us!”—Exodus 5:21  


It is possible for people to become so accustomed to their bondage that they resist efforts to free them. The Hebrews had been slaves in Egypt for four hundred years. Slavery meant that they were not free to do God’s will or to go where they wanted. Moses had come to tell the Israelites how they could experience freedom, yet they were more concerned about the reaction of their taskmasters than they were about pleasing God. For them to be free would mean that the pharaoh they were serving would be angry! It would mean that the Egyptians they had served all their lives might attack them. Freedom from their slavery did not seem to be worth the hardships they would inevitably endure.

When God sets out to free us, there will often be a price we will have to pay. Grief can be a terrible form of bondage, yet we can become comfortable with it. We can grow so comfortable with fear that we don’t know how to live without it. As destructive as our sinful habits and lifestyle might be, we may prefer living with the familiar, rather than being freed to experience the unknown. We may recognize the harmful influence of a friend but choose to reject God’s will rather than offend our friend.

As incredible as it seems, the Israelites were angry at Moses for disrupting the life of slavery to which they had grown accustomed. Have you been lulled into a comfortable relationship with your bondage? Do you fear change more than you fear God? Are you willing to allow God to do what is necessary in order to free you?

Beloved, if you were before now comfortable in your bondage, the Lord is turning around your captivity, as against bondage, the Lord is making you a slave to righteousness, come along for more :                                                         

Slaves of Righteousness

And having been liberated from sin, you became enslaved to righteousness.—Romans 6:18  

Before you were a Christian you were a slave, in bondage to sin. Even when you did not want to sin, you were unable to do otherwise (Rom. 7:15–24). When God saved you, He freed you from sin, but you remained a slave. Now, rather than being bound to sin, you are bound to righteousness. In every area of your life you are obligated to do what honors God.

There are some who believe that when Christ sets them free, they are free to do whatever they want. That is not so. The apostle Paul realized that when he began following Christ he became a “bondservant” of Christ, and his life was no longer his own (Rom. 1:1). Now, rather than being enslaved to sin, he was enslaved to God and His righteousness. When people mistreated him, he had forfeited the right to respond from his natural feelings but was compelled to offer a righteous response.

When he was tempted, he was no longer free to succumb to his feelings. Paul could not enter the workplace and act selfishly. He understood that, as a slave of righteousness, he was obligated to live a holy life, honoring his Master.

Righteous living is not an option for a Christian. Nor is it something we must try to do over time. It is an obligation, mandatory for every child of God. Our freedom in Christ is not freedom to do what we want. It is freedom to live righteously, something we could not do when we were in bondage to sin. Now that we are free to live righteously, we must allow the Holy Spirit to produce in us a holy, sanctified life (1 John 3:7).

Wow! Are you blessed? Our God is good, you can see from day one that you are in for a refreshing in God’s presence. Therefore make it an obligation to visit the website and be blessed. We are in our season to showcase God’s blessings; don’t miss out.

Once again we welcome you to your season of Glorious Manifestation. Never worry how it gonna be, the Hand of God will bring it to past. Praise the Lord.

Remain ever blessed in the Lord.

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