“We’ve Won a Holiday”


I will lift up Jesus! higher, I will lift up Jesus! higher O! Jehovah Alpha and Omega I will lift up Jesus! higher, O! Jehovah Alpha and Omega I will lift up Jesus! higher.// Glory Alleluia, Glory Alleluia Praise the Lord! Glory Alleluia Glory Alleluia Praise the Lord! Glory Glory Lord, we give You glory Lord, Glory Glory Lord, You are mighty God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes our God is a Mighty God! Praise be to His Name on high. Gracious Father we bow before Your presence to worship and adore You for indeed You are a Mighty God. Thank You for the gift of a new month, thank You for Your Promise to us Your children, Thank You for the great and mighty things You have planned for us from the foundation of the World. Thank You for You are Dependable, Reliable and Self Existing to make everything happen according to Your plan, and that is the confidence we have in You, glory be to Your Name on high Father, thank You Lord, thank You ABBA Father, glory be to Your Name on high in Jesus Name.

Beloved, what a glorious week we had in God’s Presence, I am so glad to be called a handmaid of the Most High God, what about you? What more can anyone desire than what the Lord has promised to do for us. Where we are not able to help ourselves, He is now ready to help us. Someone is yet to come to terms with this promise. I want to come down a little to your level so that your grasp the mind of God concerning us at this season and so you will part of the blessings that follow suit.

A little child of yours have been struggling to wear a shoe with lace, he has successfully wore the shoe but could not tie or knot the lace and he was struggling with it, and he is almost getting late to the program he was meant to go and no one is at home to help. He cannot leave the lace untie because it will difficult for him to walk, so he kept on tying and could not tie and suddenly he heard your voice outside and in few seconds you walked in to the house and you saw your son in tears struggling to tie the lace of the shoe. How do you think the child would feel when he had your voice? A kind of relief! That help is on the way. Good! Then when you walked in you saw him in tears and making effort to wear his shoe perfectly, how will you feel? You will be move with compassion and that love you felt at that moment will make you want to help him. Now when you ask him to come over, what do you think will happen? Am very sure he will jump at it and place his legs in front of you.

Now this is where we are going. This son of yours has been laboring to tie his shoe lace for a while now and was not able. Here you are offering to help him having seen all the effort put in and the time is ticking fast. Then you tie the first shoe lace, then the second shoe lace. How do you think the boy will feel at this time? He will jump and scream I suppose and he goes further to tell you about how hard he tired to fix it before you walked in and help him. He will forever remain grateful, he will be happy and will not keep imagining how he was unable to do it and when you came, you did it with ease.

Wow! That is exactly what our heavenly Father wants to do with us. Never take grace for granted. Never see grace as a means to lazy around. Don’t ever think that grace is for those who are not hard working or intelligence. That is why a lot of people struggle when they hear the word “grace,” especially when they can still call it a shot or know their onion.

Beloved, “grace” in the context is being given to us is above our intellectual abilities. It is a gift to function with ease. It is a supernatural gift or outpouring by God on His children even when you merit it not. It is not about our works, choice or ability but about God’s love and compassion on the down trodden children of His. At this point you have exhausted all you know and cannot move further without a higher knowledge or power.

God comes in by sending someone that is more knowledgably than you or He gives higher understanding by divine enablement which can come in form of voice, a picture, signage, through a story. So grace is not for the lazy ones, grace is for that man and woman who humbles him/herself before God wanting for direction, enablement or help.

And when we receive the desired word, leading, help for the situation we call it breakthrough and when we breakthrough, our glory shines forth and in turn we return that same glory to God Who helped us from the beginning.

Don’t be scared when we talk about “our glory” shines forth. Yes! As children of God, we have the promise from God that we have a glory while here on earth. Beloved there is a glory that evolves round every child of God. That glory is what singles you out to be blessed among others. Some call it “aura” but for us the children of God it is called “glory.” and there is a provision for us to go from one level of glory to another level of glory. So is permitted for you to move from one level of glory to another level of glory because God said so.

Don’t allow satan to intimidate you, you are to reflect God’s glory, so be bold as lion and enter into the season of grace for your “glorious manifestation” era is here. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!  (Jas 4:7, 2Cor3:12-18, Isa 61:3, 62:1-5). “I will testify!”Can I hear someone say “I will testify” Say it and believe it and it shall come to past, why? Because it has been ordained from the foundation of the world and no demon will stop or hinder you, you are unstoppable!!!!!!!!!!! By the power of God. 

However, there is another glory that we shall receive at the end of our journey here on earth and that is the one most Christian or will I say conservative Christian believes in or know. Don’t think that the glory that you meant to attain is only after here you must have lived here on earth, No! We are created for God’s glory here on earth also; we must therefore manifest that glory while we are in this part of eternity before we enter into the glory that is hereafter (1 Pet 5:4, 10).       

Jesus manifested the glory of God while here on earth (Lk 4:18-22, 2Pet 1:17-18, Jn 11:22-27, 33-44). Praise the Lord.

The Spirit of God is here to do that which on Him can do. Is so important you key into the word of prophecy at this season because it is not the word of man but of God (2Pet 1:21). Is also important you follow diligently because you know not the hour or the time the Spirit will move. Did you read the last chapter above- Jn 11 in verse 33 when Jesus saw Mary weeping; He was moved. He groaned in His Spirit and was troubled and did you notice the next action, Jesus asked “where have ye laid him?” also note verse 40 – Jesus saith unto her, Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?   

Beloved, do you believe now? Jesus was moved with compassion, you will see Jesus appear, even that dead situation is receiving the compassion of Jesus right now if you believe. He will manifest His power and glory. He called “Lazarus to come forth.” Do you also notice that even the dead heard Him! Our Jesus is too much! Even he, who is dead heard him and obeyed. He came forth.  

Are you now convinced that your situation, challenge, condition is not above God? Do you believe that Jesus is able to do it? Remember Jesus also acted on Martha’s faith (Jn 11:23-27. 1Jn 4:14-16, Isa 43:22-25, Ps 16:1-11, Mk 9:23) He will help your unbelief (vs 24).  

We are in the season of grace, we are in the season of ease, we are in the season when time countless but favour count most! We are in the season when struggle is over and understandings overtake! We are in the season when compassion overwrites mockery. We are in the season when your lost glory is being restored, a season of godly heritage. We are in the season when the Word of God will find expression and performance in the life of men, this is that Season. Make sure you are part of it; make sure you manifest God’s glory as you position yourself to be blessed of Him when He will pass through your way.

Don’t be left out, enter into your season of “Grace and Glory” won for us by our Lord Jesus on the cross. The story below has more to say, so get up and get going:       

Isaiah 35:1-37:20, Psalm 115:14-18, Proverbs 23:31-32, Ephesians 1:1-23

“We’ve Won a Holiday”

We have redemption in Him through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace.—Ephesians 1:7

What is it in the heart of most men and women that rejects the idea of God’s free and generous offer of salvation? It is pride, the deadliest of all the deadly sins. Bernard Shaw, an example of a modern-day thinker, said: “Forgiveness is a beggar’s refuge. We must pay our debts.” But we cannot pay our debts. As our spiritual fathers saw so clearly, the only language we can use in the presence of a God who demands so much and whose demands we are unable to meet is:


Just as I am without one plea

But that Thy blood was shed for me,

And that Thou bidd’st me come to Thee,

O Lamb of God, I come, I come.


In response to our coming, the free unmerited favor of God flows down to us, cancels our debt, imputes and imparts Christ’s righteousness to us. How can Christ’s righteousness be imputed and imparted to us? It’s His righteousness, not ours.

A simple illustration may help to illuminate this point. A dull little boy came home from school one day and said to his mother: “We’ve won a holiday.” The truth was, another boy had come top of the region in the examinations, and the head teacher decided to give the whole school a holiday. Yet the dull little lad said: “We’ve won a holiday.”

Grace is like that. God permits the righteousness of Jesus to cover us and then—as we open ourselves to it—to enter us. He did it, but we benefit from it. Isn’t grace really amazing?


O Father, as I contemplate still further the “riches” of Your grace, once again I have to confess it’s truly amazing. No wonder men and women use that term to describe Your grace. No other adjective will do! Amen.

Further Study

Php 4:1-19; 1Tm 1:14; Tit 3:6

What has God promised?

What did Paul testify to Timothy?

Yes! we’ve won a holiday! because we who are sinners has been call into the elect of God through the death of Christ, isn’t “grace” so amazing dearly beloved? It is the grace of God that found us “a poor wretched sinners and cleanse us and make us fit to stand before God.” and when God look down He see “grace” and so He moves with compassion and pour forth His glory on us, are you not excited about it? I am; I guess you are too!

Your struggle is over, you are in the season of ease, the Supernatural power of God will accomplish it, don’t ever try to reason it out, it will surely come according to God’s Word/promise to us, we are in the season of godly heritage.

Have a beautiful weekend walking in grace and ease that follows it; see you on Monday by God’s grace!

Join us to shout “Grace, Grace, Grace, Grace, Grace, Grace, Grace.” Grace will speak for you before long just watch out. And when that happen don’t forget that you are what you are by “Grace.”


Remain blessed in the Lord

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