What More Could Have Been Done?


Lord, You are worthy, Jesus, Thou are worthy (x2), O You are worthy, worthy to be Praise, ooh You are worthy, worthy to be Praise, ooh You are worthy worthy to be Praise. Kene jesu; kene Yahweh, kene Jesu, kene Yahweh; lift Him higher, higher, higher higher; higher, higher, higher; O higher, higher, higher. I will ill lift up Name higher, I will lift up Jesus higher, O Jehovah, alpha Omega, I will lift His Name higher, O Jehovah, Alpha Omega I will lift up Jesus higher.

Heavenly Father we thank You we bless Your Name, we magnify You we exalt You forever, Who is like unto thee, excellent Jehovah, wonderful Messiah, there is no one greater than Jehovah Lord Divine. You Name is far above other names, You Name is Jesus, Your Name is Emmanuel, receive my Praise, receive adoration honour and Praise in Jesus Name.

Dearly beloved, who is like our God, faithful is His Name, I have search all eternity there is no one like our God. What another privilege granted unto us to be everything God has made us be, blessed be His Name forever and ever.

Are you rejoicing in God’s word? Are you focusing on Him alone? Are you poised for service? So far this is what is demanded of us in this blessed month of glorious manifestation.

But is it possible that in spite of what the Lord is saying we are not getting right. Is it possible we are what prophet Isaiah is describing in the message below? A closer look at the message will give a picture of what God had done is still doing to ensure that we not lost but in spite of it all we are like what he describe a our produce as worthless. God forbids.

Beloved, we pointed at prophet Jeremiah who when he received God’s Word rejoiced at it. He eat the Word he received, the Word became a delight and a joy to him. the Word is Spirit and is life to as many that found it. We dwelt so much on the work of the Holy Spirit in our live largely last month and the infilling of the Holy Spirit will help us to stay far away from sin. The Holy Spirit as we will later discover in the ministration of today help us to understand the Word of God.

The Word of God is truth and the truth you know is what will set you free (Col 1:5,1 Thess 2:13; ).

Our rising and falling in our Christian race depends deeply to word of God you know. Satan will always want to bring you down peradventure you are standing in the Word of God strongly, but your knowledge of the Word of God will fore-warn you of the danger ahead. However, if you suddenly see yourself in a helpless situation, this same Word will help you to get out unhurt.

Jeremiah found the Word and ate it what are going to do with the Word as you being to live a study and mediate on the Word? Beloveth, the Word of is strong and is sharper than two edged sword (Heb 4:12).

Beloved, know yea that the Word of God you know is what will protect you from the onslaught of satan. Mark this “any Christian who tried to live by his strength will found themselves victims rather victors. Therefore put on your spiritual armor available in the Word of God as you read and discover them. Let the Word of God be your spiritual armor against the wiles of satan and your glory will fall gracefully on you.

Praise the Lord, let discover more:

What more could have been done to My vineyard that
I have not done in it? Why then, when I expected it to
bring forth good grapes, Did it bring forth wild grapes?

Isaiah 5:4

The prophet Isaiah told the story of a man with a vineyard on a fertile hill. The man cultivated the ground and removed the stones so that nothing would hinder the vines’ growth. He planted only the best quality vines. He built a tower in the middle of the vineyard so he could watch for wild animals and intruders. He constructed a wine vat so that he would be ready for the ripe grapes. Then he waited. Rather than producing good grapes, however, the vineyard produced worthless ones.

The story illustrates the relationship between God and His people. God has done everything necessary for us to produce an abundance of spiritual fruit in our lives. He saved us when we were without hope. He gave us His Holy Spirit to produce fruit in our lives (Gal. 5:22–23). He removed our sin so that we are free to serve Him. We have the Bible in numerous translations. We have access to more Christian books, music, videos, conferences, schools, radio and television stations, magazines, and seminars than ever before.

There are churches of every kind and size. We have teachers and pastors to instruct us and encourage us. Most of all, we have direct access to God through prayer. Jesus said that to whom much is given, much is expected (Luke 12:48). One day God will hold us accountable for all that He has done for us. He will ask us to show Him the fruit of all of His bountiful provision for our lives. What will He find?

Beloved may it be said of us what more can be done for us, come along for more tonic form the Word:

Sanctify them through Thy truth.” John 17:17


Sanctification begins in regeneration. The Spirit of God infuses into man that new living principle by which he becomes “a new creature” in Christ Jesus. This work, which begins in the new birth, is carried on in two ways—mortification, whereby the lusts of the flesh are subdued and kept under; and vivification, by which the life which God has put within us is made to be a well of water springing up unto everlasting life.

This is carried on every day in what is called “perseverance,” by which the Christian is preserved and continued in a gracious state, and is made to abound in good works unto the praise and glory of God; and it culminates or comes to perfection, in “glory,” when the soul, being thoroughly purged, is caught up to dwell with holy beings at the right hand of the Majesty on high. But while the Spirit of God is thus the author of sanctification, yet there is a visible agency employed which must not be forgotten.

“Sanctify them,” said Jesus, “through Thy truth: thy word is truth.” The passages of Scripture which prove that the instrument of our sanctification is the Word of God are very many. The Spirit of God brings to our minds the precepts and doctrines of truth, and applies them with power. These are heard in the ear, and being received in the heart, they work in us to will and to do of God’s good pleasure.

 The truth is the sanctifier, and if we do not hear or read the truth, we shall not grow in sanctification. We only progress in sound living as we progress in sound understanding. “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Do not say of any error, “It is a mere matter of opinion.” No man indulges an error of judgment, without sooner or later tolerating an error in practice. Hold fast the truth, for by so holding the truth shall you be sanctified by the Spirit of God.

The glory of God will rest gracefully in a sanctified heart; let the Word of God sanctifies our heart, Praise the Lord.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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