Glorious God, Beautiful King, Excellent God we bow before Thy throne! 2x We bow before Thy throne! We worship at Thy feet! We bow before Thy throne You are a glorious God! we bow before Thy throne! We worship at Your feet, we bow before Thy throne You are glorious God! I will call upon the Lord () who is worthy to be Praise (Repeat) I will magnify the Lord (Repeat) Who is worthy to be Praise!!! Hosanna blessed be Thy Lord! Honour to the Lord! Let the Rock of my salvation be exalted! Thy Lord reigneth! Blessed Thy Rock! Honour to the Rock! Let the Rock of my salvation be exalted!!!

Our Father we thank You we worship You for this beautiful Wednesday morning You made and said we shall rejoice and be glad in it, Father we thank You, we worship You! We exalt You forever and ever in Jesus Name!

(Song) Almighty Father thank You! Eternal Creator Thank You alleluia!!!!

Yes Father we bow down before You to worship You Father Who is indeed our Father, there is none to be compared with Thee, thank You and thank You and thank You forever in Jesus Name!!!

Beloveth is another of time of prayer, are you excited? I am because I love praying. Some have this misconception about prayer, they think that people who pray often work less or they are lazy so when you say let us pray they get irritated, they think you are hiding under long prayer or that you are not serious but how far they are from the truth and how ignorant they are too.

We you tarry in prayer before God, heaven release unto you secret things that are not common to man. we are not saying when you say your normal prayers what is means to tarry is to pray at such a time that you know that God must answers to pray as many times as possible not with vain repetition of words because Jesus warned us against it but the importune prayer where you keep telling God, “I know You can do it, I know You are more than able to do it.

A prayer where you keep reminding God of His promises and your faith or unbelief to be help, beloveth before long the secret of that project or business will be handed over to you and you walk like king among your competitors or foes. Praise the Name of the Lord.

There is s secret to every trade, business or career even to life and when you unlock it, you walk in high places/corridors of power of such circles that is why we must pray always and faint not as our Lord Jesus commended us to do.

When prophet Elijah prayed and draught came, when he was to unlock the heaven to give rain he prayed and prayed and his servant went up seven times to see if the heavens is heavy with rain. Beloveth prayer is a work, not for the lazy or the faint in heart but for those who believes in God and what He can do. The prophet prayed with his face in between his knees, have you ever prayed such prayer before? Can you even do it but this servant of God did and he got result.

In the last prayer session God told us that He will show us hidden/secret/fortified things which are not common to the ordinary eyes. How do you get it? Where can you get it, not in drinking tea and eating burger but in the secret place with intense prayers, may God give us understanding to this teaching in Jesus Name.

I want to draw your attention to verse 46 …”and the hand of the Lord was on Elijah; and he girded up his loins, and ran before Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel.”

The hand of the Lord upon a man takes that man beyond his imaginations, beyond his certificate, beyond all connections to higher power, “the Hand of God” takes a man farther in every aspect of career and life; therefore we must seek Him with all our heart and might so that we may find Him.

Seeking God in the place of prayers eliminates all unnecessary efforts and struggles; it leads you to desired results especially when you go further to be useful in His vineyard.

Let me share a story with you. in my higher institutions days. Because I was among the church workers having no time for extra curriculum, in fact the extra time after school is spent in church activities and some wonders how we can ever make it in exams but you know what, God is a merciful Father, having no extra time for fribble, God made the time we have very useful to us.

We read with so much understanding because it is a taboo to be caught in exams malpractices, so you read to have good result and you know what, using myself as reference point, I never went to the exams hall and got disappointed. I have all my questions attempted and properly done, in fact I graduated with good grade. So who says prayers is in vain or serving God is a waste of time, I guess you should have a rethink. Praise the Lord.

When God leads and you follow the result is awesome, unassumable and excellent but when you walk not in His counsel you have unintended results. Praise the Lord.

Yesterday we dwelt on the topic “encouraged him,” God told Moses to encourage Joshua for the task ahead of him. God is interested in us for He knew what we are made of. He also knew that we can easily be discouraged by the things around us especially when it working against us.

We also read in the Bible about so many leaders who have gone ahead of us, who were in one time or the other discouraged in their walk with God, amazing God did not abandon them but rather He encouraged them and make them strong and fit for the journey ahead.

Today again, you will see that you are not alone in case you are in the place of agony and discontentment, don’t let fear rule your heart, offer your fear back to God, tell Him how it is for you, don’t shrink or frozen by fear because God will help you, He did it in the past, He is still in the business of doing good, He did for me and He will also do you, Praise the Living Jesus….

Come along with us as you discover what King David did when he was overwhelmed and emulate him:

“When my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.” Psalm 61:2

Most of us know what it is to be overwhelmed in heart; emptied as when a man wipeth a dish and turneth it upside down; submerged and thrown on our beam ends like a vessel mastered by the storm.

Discoveries of inward corruption will do this, if the Lord permits the great deep of our depravity to become troubled and cast up mire and dirt. Disappointments and heart-breaks will do this when billow after billow rolls over us, and we are like a broken shell hurled to and fro by the surf.

Blessed be God, at such seasons we are not without an all-sufficient solace, our God is the harbour of weather-beaten sails, the hospice of forlorn pilgrims. Higher than we are is He, His mercy higher than our sins, His love higher than our thoughts.

It is pitiful to see men putting their trust in something lower than themselves; but our confidence is fixed upon an exceeding high and glorious Lord. A Rock He is since He changes not, and a high Rock, because the tempests which overwhelm us roll far beneath at His feet; He is not disturbed by them, but rules them at His will.

If we get under the shelter of this lofty Rock we may defy the hurricane; all is calm under the lee of that towering cliff. Alas! such is the confusion in which the troubled mind is often cast, that we need piloting to this divine shelter. Hence the prayer of the text. O Lord, our God, by Thy Holy Spirit, teach us the way of faith, lead us into Thy rest.

The wind blows us out to sea, the helm answers not to our puny hand; Thou, Thou alone canst steer us over the bar between yon sunken rocks, safe into the fair haven. How dependent we are upon Thee—we need Thee to bring us to Thee.

To be wisely directed and steered into safety and peace is Thy gift, and Thine alone. This day be pleased to deal well with Thy servants.

Beloveth, David was a King when he made the above prayer, he knew that God’s Hand brought him to the place of leadership and it is only His Hand that will sustain Him too hence he prayed to God for protection.

Are you ready to pray the same prayer today? Are you ready to tell God to help you and keep you? Are you ready to hand over your fears to God? Are you ready to let God’s Hand lift and elevate you to that desired position?

He alone can do it, only Him can set you on high, arise from that place of despondency and cry to Him, He will hear you, He will not keep quiet, He will answer you and show you great/ hidden/fortified/ secret things according to His Word to us (Jer 33:6). That will keep you in command and remove you from servitude and put you in the place of honour, to sit with the princesses/saints. Alleluia somebody!!!!

Our Gracious Father, the hour has come for Your Interventions and Honour, glorify Yourself in our lives today as we pray Amen!!!

Beloveth, pray and see answers descending from o high in Jesus Name!!! I prophesy into your life today, the Lord will show up in that very situation and give you victory, He will put a song in your mouth and your life will shine forth as light according to His Word in Jesus Name!!!

Let us pray in Jesus Name!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

naija hausa